Chilling with Raine Maida

Montreal – This is one of the most fascinating conversation I had in 2022 and it took me all my courage to share it with you.

Probably because I still have this imposter’s syndrome that keep popping up every now and then.

Imposter Syndrome Little Sabine in 1987 – Copyright: Sabine Demosthenes

While reminiscing to this cool conversation I had with Raine Maida, little by little, this imposter’s syndrome was fading away.

Raine has the capacity to make you feel right at home. His swag, his smile, his sense of humor, his love for his queen and his children are contagious.

Enjoy the ride:

Spoiler Alert: This interview will be the first one on our new podcast on Spotify and Itunes really soon…

P. S. Chantal and Raine will in Montreal next Saturday. The love birds will jam at The Gèsu and there are still a few tickets left.


Copyright : Carl Lessard

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