The Eliot Effect

I still remember it like it was yesterday, when I heard the song Bohemian Love for the first time.

The voice I heard sounded a little familiar but with something special and unique to it. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt like someone had just cast a spell on me, or should I say, into my soul.

The group I Blame Coco was making its way into my musical library. I had everyone from my mother to my colleagues at the office, listening nonstop to my new obsession, Bohemian Love.

But, I had a feeling that Eliot was still searching for her true self.

She seemed to have realizeed it because she said no more to I blame Coco and she started her quest of finding her voice and her true self.

She found it and I love everything about it.


Eliot Sumner makes me think of a mix of Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, and of course, her father.

He was one of the members of the group The Police. Maybe you have heard of his solo songs in the 80’s, 90’s and today.

But Eliot is her own person and she is creating her legacy in her own way.

Her 2016 album Information is beautiful jewelry. You can have a taste of Electro-Pop, something synth-rock-like with a psychedelic twist. For me, this is heaven to my ears.

The first song of the album gave me some serious goosebumps and listening to it was so visceral.

Dead Arms and Dead Legs is a masterpiece in its simplicity.

Dead Arms and Dead Legs music video

The rest of the album is a beautiful ride into this world Eliot created.

I’m crossing my fingers that she

will do a little show in Montreal.

She did make it to Toronto in 2017, but maybe we can hope that she will jam with us in our beautiful city for The Santa Teresa Festival or Osheaga.

I fell in love, musically, with another Sumner.

I guess I won’t be the only one.

Eliot Sumner Website

Eliot Sumner Instagram

Written by Sab Demosthenes



I’m not talking some babies talk on this Monday rainy day oups Tuesday. It was a long day.

Actually, I’m listening the song Award Tour from A Tribe Called Quest to decompress from my day at work.

Now, it’s The Bird from Anderson Paak.


Music is our sanctuary and actually it’s does bring people together all around the world.

Here my How come it’s Tuesday playlist:

ATCQ – Award Tour

Anderson Paak – The Bird


U2- Seconds

Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs – Phenomena

Arcade Fire – No cars Go

Bell Biv Devoe – Poison

Belle and Sebastian – We are sleepyheads (that’s actually my state of mind right now)

Coldplay – Shiver


Fleetwood Mac – Little lies

Daft Punk and Stardust – Music sounds better with you

Hearing that song, you just want to shake what your mamma gave you.

Hall and Oates – I can’t go for that (No can do)

This beat, this sound, 80’s magic

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

The Jacksons – Dancing Machine

Dancing, dancing, dancing. She’s a dancing machine wouhou

Joe Dassin – L’été indien

On ira, où ça, quand ça tu voudras…


Ricky Martin – Casi un Bolero

John Lennon – Oh my love

Lisa Stansfield – All around the world

All around the world, I can’t find my baby

Marvin Gaye the king – Inner city Blues

Massive Attack – Ritual Spirit


Photogram – When I’m small

Spandau Ballet – True


Who cannot forget in Sixteen Candles when Molly R was looking the gorgeous Jake Ryan slow dancing with his girlfriend at the high school party. Ahhh Jake Ryan.


The Police – Reggatta de Blanc


Soul Decision – Oh it’s kind Crazy ” teenage memories”

Crazy playlist right for a Crazy I can’t believe it’s Tuesdddday.