Daydreamer S!

That was my nickname from my childhood friend. I always dreamed to be a wrestler, a musician, a scientist, a journalist, a fashion designer and being Jane Goodwill. Oh boy, I want it to be all of my passion in life since I was a little girl. I want to share funny stories with some people I admire from all kind of area (music, fashion, sports even food) and have a chill-out conversation about their passions. Wrestling, football, soccer (I’m a big Manchester United fan) is my savior and my Prozac. Fashion is my playground. And music is my soul.

I’m a proud Montrealer born in the early 80’s in Canada but a true citizen of the world. I enjoy listening to stories from an amazing storyteller in my life and I do feel we can learn so many things about ourselves by letting people in our lives with their stories.


Enjoy the ride :)!

Sabine Demosthenes