Mr. Idris “The Versatile” Elba


MEXICO – One of my brother’s favourite TV scenes is from the best TV show of all time (in our humble opinions), The Wire.

It’s the scene where Idris Elba’s character, Stringer, the best fictional gangster on TV (move over Tony Soprano!), met Howard “Benny” Colvin. Stringer was a good cop in the show, especially to betray his oldest collaborator and friend, Avon, to the police.

This scene was so poignant because you could see the pain in Stringer’s face when he betrayed his friend.

At the same time, when asked by Benny if Avon had done something bad for Stringer to betray a friend, Stringer simply said “Nah, it’s just business…”

Omg! This is pure Michael Corleone from The Godfather right there!

This is when “A Star was Born” (shout out to Barbra Streisand and Lady Gaga!) in Idris Elda.

There were so many unforgettable scenes as Stringer, such as the famous 40 degrees day speech (please look it up on YouTube, or watch the whole series on Crave TV. No, I’m not sponsored by either of them… I wish!).

Foremost, Idris is a really good guy.

The type of guy you’d want to have a pint of beer with and chat about the soccer (or in his case, football) match in the Premier League between Arsenal and Manchester United. Actually, for me, it would be a glass a white wine, but you get the idea. His laidback personally and his humble attitude make such a perfect combination.

He is also very proud to say that because of a grant from the Prince’s Trust in the late 80s, he won a place in the National Youth Music Theatre. This allowed him to accomplish his dream of being an actor. 

Up to now, he has continued to be involved in The Prince’s Trust Charity as an ambassador for anti-crime. 

Right now, I’m saving all my money to have Idris as one of my DJs for a very top-secret project in 2020. I can’t say much because then it wouldn’t be top secret anymore hihi. The guy can rhyme, and he can certainly bring serious beat on the dance floor. 

You know me by now my fellow Chronicle army. I could write a full 20 pages on Idris, but I think if it would be better for you to go watch some of his fabulous scenes as Stringer and of course, as Luther on YouTube. Thank God Netflix Canada has Luther for us to watch.

As a musician, a rapper, and a DJ, Elba was featured on a new track, called Boasty. You can stream it on Apple Music, Spotify, or ITunes. Again, I am not – repeat – am not, sponsored by any of those companies.

Here’s to the versatile Idris Elba.


The Inspiring Urchana Moudgil!

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – Once upon a time, there was a woman (yours truly, Sab) who was swept away by the energy of a fascinating woman she met at the Web Summit Conference in 2018.

This woman is Urchana Moudgil; an entrepreneur, a leader, a fierce woman, and a fabulous human being. She is the COO of Upgrade Pack.

Upgrade Pack will be making some big waves in 2019!

They are fast becoming a big player in the Fintech field. They are creating a new way to disrupt the loyalty platform. When we will want to upgrade our flights and our hotels, Upgrade Pack is the place to go.

They closed a £1m pre-seed round last year and they are already conquering the world in 2019 by having just opened up our Seed round (£2.25m) which is for global expansion.

Urchana told me how excited the whole team is about this big accomplishment.

Actually, let me share with you this actually cool Q&A with this trailblazer of a leader for her team and for the rest of us. At the end of the Q&A, you will want to grab a cup of coffee, or a tea or of cosmo with her.

Today, I salute this amazing leader! Chronicle’s style!







Le Fou Éduqué – Au revoir Antonio, tu nous enverras une carte postale. Ronda, on se calme svp.

En ce lundi 11 mars 2019, Le Fou Éduqué n’est pas très content de l’échange d’Antonio Brown et il a un mot à dire sur la chère Ronda Rousey.

Ça commence bien une semaine, n’est-ce pas ?

Le Fou Éduqué 8 mars 2019 (Qu’est-ce qui se passe avec le PSG?)

Donnie Disco alias Le Fou Éduqué nous parlera dans son podcast d’aujourd’hui le match tant attendu de la Ligue des Champions qui avaient eu lieu le 6 mars dernier entre le Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) contre Manchester United.

Disons que Le Fou Éduqué est encore en état de choc.

Bonne écoute.

Robert Kelly… Please!

Written Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – I am listening to the psychedelic song, Elephant from Tame Impala, while not enjoying the cold weather we are having today. (I’ve been in paradise, hm, I mean Mexico, for a week of sun, mimosas, Mexican soap opera shenanigans, the beach…. and did I mention mimosas and margaritas all day long!?)

As I read my Twitter feed, everyone is talking about R. Kelly’s CBS This Morning interview with Gayle King. I truly admire Gayle. The first thing I notice is a picture of a man crying, like a bad soap opera actor, claiming his innocence.


Oh please…

Like, seriously?!!

The things he said were so shocking, they put me in a coma. 

We saw the tape Robert and some of us saw the documentary Surviving R.Kelly.

Come on.

I clearly remember when I was a very young, 12 years old – back in the day, the Aaliyah – R. Kelly relationship was very controversial. Even then, I knew something was not right with this guy.

Aaliyah young

Damn, what is going on in this world!?


Kelly’s abusive ways were no surprise to the hip-hop world at all, but as we are witnessing, he was never held accountable for his actions. He was protected by a lot of people including his Yes Men Club.

Here is my equation:

(A*hole + $$ + Narcissist + Control Freak) X Stupid Fool = R. Kelly

R. Kelly 2018

It’s crazy to think that the abuser was protected and not his victims.

I am happy that in 2019, the abusers are being accused and more victims are speaking up, even if it is a really scary step to take. Seeing someone acting like R. Kelly, calling himself a victim, it makes me want to scream out loud, “What?!”.

Does he have any remorse inside his soulless being for any of the awful things he did?


I’m so mad just writing those words. I need to grab my cup of green tea and chill out for a second.

Here is the link to watch the first part of R. Kelly’s interview with Gayle King:

I just realized while watching the video, how similar his demeanor is to  Donald Trump when he’s in a hot seat trying to not answer hardcore questions…

Will I grab my popcorn tomorrow part II on CBS This Morning to watch it? Hm, I will skip the popcorn. I don’t want to choke when I get angry. I’d rather have a glass of wine (oh too early for that, I will have some green tea instead) and focus on how Gayle managed to keep her cool while he was being so emotional.


Gayle asked very tough questions, but in a very respectful way.

That’s journalism!


Gayle mentions that all the victims have the exact same stories and they don’t even know each other. R. Kelly thinks they are all lying. In a very smart, non-judgemental way, Gayle repeats the same question to make her point – when you read the same testimonies by different women, it’s pretty hard to not believe them.

This is when R. Kelly lost it. He was, without doubt, playing the victim and claiming that he needed help. He needed someone to protect him from being overly generous with people.

That exact moment was the icing on the cake (one that I won’t eat, by the way).

Come on, Robert Kelly. Man up and face the music of justice.


Qai Qai (The Doll) and Zoe are Total Boss Ladies

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – Do you know Qai Qai?


Have you not heard of this sweet, innocent, inspiring motivational Instagram poster?

Oh, I forgot to add that she is no pushover as well. She is the ultimate boss lady! She is like the miniature version of Anna Wintour. I imagine when you see her coming to your office, you don’t know if you should hide under the desk or talk about how nice your weekend was.

Right now, she has beef (a disagreement) with her brothers, the puppies. Since she doesn’t want to lose her role as the best friend to the CEO of her company, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. and the founders of the Williams-Ohanian Inc, she is making sure to show them who Qai Qai is!

For real, this girl is not messing around. You can see it on her Instagram feed.

Outside the family drama, Qai Qai is the doll I wished I had growing up as a black girl. Zoe, Quai Quai’s creator, was in kindergarten when she was teased because of her natural, kinky hair. This inspired her to help prevent other kids from being ashamed of their natural hair or skin color, which differed from the majority of popular dolls at the time. This led to the creation of Qai Qai and other dolls. Zoe’s goal was to empower the proud Mamas of these dolls, like Olympia, to love their skin in hopes they wouldn’t have to deal with the same issues she had in Kindergarten.

I was a big fan of Barbie but in the ’80s and ’90s. I envied her perfect, silky hair, which was so different from my own. Barbie was usually a princess or a bikini-clad beach bum without any real substance. This changed in the 2000s and I am so proud of Mattel for giving a more realistic, inspiring image to this classic doll.

In comparison, Qai Qai has this larger than life personality. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone. She reminds herself to be strong and confident. She enjoys her tutus and crazy expressions, and although she is sometimes afraid of being replaced by one of the dogs in Olympia’s heart, she maintains her confidence in talking about her feelings (I think hihi).

She is also really funny!


Maybe, if dolls like Qai Qai were an option for me in my youth, I would have been more comfortable with my hair and playing with different styles for my type of hair, than wishing I had bouncy Caucasian locks.

We must be grateful to Wlliams-Ohanian Inc. for creating fabulous dolls, Zoe’s dolls. Oh, by the way, Zoe is only 12 years old! Not even a teen and she has already created a non-profit company.

That’s a boss lady right there!

On top of all this, Zoe has a heart of gold. She is collecting unwrapped dolls and donating them to girls in need, in Haiti for example.


Qai Qai was created by a kind, thoughtful, and special little girl.

I may be 35, going 36 – a grown woman, but I still have the heart of a child. I will buy Zoe’s doll (and hug her) before I give it to my one-year-old cousin (I think I will buy 2, since her big sister may steal the doll). My hope is that they can feel proud of the skin they were born with and have Zoe and Qai Qai as role models.

Thank you Zoe, and thank you Qai Qai, for making me see there is still some kind of wonderful in this world.

Oh, please check out this video and don’t tell about it to Allstate Insurance…

Qai Qai and Olympia fight and reconciliation video



Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – On a quiet Saturday morning, I woke up happy and grateful that it was Saturday. While I was looking at my dresser, where books from my favorite icons were on display, I laid my eyes on “Lee” by Lee Radziwill.

As I picked up my phone to check emails and Instagram, I told myself I will look at the book again this weekend since it had been a while. The first thing I saw on Instagram was Giambattista Valli saying goodbye to Lee! I quickly jumped out of bed thinking I was dreaming, but I wasn’t.

The glamorous Caroline Lee Bouvier Radziwill had passed away. It was such a sad coincidence that the same day I had glanced at her book on my dresser and wondered about looking at it and the magnificent pictures inside again, she passed away.

Lee Radziwill

For me, Lee was more than the sister of Jacqueline Kennedy. She was her own person. Her feisty personality, her undeniable sense of style, her wit and her sense of humor made her a very special person. If you don’t have the chance to watch her interview with Sofia Coppola, please go on YouTube to see it.

She was magical and so funny.

Her life may have been glamorous, but she had her share of tragedies too. She didn’t let them break her spirit. She lost her dear son, Anthony Radziwill, to cancer (damn you cancer!). There is nothing worse for a parent than the loss of a child.

My comfort is that one day (or maybe it’s already happening), she will be reunited with her dear son; she will hold him in her arms again.

John, Ed and Anthony

I hope that during this réunion, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote and all of the puppies she had come running toward her and Anthony to give them love and so many hugs.

In the end, many other friends and members of her family are joining this big homecoming party. Her son, her sisters, her nephew, her friends, and her puppies are all walking on the beach, happy and serene.

I truly hope her homecoming will be like this.

The world is a little less glamorous and fun without Lee. It’s definitely the end of the golden age of class. Maybe we should carry her legacy.

You know what, I think we should carry her legacy with pride and with class.

I will end this post with one of her quotes:

I believe that without memories there is no life and that our memories should be of happy time. – Lee Radziwill


Lee's eyes