The Eliot Effect

I still remember it like it was yesterday, when I heard the song Bohemian Love for the first time.

The voice I heard sounded a little familiar but with something special and unique to it. I couldn’t put my finger on it. I felt like someone had just cast a spell on me, or should I say, into my soul.

The group I Blame Coco was making its way into my musical library. I had everyone from my mother to my colleagues at the office, listening nonstop to my new obsession, Bohemian Love.

But, I had a feeling that Eliot was still searching for her true self.

She seemed to have realizeed it because she said no more to I blame Coco and she started her quest of finding her voice and her true self.

She found it and I love everything about it.


Eliot Sumner makes me think of a mix of Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, and of course, her father.

He was one of the members of the group The Police. Maybe you have heard of his solo songs in the 80’s, 90’s and today.

But Eliot is her own person and she is creating her legacy in her own way.

Her 2016 album Information is beautiful jewelry. You can have a taste of Electro-Pop, something synth-rock-like with a psychedelic twist. For me, this is heaven to my ears.

The first song of the album gave me some serious goosebumps and listening to it was so visceral.

Dead Arms and Dead Legs is a masterpiece in its simplicity.

Dead Arms and Dead Legs music video

The rest of the album is a beautiful ride into this world Eliot created.

I’m crossing my fingers that she

will do a little show in Montreal.

She did make it to Toronto in 2017, but maybe we can hope that she will jam with us in our beautiful city for The Santa Teresa Festival or Osheaga.

I fell in love, musically, with another Sumner.

I guess I won’t be the only one.

Eliot Sumner Website

Eliot Sumner Instagram


We are ready for Emily Haines and The Soft Skeletons!

We’ve waited a long time for this show.

The wait is over!

Emily Haines

Emily Haines will entertain us December 4th, 2017 at The Sainte-Thérèse Avila Church in Sainte-Therese.

I am like a little kid right now. I’m all excited and I can’t wait to hear songs like Fatal Gift, Legend of the Wild Horses, Statuettes, and many more.

Emily Haines and The Soft SkeletonEmily H.

I wrote a nice chronicle about Emily’s new solo album, Choir of the Mind.

Statuette with Emily Haines

This is how you start the holiday season, with an ethereal and kick-ass concert, in a beautiful venue. What a beautiful gift from Miss Haines!

You can be sure I will be there like the huge fan that I am. Afterwards, yours truly, the Chronicle girl will post some beautiful pictures, and maybe, some surprises on The Chronicle.

It will be an honor to share with you this visceral experience, but I think it will be even more special if “you are in Montreal” you can all join us and be taken away by Emily and her Soft Skeleton, just for one night.


I can’t wait to discover this world next Monday!


Join us!

Emily Haines Website

Santa Teresa Facebook Page

They Will Never Tear Us Apart Michael

”We could live

For a thousand years

But if I hurt you

I’d make wine from your tears

I told you

That we could fly

Because we all have wings

But some of us don’t know why’

Never Tear Us Apart lyrics from the Kick Album 1987

Never Tear Us Apart music video

Michael Hutchence gave me wings. When I saw an INXS videoclip on TV, I wanted so much to be just like him (I know, I was a young girl and he was a man). I wanted to captivate everyone attention like Michael did with mine. I was mystified by him.

M. Hutchence

Michael Hutchence was my ultimate man. I was a big U2, Depeche Mode and New Order but I was a die-hard INXS girl and this is until now.

INXS New Sensation live at Wembley

INXS was part of my youth, my rollercoaster teenage years. But 1997 wasn’t an easy year for me. I was being bullying at school, I still find comfort when I came home or listening to my walkman listening to music and by INXS album on a cassette.

But the music and the dancing seem to have stopped for me on November 22, 1997. My world stop turning one more time when I heard my magical man wasn’t around anymore to make me dance.


There is no other frontman like Michael and with his brothers, they were unstoppable.

INXS 1988

His magnetism, his sex appeal (oh yeah), his voice and his charisma make him a unique and exceptional singer.

If you are asking what my favourite INXS songs are, it will be hard to answer. They all have a special meaning for me. I may not have been the only person having this dilemma.


When I watched Michael’s interview, I realize even when I was a child that it is okay to be different and to be wild and free.

Michael Hutchence

He was a free spirit, a wild horse with a sensitive soul. I saw myself in him. I felt less like an outsider.

Michael H

When he is singing those lyrics, Mystify, Mystify me! Eternally wild with the power, to make every moment come alive, that is what I’m talking about. You can feel his soul.

20 years without his gentle soul seem like yesterday everything was less magical without him. He did leave a big hole and we still feel it.


I wish I could thank him to make me want to dance again wishing he was next to me. He did play a big part of my youth and he is even more present in my adulthood.

I will tell you finally my favourite INXS song that I still play in a piano. Here we go!

INXS Beautiful Girl live

Beautiful girl,

Stay with me…


INXS official Facebook Page

INXS40 website

INXS Twitter



His death hurt like hell.

Music has always been in my blood, my oxygen. During the beginning of my teenage years, like a lot of teenagers, it wasn’t an easy. Listening to The Hip on CHOM Radio (thank you CHOM, you saved my life) and absorbing Gord’s mystical, authentic lyrics;it gave me courage to be true to myself and to be proud of who I am.

Now, I’m closing my eyes, listening to the classic Hip song “Ahead by a Century” from their 2005 album Yer Favourites.

Ahead by a Century

This album was one of my favorite albums of all time. I wish I could sing really loudly on the train, but I must restrain myself.

I’m happy!


I’m happy that the legacies from these amazing poets, musicians, composers, and just generally amazing human beings from our generation will forever be part of our lives. There will always be a kid that will look back in curiosity and discover these treasures.

I’m happy that The Hip was and is part of my life, until I am no longer part of this world.

The Hip

Gord, I wish I could have thanked you for being a positive ray of light in my life, and in everyone’s lives. When I watched the last Hip show, we were all united. We all said thank you, finally.

Here some words of wisdom from Gord:


Music is the ultimate medium for expressions of love, and those expressions find a beautiful backdrop in the environment. Music is also a popular rallying point — at its central core, it’s a way for people to get in touch with the best parts of themselves and to voice the love in their hearts. And the environment is one of the great loves of our lives — when we think of the best parts of ourselves, the environment is always there, informing us, as a backdrop.”

We will meet again!


SSF transparent log

Wildflowers Forever

Yesterday was one of the saddest days for probably everyone. But, I wasn’t expecting such a sudden goodbye from one of the men that helped shape my life with his music, his wisdom, and his southern kindness.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty passed away, surrounded by his family and love ones, last night.

Music was and still is my savior. Growing up, his songs, along with my ultimate song goddess, Stevie Nicks, helped give me the feeling of being a free spirited little girl, when really I was more of an introvert, an outsider to my peers.


Tom was part of my musical therapy, especially in the magical band The Traveling Wilburys.

the Traveling Wilburys

The world seems a little more helpless without Tom in it. He was always “gently sweeping his guitar” in a beautiful way.

Tom and his guitar

He made it okay to be wild and free.


This is my favorite quote from him:

Tom Petty and his words of wisdom

Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and Prince

En parallèle avec Dhani Harrison

L’album tant attendu de Dhani Harrison frappera très bientôt à nos portes.

DH Cover

Juste à écouter la chanson Admiral of Upside Down, vous vous sentez transportés dans le passé de Abbey Road et vous faites également un voyage dans le futur.

Dhani a le don de marier l’influence paternelle et son propre son à lui.

Il fait preuve d’une imagination psychédélique contagieuse.

Sa voix, ses riffs de guitare et ses textes sont une pure réflexion de son père. Mais il nous fait voir qu’il est capable de marier plusieurs sonorités et de styles qui rendent unique.

Dhani Harrison

J’ai vraiment découvert Dhani en écoutant l’album posthume de son père “Brainwashed”. Il a co-réalisé l’album avec le grand Jeff Lynne. J’ai aimé la simplicité de l’album et même un peu sa fragilité.

Neuf ans plus tard, dès que j’ai écouté une de leur chanson sur une station de radio universitaire, je suis tombée amoureuse du groupe TheNewNo2.


Leur album The Fear of Missing Out reste un incontournable pour moi. J’ai été conquise dès la première chanson de l’album qui s’intitule ”Station”.

En étant une fan incontournable de George Harrison, le fait que je retrouve ce même réconfort quand j’écoute les chansons de Dhani est un beau cadeau de la vie.

Je peux vous garantir que son nouvel album sera un succès. Les mélomanes de ce monde auront beaucoup de plaisir à entrer dans son monde.

Il débutera sa tournée américaine en novembre prochain avec un premier spectacle à New York.


En espérant qu’il donnera un concert dans notre belle métropole. Si l’occasion s’y présente, j’y serai à ce spectacle et je vous réserverai quelques surprises.

Dans ce monde qui ressemble à un drôle de tourbillon par des artistes superficielles, c’est rafraîchissant d’écouter un artiste comme Dhani Harrison.


À travers l’album Parallel, l’artiste semble être dans une quête qui donne envie de l’accompagner.

Admiral of Upside Down Audio Harrison new album


Ladies and gentleman, the undisputed champion Arcade Fire.

Neon Bible

Let’s get ready to rumble!

And we were sure ready to start. Win and the gang were as much ready as we were.

Sometimes in life, you know that in the exact moment you are witnessing one of the most magical moment of your life.

Last night was one of those. It was one of the very best concert this city as never seen.

At first to be quiet honest, the sound was a Big Bang and it was sometimes hard to hear Sarah Neufeld violin or Stuart Bogie saxophone but it wasn’t a deal breaker for one of coolest show alive.

You could feel the love story between Arcade and Montreal.


Régine Chassagne was divine last night. When she sang Haiti, I was just so happy and I was thinking about my family and this beautiful country that is so resilient.

This band pure energy is so contagious.

For me since I’m a 80 kid, last night was my The Wall concert from Pink Floyd. During the show, I was saying to myself wow they are my Pink Floyd.

They have this very imaginative way with a dose of unpretentious vibe to bring you  inside their world.

They were David Bowie chosen one and when REFLEKTOR started, I look into the Bell Center sky and I was thinking about our favorite Starman. When I came back on earth, I look into the screen and they did a really nice nod to him. It was really beautiful, understated and nicely done.

David Bowie

It’s actually a pretty world to be in with everything that is going on in planet earth.

Everything was clearly now yesterday at the Bell Center.

I’m pretty sure their legion of fans will enjoy this amazing big house party but it won’t be our house party because Montreal is Arcade Fire country.

Are you ready to start?