John is still with us.

The first week of December is not the happiest week of this so called magical month.

37 years ago, John Lennon left us. He was on the verge of releasing a brand new album.

He was the ultimate New Yorker, watching the wheels of life pass by with both his sons growing up, his wife by his side, and a new decade to discover.

The wheels stopped rolling on that fatal day. The world stopped rolling too. I wasn’t born yet (3 years later), but my brother was 4 years old and he remembers this day clearly. He remembers my mom crying on the phone, telling someone that John had died. My father was in shock and disbelief.

Since I was probably 4 or 5 years old, I have been a big Beatles fan. This was because of my brother and by accident actually.

Saturday morning, on a sports radio station, there was an oldies music show (ironic). And, while we were playing or he was studying in another room, I was in his bedroom playing with my dolls. I remember the first time I heard The Beatles song “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and my reaction was almost ethereal. I was so taken by the melody and the fact that I was having this reaction. This exact moment was the start of my love story with The Fab Four.

A couple of years later, when I was 7 years old, I watched a movie on TV about John and Yoko. On that Sunday movie night at home, I cried realizing John was no longer with us and someone was really mean and killed him.

My brother, again who is until this day my ultimate teacher, explained to me what happened and why. From that moment, I did the math with the Polytechnique tragedy, and I was so mad.

Again, violence was destroying this world.

But today, I want to focus on John and what he brought in our lives.

He taught us to fight the good fight, even if it is not the most popular one.

He taught us not take ourselves too seriously sometimes.

He taught us that we are not perfect and we all make mistakes. It’s never too late to reconnect with our loved ones.

John wasn’t perfect at all. But, he was a real, beautiful soul. Life wasn’t always easy, especially when he was little.

The Beatles have shown us that we may not have chosen our family, but our friends can become the family we choose.

37 years later, we still imagine a world without anger, without hunger, and without pain.

The scars of his death are still visible. It still hurts. He didn’t choose to leave his body like this. No ones would actually. He didn’t get the chance to see his sons becoming wonderful men, or to grow old with his soulmate.

My favourite John Lennon tribute is by his brother, George.

Let’s enjoy this beautiful tribute.

All those years ago by George Harrison

When George sang you are the reason we exist, gosh my heart is melting and tears are caressing my cheeks.

Let’s remember happy thoughts of John today.

Let’s remember the love story of when a man fell in love with a woman who became his ultimate muse.

Let’s remember his sons, and hope they had good memories, even when sometimes father-son relationships can be tricky.

Let’s remember he got the chance to have 3 more brothers in his life.

And let’s remember he was a working class hero, like the rest of us.

Here my favorite quote of John:

The Chronicle photo

On se souviendra toujours du 6 décembre 1989

Le 6 décembre 1988 était une journée typique pour moi quand j’étais enfant, venant de ma journée à la garderie.

La vie semblait plutôt bonne, amusante et paisible. Mais ce jour était celui de la peur, de l’anxiété et de la profonde tristesse. Ces émotions négatives ont fait une entrée dans ma vie et je pense, beaucoup de Canadiens, de Québécois et surtout de Montréalais.

J’étais à l’âge préscolaire à ce moment-là, mais je me souviens exactement, venant après ce soi-disant «jour typique» pour ma famille et des milliers de familles. Le visage de ma mère a changé quand elle a vu ce qui se passait en regardant les nouvelles. Mon frère était aussi silencieux que ma mère.


Pour moi, ce silence était inhabituel. Le silence fut bientôt suivi par mon téléphone qui sonnait à la maison.

Le chemin

Les vagues de chocs ont commencé.


Je ne comprenais toujours pas pourquoi je voyais la lumière rouge clignotante des ambulances à la télé ou pourquoi je n’arrêtais pas d’entendre le mot «Polytechnique». J’ai demandé à mon frère ce qui se passait et il m’a calmement expliqué que nous ne le savions pas encore, mais il y avait eu une fusillade.

Une fusillade?

C’était ma réaction.

J’avais si peur. Nous avions tous tellement peur. Les minutes ont passé et petit à petit, nous avons appris les noms des victimes. J’ai réalisé très tôt, ce sont les noms des femmes. J’ai entendu “Maryse”, “Barbara” …

Je pensais “OMG, je ne comprends pas ce qui se passe”. Notre monde a changé. Je suis allé me ​​coucher, ramper avec ma mère pour dormir. Je ne voulais pas perdre ma maman! Elle était (et est toujours) la femme la plus importante de ma vie. Je pensais que peut-être une jeune fille, comme moi, n’était pas capable de ramper dans les bras de sa mère cette nuit-là.

Avec le 7 décembre 1989, nous avons réalisé que ce n’était pas un mauvais rêve. C’était une réalité qui ne pourrait jamais être effacée de nos esprits et de nos âmes.

À ce moment-là, nous en savions plus sur ce qui s’était passé. Je me souviens que mon frère me disait que la vie ne serait pas facile pour moi en tant que fille ou, plus tard, en tant que femme, mais je devais continuer à me battre pour mon rôle dans la société et être invincible.

Mais pendant qu’il me disait ces mots de sagesse, comme il le faisait toujours, ses yeux avaient peur. Je n’ai jamais vu mon grand frère, mon héros, aussi effrayé. Il était si triste. Il ne pouvait pas comprendre ce qui s’était passé. C’était un garçon intelligent de 11 ans qui a été élevé pour être respectueux envers les femmes et pour les admirer pour leurs accomplissements. Il m’a toujours fait sentir que je pouvais être ce que je voulais, même si cela exigeait de marcher dans le monde d’un homme.

Mais le 7 décembre 1989, il semblait perdu et effrayé.


J’ai grandi étant être une fille qui à un côté princesse à petite dose (Barbie, My Little Pony, chantant des chansons de Nathalie Simard et regardant sa série religieusement) avec une grosse dose de garçon manqué (matchs de catch avec mon frère, de façon ‘’hardcore’’, jouant au football et au hockey, peur de se salir avec ma belle robe).


Quand j’ai appris ce qui était arrivé à ces quatorze femmes, dont douze étudiaient l’ingénierie, à mes yeux, elles représentaient ce que je rêvais devenir ou te conquérir. Elles ont brisé les barrières en entrant dans un monde dominé par les hommes.  À l’époque, les paroles de sagesse de mon frère la veille semblaient irréalistes.

The Chronicle photo

Le 6 décembre 1990, je me suis fait une promesse.

Ma promesse était de ne jamais oublier ce qui s’était passé en 1989 et de croire vraiment qu’une société pacifique serait quelque chose qui serait réalisable un jour.

La violence n’est pas la réponse.

Ces femmes, comme beaucoup d’autres avant et après cette tragédie, ont perdu la vie de la façon la plus horrible simplement parce qu’elles étaient des femmes. Ceci est un appel de réveil.

Trop c’est trop.

The Chronicle picture

The Chronicle photo

December 6th 1989 is always on our mind

December 6th, 1988 was a typical day for me as a child, coming from my day at the daycare. Life seemed pretty good, fun, and peaceful.

But, this day was one of fear, anxiety, and deep sadness.

These negative emotions made an entrance in my life and I think, many Canadians, Quebecers and, especially Montrealers.

I was in preschool at that time, but I do remember exactly, coming home after this so-called “typical day” for my family and thousand of families. The face of my mom changed when she saw what was happening while watching the news. My brother was as quiet as my mom. For me, this silence was unusual.

The Chronicle photo

The silence was soon followed by my phone ringing at home. The waves of shocks started.

The Chronicle photo

I still didn’t understand why I was seeing the flashing red light of ambulances on tv or why I kept hearing the word “Polytechnique”. I asked my brother what washappening and he calmly explained to me that we didn’t know yet, but there had been a shooting.

A shooting?

That was my reaction. I was so scared. We were all so scared. The minutes passed and little by little, we learned the names of the victims. I realized early on, these were womens’ names. I heard “Maryse”, “Barbara”…. I was thinking “OMG, I don’t understand what is going on”.

The Chronicle photo

Our world changed. I went to bed, crawling in with my mother to sleep. I didn’t want to lose my Mommy! She was (and still is) the most important woman in my life. I was thinking maybe a young girl,like me, wasn’t able to crawl into her mother’s arms that night.

With December 7th, 1989 came the realization that this wasn’t a bad dream. It was a reality that could never be wiped from our minds and souls. By then, we knew more about what happened. I seem to remember my brother telling me that life wouldn’t be easy for me as a girl or, later on, as a woman, but I had to keep fighting for my role in society and be invincible.

But while he told me those words of wisdom, like he always did, his eyes were scared. I never saw my big brother, my hero, that scared. He was so sad. He couldn’t understand what had happened. He was a smart 11-year old that was brought up to be respectful to women and to admire them for their accomplishments. He always made me feel I could be whatever I wanted, even if it required stepping inside a man’s world. But on December 7th, 1989 he seemed lost and scared.

I was a mix of a girly girl (Barbie, My Little Pony, singing Nathalie Simard songs and watching her tv show religiously) with a big dose of tomboy (wrestling matches with my brother, the hardcore way, playing soccer and hockey, and not being afraid of getting dirty with my beautiful dress on). Impossible means nothing was my moto.

When I learned what had happened to those fourteen women, twelve of which were studying engineering, breaking barriers by entering a male-dominated world. At the time, the words of wisdom from my brother the night before seemed unrealistic.

On December 6th, 1990, I made a promise to myself. My promise was to never forget what happened in 1989 and to truly believe a peaceful society was something that would be achievable one day. Violence is not the answer.

Those women, like many others before and after that tragedy, lost their lives in the most horrific way just because they were women.

The Chronicle picture

This is a wake up call. Enough is enough.


The Chain-Snatching Phenomenon

Tonight, we will talk about an act that may cause depression or a violent reaction from some human being. The phenomenon of the chain-snatching will be tonight subject. Brought you our friendly collaborator The Educated Fool and myself, yours truly.

We will start with that question. As a kid, did you ever get your lunch morning stolen by this unpleasant little kid at school?

During the Broncos and the Raiders game, we did witness something similar like the example I just wrote. Two words. Chain-Snatching.

You may wonder what the heck is this chain-snatching thing? What is the deal?

Here a little resume of this phenomenon that has been here in our society for quite a while.

bling bling

Back in the days, in the Afro-American culture (that I was born into), all the young men were really proud to show their chain. Even the Educated Fool aka my big brother was one of them. Sometimes, it was your mother’s chain you stole or borrow and never returned it. In the Hip-Hop culture, you must show some bling. And the majority of the time, the ‘’Bling’’ was shown on your chain .

So when someone is chain-snatching your precious piece of jewelry, it is a big sign of disrespect. The chain in our community back in the days  is a sign of a so-called accomplishment of your wealth even if you are damn broke.

When the really unique football player, Aqib Talib did this act for a second time to Crabtree, hell break loose. The NFL suspended both players. And in the media, this phenomenon is like a thesis dissertation.

Crabtree and AqibCrabtree

Clearly, it’s fascinating.

It wasn’t the first time we saw something like this. No, no and no.

We did witness this hmm let me put it in a nice politically correct manners way a Boondocks moment (an animated TV show that talk the everyday life in a very realistic way an Afro-American family).

The Educated Fool and myself spent many hours putting together the Top 5 Chain-Snatching moment. It’s been made in the most serious matters. Let’s not waste too much of our time and let’s cut to the chase.

Here the Top 5 of the most shocking chain snatching of all time:

Number 5

Michael Crabtee and Aqib Talib . The story started last year when Talib first did it and he wanted to do an encore presentation that he did it again last week.

Crabtree and Aqib fight

Number 4

On the movie ‘’Friday’ Debo is jacking Red in this scene. Oh lord, I love that movie.

Classic scene from Friday movie

Number 3

On the TV show The Boondocks, Riley Freeman is getting his chain  back after being robbed.

Riley’s Chain rap tribute video

Hilarious. Riley is one of the funniest character on television history.

Riley Freeman

Back to our countdown. I must say the two last ones of the list will be surprising and unexpected.

In our opinion, it was so hard to choose which one will be placed into number Uno. There were both the most traumatizing chain-snatching moments of all time.

On both occasions, the main character was a victim of this act. The must shocking thing is that it was all bunch of Caucasians middle-age dudes. Oh yes, you read it.

Number 2

The wrestler Undertaker snatched Hulk Hogan chain during Paul Bearer segment in the year 1991.

Epic promo! P.S. The king of Bling Ric Flair was there.

Ric Flair Bling

Like, it’s so ironic. The ultimate Rolex Rollin man was there.

Hogan, Taker and Flair segment in 1991 video

And the number 1 goes to Hulk Hogan (again just like Crabtee) and Andre the Giant  at the Piper Pit (I miss the Piper Pit).

Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant

During that segment, you can see how cool Andre the Giant is with Bobby ‘’The Brain’’ Heenan. Jesse Ventura cannot stay still. This was the ultimate chain snatching moment.

Piper Pit with Hogan, Andre the Giant, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper and The Brain video

With that educational post, you just realize that the chain snarking phenomenon is a multicultural phenomenon (and not just an Afro-American one).

So that why those men put so much proud into their chains and just don’t rob a chain. Even if it’s a fake one. Do not do it! I repeat, do not do it. Look because of it, two NFL players are in suspension this week and it’s just damn stupid. Oh well…

I hope you have enjoyed this little dissertation.


We are ready for Emily Haines and The Soft Skeletons!

We’ve waited a long time for this show.

The wait is over!

Emily Haines

Emily Haines will entertain us December 4th, 2017 at The Sainte-Thérèse Avila Church in Sainte-Therese.

I am like a little kid right now. I’m all excited and I can’t wait to hear songs like Fatal Gift, Legend of the Wild Horses, Statuettes, and many more.

Emily Haines and The Soft SkeletonEmily H.

I wrote a nice chronicle about Emily’s new solo album, Choir of the Mind.

Statuette with Emily Haines

This is how you start the holiday season, with an ethereal and kick-ass concert, in a beautiful venue. What a beautiful gift from Miss Haines!

You can be sure I will be there like the huge fan that I am. Afterwards, yours truly, the Chronicle girl will post some beautiful pictures, and maybe, some surprises on The Chronicle.

It will be an honor to share with you this visceral experience, but I think it will be even more special if “you are in Montreal” you can all join us and be taken away by Emily and her Soft Skeleton, just for one night.


I can’t wait to discover this world next Monday!


Join us!

Emily Haines Website

Santa Teresa Facebook Page

When Harry met Meghan

You probably know by now that HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged (yeah). 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement

I wasn’t very surprised about this news but I was so happy for the couple. Actually, any happy couple that is happy and in love, I am so happy for them. In that last sentence, I wrote the word happy 4 times!! It is refreshing to write this word.




Back to the happy couple.




They represent our generation. I really don’t understand the fascination with the fact they are an interracial couple. What’s the deal. We are in 21st century people. Why can’t “the media” concentrate on the fact that they are two caring, humanitarians that happened to have met on a “blind date”, clicked, connected and fell in love? 


In Canada, I haven’t read much about this fact, but in The States and in The UK, I witnessed that there is still some work to be done regarding discrimination and racism.

Their joint interview with the remarkable journalist Mishal Husain, “career goals”, was like having dinner with friends that are telling you oh my god we are engaged!!” They were happy, nervous in a good way, chatty, loving, and funny. 


Mishal Husain
Funny Prince Harry and Meghan

I really was so damn happy when they spoke as a team. They want to conquer the world as a team. They are not afraid of humanitarian work, or of being the people’s Prince and Princess with a twist.



For us, Meghan is our home girl because she spent so much time in Toronto (except I’m from Montreal, but close enough) and she has really shown that she can integrate herself easily with some help of her friends of course.


I always enjoyed her blog, The Tig, because she was a foodie, she enjoyed fashion, and she didn’t take herself too seriously. It was an inviting blog. Another aspect that I integrated into The Chronicle, it was so important to me. 

She is another woman that I thought hmm, she is easy-going,and chill like me and a few of my girlfriends, with this fire in her eyes to fight (like Angelina) the good fight, no matter what. 


Meghan Markle Vanity Fair

They are both lucky to have found each other and with HRH Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge, we may see a new era ladies and gentleman. I think they could bring out the best of one another all together. 


Prince Harry and Meghan are in love and they are ready to rock this world. We so need this right now. The sky seems less grey suddenly. I will follow their charities closely and maybe (I got nothing to loose), one day, I could interview them. 

Alright, alright…

You are all laughing and rolling your eyes. 

You never know!


Like the two of them, they probably didn’t know they would find each other and realize they found their perfect partner. 


In British Royal history, we do know of some couples that were deeply in love, but couldn’t be together because of Royal protocol and the timing wasn’t right. In 2017, we are witnessing a new mentality in the royal family. We all had previous relationships that didn’t work out and maybe we got married and unfortunately, a divorce was the solution. Again, kept reading about how Meghan was married and she is now a divorcee.

So what?


What matters most is the personality of the person, the fact that she has her heart in the right place. Let them enjoy this happiness and be supportive, like we are supportive to our friends that may follow the same path.The only difference is that your friends are not part of the biggest royal family of all time.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It’s our time, as a generation, tojoin them in bringing in a new chapter into this story called LIFE.



Love is all you need


Mishal Husain Twitter

Royal Family official website

Kensington Royal Twitter


Je vois combien je t’aime…

Les textes de Patrick Bourgeois m’ont fait tomber en amour avec l’écriture francophone soit dans les chansons ou dans les livres de poésie. J’étais toute petite que je chantais en plus les chansons de Mitsou, les chansons des B.B. suivaient tout de suite après. Je commençais à lire durant cette période et j’étais une amoureuse des mots et des sons.


Les BB

Dimanche soir, en regardant mon compte Instagram, mon cœur a arrêté de battre pendant un moment. Je me disais que je dois rêver et que ce rêve est un cauchemar. J’apprends que notre cher Patrick nous a quittés. Un artiste que j’ai tant aimé et que je me disais ça serait super de le rencontrer autour d’un café.


Je me permets d’écrire F** Le Cancer. F*** you!

Patrick était si rayonnant, si fier de son fils, si fier de croquer dans la vie. L’éternelle optimiste.

Il m’a fait croire à mon chevalier imaginaire.

Au primaire, on me disait toujours que j’étais dans la lune. Tellement, qu’un de mes professeurs l’a écrit dans mon bulletin. Sab est une bonne élève, mais elle est toujours dans la lune. La chanson des B.B. qui porte le même nom était mon hymne à moi. Et je disais à cette enseignante, ils ont écrit cette chanson pour moi. Ah, les enfants, mais c’est ça la magie des mots. Patrick était mon magicien des mots et il me faisait rêver.

Michael Hutchence me rendait “bad ass”. Patrick Bourgeois me rendait ”féerique’ et il m’a donné des ailes pour que je continue à m’envoler dans le monde de l’écriture francophone.

Il nous manque à tous et mais nous l’aimerons à jamais.

Ludovick et Patrick

Bon repos Patrick.