The best band in the world! Why?

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – It took me a few days to write about the best damn show of the year, which I saw at the Bell Centre last Thursday, September 20th, 2018.

You may have heard of a certain Paul McCartney, Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Abe Laboriel Jr and Paul ‘Wiz’ Wickens. If not (and that would be a major surprise!), I strongly recommend going on YouTube to watch some videos, see one of their concerts live (or on iTunes) or buy their latest album: Egyptian Station. It is actually the number one album in Canada.

It was my second time seeing them live and you know what, it felt like it was my first time.


Simply because they have the ability to give the best concert you will ever saw and make you feel part of it. Even if it’s been more than 15 years of being together as a band and they have played in the biggest arena in the world, you feel this special feeling watching a fun band in a small club.

Where do I begin my review?

First of all, the sound quality was perfect. The sound crew are probably the best there is. You could hear each instrument and each lyric with such clarity. I’m sending my shoutout to Paul McCartney’s sound crew!

Second, I was happily surprised to see some new members such as….. (I am waiting on Macca’s team to give me the names of the horn players)

The best part was seeing a band having fun and being happy doing what they love. I still get chills with just the thought of it.

I won’t write all the songs they played, but I will be all nostalgic and say it was a beautiful marriage between nostalgia and the future.


They played the Fab Four classics. They jammed with the sound of Wings, but they played some of the new stuff on their brand new album. They played with such ease considering it was 3 hours non-stop. Paul spoke in French on top of it all! He was very good.

Ok, I’m must admit, I cried like a baby during the rendition of Something. Like big time! But I am not ashamed.

Rusty and Brian were giving us some serious guitar riffs and the band did a little shoutout to Jimy Hendrix.

Wix was, as always, the ethereal keyboardist. I was pretty close to the stage and could see Abe and Wix exchanging some funny faces between them, having the biggest smiles on their faces.

Oh oh! Speaking of Abe. One sentence: The best drummer of the 21st century. I rest my case.

For me, there are probably two bands in the world that seem to be so alive and so happy on stage. Bruce Springsteen and The East Side Band and Paul McCartney and his boys. I saw some Bruce Springsteen shows on DVD, but I haven’t gotten the chance to see him and his band live. So for me, if I have to choose between the two of them, I’m team Macca.

For 3 hours, I didn’t think of what a certain person by the number 45 is tweeting or the current state of our beautiful planet and mankind. I was in a beautiful bubble with thousands of fans and my valentine being happy.

Being the music lover that I am, I imagined that I was jamming with them (It’s on my bucket list – jamming with Rusty, with Godin’s electric guitar).

As we left after the concert to go back to our little world, I was wondering if we would ever feel this beautiful, happy feeling of love again as that was what the concert was all about.

I guess we still can as Paul and his boys showed us.


Legacies are never lost

Do you ever get this feeling?

Sometimes, a certain movie gives you this sense of empowerment and you feel invincible because of one particular actor?

Brandon Lee was this actor in my youth. At home, when I was just a little tomboy, we watched a wrestling show and a Kung-Fu movie every Saturday. It was a serious ritual in our household. Bruce Lee was, in a way, a big part of our family. At that time in the 80s, Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee’s son, was starting to make some waves as an actor.


He was gorgeous and in my five-year-old mind, I was convinced that I would marry him and we would fight the bad guys together (I wasn’t aware that movies are typically fictional… anyhow). He was my Romeo.

Brandon drawing

As I grew older and more aware, I became addicted to Entertainment Tonight. I remember looking forward to seeing the movie that would later be one of my favorites but was symbolic of my life at the time.

Brandon the Romantic

The Crow perfectly represented my state of mind during that period. So badly, I wanted to find a hero that would inspire me to be invincible. Despite being a feisty and sporty kid, I was facing some bullying at the time. Brandon was my hero.

His interview on the set was inspiring for me. He was so calm and philosophical.

Brandon Lee last interview video

I was looking forward to the movie, daydreaming about the script and everything. I felt I just needed wings to fly freely without fear.

Drawing by Eric Draven

In 2018, when you watch Brandon’s interviews, his poetic way of telling us a story and explaining the meaning of life is actually a beautiful legacy that he left for us.

The beauty of legacy is that it can go on and on, from generation to generation.

Brandon’s sister is one of the people that is making sure the legacy of her family will still go on. Like me, Shannon is the baby sister to her big brother.

Lee Family

She was close to him and probably got teased by him, as is the main criterion of having a big brother. We know the expression ”Brotherly love” but Bro and Sisterly love are the best one.

Shannon is proud of her father’s and brother’s legacies and of her own.

Shannon Lee 2

Shannon Lee Ted Talk Be An Action Hero video

Shannon is creative, dynamic and special. She is a very proud sister.

What is next for Shannon?

Shannon Lee

Actually, you should check out her podcast: The Bruce Lee Podcast. It’s insightful and really well-made.

When Brandon died, I felt lost. I would no longer experience his way of explaining something as he did in that interview with such grace.

But, years later, I read this quote from Brandon somewhere and it’s been one of my mantras ever since:

”Immortality is to live your life doing good things and leaving your mark behind”

 Brandon Lee quote

Legacies are never lost.

Brandon Lee Chronicle Collage

Written by Sabine Demosthenes


They Will Never Tear Us Apart Michael

”We could live

For a thousand years

But if I hurt you

I’d make wine from your tears

I told you

That we could fly

Because we all have wings

But some of us don’t know why’

Never Tear Us Apart lyrics from the Kick Album 1987

Never Tear Us Apart music video

Michael Hutchence gave me wings. When I saw an INXS videoclip on TV, I wanted so much to be just like him (I know, I was a young girl and he was a man). I wanted to captivate everyone attention like Michael did with mine. I was mystified by him.

M. Hutchence

Michael Hutchence was my ultimate man. I was a big U2, Depeche Mode and New Order but I was a die-hard INXS girl and this is until now.

INXS New Sensation live at Wembley

INXS was part of my youth, my rollercoaster teenage years. But 1997 wasn’t an easy year for me. I was being bullying at school, I still find comfort when I came home or listening to my walkman listening to music and by INXS album on a cassette.

But the music and the dancing seem to have stopped for me on November 22, 1997. My world stop turning one more time when I heard my magical man wasn’t around anymore to make me dance.


There is no other frontman like Michael and with his brothers, they were unstoppable.

INXS 1988

His magnetism, his sex appeal (oh yeah), his voice and his charisma make him a unique and exceptional singer.

If you are asking what my favourite INXS songs are, it will be hard to answer. They all have a special meaning for me. I may not have been the only person having this dilemma.


When I watched Michael’s interview, I realize even when I was a child that it is okay to be different and to be wild and free.

Michael Hutchence

He was a free spirit, a wild horse with a sensitive soul. I saw myself in him. I felt less like an outsider.

Michael H

When he is singing those lyrics, Mystify, Mystify me! Eternally wild with the power, to make every moment come alive, that is what I’m talking about. You can feel his soul.

20 years without his gentle soul seem like yesterday everything was less magical without him. He did leave a big hole and we still feel it.


I wish I could thank him to make me want to dance again wishing he was next to me. He did play a big part of my youth and he is even more present in my adulthood.

I will tell you finally my favourite INXS song that I still play in a piano. Here we go!

INXS Beautiful Girl live

Beautiful girl,

Stay with me…


INXS official Facebook Page

INXS40 website

INXS Twitter



En parlant au téléphone hier avec ma chère maman, je lui ai demandé cette question:

Manmy, je sais que j’ai une très grande admiration pour Mitsou mais est-ce que tu pourrais me confirmer quand j’étais petite, il me semble que je ne vivais que pour Mitsou en chantant toute la journée Bye-Bye mon Cowboy?

Elle répond avec beaucoup d’enthousiasme au bout de la ligne:

Oh oui, tu chantais tout le temps ses chansons et tu me disais que tu voudrais devenir comme elle quand tu seras plus grande, tu admirais sa personnalité et sa force de caractère.

Mitsou 80's

30 ans plus tard, mon admiration de jeune enfant s’est transformée en une admiration que j’ai pour une femme qui est un modèle de femme accomplie à mes yeux. Elle est belle ”inside out” et elle dégage une authenticité (vous remarquez que c’est une de mes qualités préférées qui m’attirent vers quelqu’un) contagieuse hors-pair.

Son site web est géniale et m’interpelle. Ce sentiment quand tu navigues une page web et tu as l’impression de parler avec une de tes copines de filles (malgré que là, tu lis), j’adore!!!

Mitsou est une excellente animatrice que ça soit à la radio qu’à la télévision. Elle est versatile et très attachante. Oh, un petit commentaire. Son site web est bilingue!!!!!!

That’s awesome!

Ambassadrice de Lise Watier Cosmétiques, elle a été directrice artistique du magazine Clin d’Oeil, elle a laissé sa marque en étant une des plus grandes chanteuses Pop de sa génération dans la francophonie et elle a son propre site web qui me fait beaucoup penser à un de mes sites préférés qui est celui de Garance Doré Atelier Doré.

P.S. Garance Doré est à Montréal. Je capote mais vraiment je capote à un point que mon chien me regarde d’une drôle de façon. Voici une photo de Mitsou avec la grande Geneviève Borne (une autre de mes femmes inspirantes) et de la reine des blogs sa majesté, Garance Doré. Bon, je devrais me calmer un peu le pompom.

OMG Garance, Geneviève et Mitsou

Revenons à notre chère Mitsou.

Ce que j’adore avec son site web est que je ne m’emmerde jamais. Je répète. Je ne m’emmerde pas du tout à le lire. Parfois, il y a des sites qui sont dessinés sur mesure pour un type de public en particulier. Ce n’est pas le cas avec! Enfin, un site de bien-être québécois qui ne parle pas juste des mamans qui doivent jongler travail et famille car ce n’est pas du tout mon cas. De lire sur Osheaga, Adieu moustiques (pour ceux et celles qui me connaissent, vous savez que j’ai horreur des moustiques), le TDP et autres sujets très captivants m’ont interpellé. Pour moi, c’est ça un bon site web et c’est que j’essaie de faire avec The Chronicle.

La deuxième saison de Mitsou et Léa sera de retour. Can I get a woohoo!!! Elles rencontrent des femmes inspirantes de différents milieux qui sont des femmes déterminées et fortes malgré tout.

Mitsou et Léa

Je suis très contente que dans ma vie autant que je trouve beaucoup d’inspirations envers des femmes et des hommes qui proviennent des quatre coins de la planète, je suis doublement reconnaissante de ces femmes de chez-nous qui font en sorte que j’ai le goût de foncer comme elles l’ont fait malgré tout! Mitsou en fait certainement partie de la bande et je suis très fière de la femme qu’elle est aujourd’hui.

Je l’ai toujours été depuis 1987 même quand je m’imaginais de chanter en duo avec elle dans notre cuisine en tenant un crayon de couleur Prismacolor (old school). En 2017, on lâche les crayons Primacolor et on continue à admirer cette femme qui a un coeur grand et qui continuera à nous inspirer.

Merci  Mitsou!

Un ciel rempli d’étoiles au Centre Bell

Il y a des spectacles qui vous marqueront pour toute votre vie.

Hier soir, nous étions des milliers Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Pas un moment que la foule n’était pas en délire. Montréal est reconnu pour être un public des plus intenses. On est très fier n’est ce pas les Montréalais.

Ce soir sera le “round two”. Je ne veux pas dévoiler la playlist mais on a eu le droit à tout un voyage multicolore à travers la discographie de ce groupe digne de la royauté musicale.

Le travail exceptionnelle de la conception visuelle éblouira votre iris.

Ayant eu la chance de les voir pour la cinquième fois, j’ai été émue de voir sur le visage par exemple d’un père et d’un fils vivre ce beau moment si magique pour la première fois.

Chris nous a jasé en français malgré qu’il a dit en riant que son français était de la merde et ce n’était pas du tout le cas. Son énergie contagieux et son charisme de Front Man m’ont fait penser à un jeune David Bowie.

Coldplay a ce même don que Les Beatles et U2. Ce sont des frères et un de peut pas fonctionner sans l’autre.

Ils nous ont invité dans leur belle complicité.

Ma copine Rebecca fut ma complice dans une autre section du Centre Bell. Elle a pris des beaux clichés et avec les miennes. J’ai hâte de lui parler du spectacle pendant des heures et des heures.

Ce groupe dégage tellement d’optimiste qu’on en ressort tellement joyeux.

Je n’ai jamais eu aussi chaud dans un concert dans tout le sens du mot que celui de hier (malgré qu’au spectacle de Paul McCartney je pensais qu’il me restait plus de cheveux sur la tête quand Live and Let Die jouait).

Dire que la première fois que j’ai entendu à la station 99.9 Shiver en 1999 fait déjà 18 ans et j’étais complètement éblouie, ma grande histoire d’amour et d’amitié continue avec Coldplay.

Pour ceux et celles qui vivront toute une belle expérience ce soir, vous allez vous sentir “drunken high”.

Préparez-vous à toute une tempête au Centre Bell ce soir.

Je m’en remets à peine de celle de hier soir.


On commence la semaine en grande force avec un grand du cinéma.

Belmondo et Delon

Il nous a fait rêver, rire, pleurer, parfois ils nous a fait vivre des émotions qui ont provoqué une légère augmentation de notre tension artérielle.

Jean-Paul Belmondo

C’est à mes yeux un des meilleurs acteurs de tous les temps car autant qu’il était le Tom Cruise avant même Cruise fasse ses propres cascades, il a su jouer des personnages très complexes et attachants comme dans le classique Itinéraire d’un enfant gâté. Il était capable d’être plus qu’un acteur qui se laisse tomber en bas d’une falaise. Il était capable de capter notre attention dans des rôles plus dramatiques. Un acteur versatile à l’état pure. Ça c’est bien Belmondo.


Je ne compte pas écrire un long chronicle sur ce géant du cinéma car je préférais laisser des vidéos nous faire replonger dans le monde Belmondo.


Allez les vidéos! Caméra et action.

Le charme Belmondo vidéo

Le magnifique m’a charmé et il m’a conquis à ce moment. L’amour au premier coup d’oeil pour moi. Je ne crois pas être la seule.

Voici un extrait de l’excellent documentaire Belmondo par Belmondo fait par Paul Belmondo (qui est un ancien pilote de la F1 que j’aimais bien regarder courir). Sur cet extrait, vous allez voir une belle conversation entre Jean Dujardin et lui-même.

Belmondo et Dujardin vidéo

Le documentaire Belmondo par Belmondo que j’ai vu plusieurs fois est un vrai coup de coeur. Un hommage digne d’un fils qui est fier de son papa.

Père et fils

Merci Paul et merci Jean-Paul xoxo

Paul Belmondo


His name, his driven personality, his spirituality, his need for speed and his aura.


As you may known, I was a huge Senna fan at first because, my brother was a Senna. Since I wanted to be as cool and suave like my brother, I will copy everything from him. But, I recognize why he loves him and then, I would too.

The guy was just brillant and amazing. The rivalry with the great Alain Prost that define the 80’s and early 90’s, no ones can’t say that we didn’t enjoy watching this soap opera on the track. This is what sports is all about. I always saw such a respect between those two even when the rivalry was palpable between them. My Sunday morning in front of my big 80’s television with my brother eating our Kellogg’s Cornflakes and not blinking our eyes in case we will miss something are pure memories to my soul.

Ayrton Senna

The month of May is a very month for me. Since May 1st 1994, my signification for this month change because it was no more the month that I will growth older but the month that I had to say goodbye to my two favorites athletes. The little girl from Montreal lost two of her heroes in the most tragic way.

The eye of the tiger, you could have seen in Senna eyes. His spirituality was beautiful to witness if you have watch the beautiful documentary Senna.


Tomorrow it will be a rainy day in Montreal. I will look at the sky and remember this crazy race that Senna did in 1989 Grand Prix of Canada in my hometown. The rain was actually Senna best friend on the road and God too.

I’m dancing in the rain Senna Style in Montreal

Now in 2017, the dynasty and the torch are in the hands of Bruno Senna. He is my age and he is putting his footprints on his own way. And yes, we are seeing again the sentence Senna and Prost version 2.0 in the media but like Nicolas Prost told The National (a french newspaper), it is their stories not them!

I’m very happy to watch those two mens that actually are from my generation and giving me the same chills like their mentors but with a new edge. The best is yet to come for Bruno. We are believing in you Bruno.

Bruno Senna Website

Bruno Senna

The month a May is a month of rediscovery with a bittersweet taste. Here a nice quote from Ayrton:

These things bring you to reality as to how fragile you are; at the same moment you are doing something that nobody else is able to do. The same moment that you are seen as the best, the fastest and somebody that cannot be touched, you are enormously fragile.

Serene AS