Those eyes

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – Have you ever watched a movie or documentary that made you cry so much because:

A) what you saw was a reflection of what was going on into your own life

B) what you were witnessing was so raw and real that you felt everything the character was feeling

C) it’s a mix of A) and B)

Or D) hm, there is no D actually

You guessed it. My answer would be a little bit of A and B. Actually, it’s C.

The only difference is that the character was not acting.

Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida were not acting at all.

Moon vs Sun

What you see is what you get with them.

Not only have they created beautiful music together and on their own, but they have also welcomed us into their world through their documentary “I’m Gonna Break Your Heart”, which debuted a few weeks ago on iTunes and Crave TV.

You might ask yourself when their journey together started.

It was during 1996, at a Pearl Jam concert! How cool is that!? I remember when they became official as a couple on Much Music. My teenage self was in heaven! I was a die-hard fan of Our Lady Peace. At the same time, I was mesmerized by the song “Wayne” that was regularly playing on the radio. It was by a young singer that changed my life during one of the darkest times.

While falling in love with each other, Raine and Chantal saved my life during my teenage years.

The years have passed and together they have created a beautiful family and they are still creating beautiful music.

It sounds like a fairytale.

But life is not all sunshine and rainbows, even for a couple that loves each other deeply and are without a doubt soulmates.

Raine and Chantal moon vs sun

While watching “I’m Gonna Break Your Heart”, I sometimes felt uncomfortable seeing their disagreements because I really don’t like conflict. I also felt uncomfortable because sometimes, I saw myself in one of Raine’s reactions toward a conflict. Especially when he is shouting down to himself. I saw myself in Chantal too, when she wanted to understand something or make her point in an argument.

I view this documentary as a gift to us. It is a gift to see them as a couple in the world. We consider them as a super couple in Canada but, they are not superhuman. They are a united couple, dealing with life just like the rest of us. Ok, they managed to be super artistic, cool, fun, popular, musically talented, kick-ass philanthropists, but they are still normal and foremost, humble.

Chantal Kreviazuk Raine Maida

This documentary is a hymn to humility actually.

Oh and I must add that the soundtrack, oh sweet baby Jesus, is amazing.

I don’t want to spill the beans on the whole documentary, but if it helps, I watched it two times in one week! Even from the opening scene, I saw the love in their eyes through this whole documentary.

They are each other’s paradise in this tempestuous world.

Speaking about paradise, they have a new podcast called “Moon vs Sun” on Sweet (in my Macho Man Randy Savage voice).

Chantal and Raine are the types of people you want to hang out with; drinking wine, listening to music, telling some jokes, hanging out just being yourself. We get to have this opportunity by listening to their podcast, through watching their documentary and to listening to their albums. They are also very active on social media.

They are melting our hearts instead of breaking them.

Raine and Chantal

Those eyes…

Moon Vs Sun – Lowlight official music video

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