Haiti is not a shit holes

It’s not that often that I talk about politics but with what that person, the one representing the United States of America, said about (sorry about my language) shit holes such as Haiti is a total disgrace.

Why should we all be surprised by his remarks? It’s been one year of unintelligent comments, first class stupidity and embarrassment from this human being.

Haiti is such a beautiful country, which unfortunately has been unlucky lately.

Sometimes, the media only puts the spotlight on the misery and the poverty, but that’s not all Haiti is.

Like every country, we have some neighbourhoods that are struggling and others that are prospering.

The Haitians are a very resilient population.

My parents came to Canada in the 70s to have better opportunities during the Duvalier didacticism. Similar to many others that instead went to the United States, they had hoped for a better future for their future children in terms of the freedom to be educated and in some way, living the Canadian and American dream.

I was raised to love everyone and that we are all citizens of the same world. Yes, our world is not perfect but, come on, saying this type of comment and afterwards, denying it like an entitled child is unthinkable.

The saddest part is that he may not be the only one thinking like this. With that in mind, the future seems a little less optimistic.

Today marks the anniversary of the earthquake. It was such a devastating event. My thoughts go to the victims and their families.

I remember when George Clooney, in a very short time, organized the Hope for Haiti telethon. I was so moved by this initiative and I saw through my parents eyes the gratitude and a feeling of we (the Haitian population all around the world) were not forgotten.

I want to take this moment to reflect on this positivity even through this very dark cloud.

Let’s be grateful that the majority of people all around the world thought the comment of that person, the one representing the United States of America, was mean, cold-hearted, stupid, dumb and full of shit holes.

We are all better than that!


Kanpe Website

The Clooney Foundation Website

Not on our Watch Website


The Chain-Snatching Phenomenon

Tonight, we will talk about an act that may cause depression or a violent reaction from some human being. The phenomenon of the chain-snatching will be tonight subject. Brought you our friendly collaborator The Educated Fool and myself, yours truly.

We will start with that question. As a kid, did you ever get your lunch morning stolen by this unpleasant little kid at school?

During the Broncos and the Raiders game, we did witness something similar like the example I just wrote. Two words. Chain-Snatching.

You may wonder what the heck is this chain-snatching thing? What is the deal?

Here a little resume of this phenomenon that has been here in our society for quite a while.

bling bling

Back in the days, in the Afro-American culture (that I was born into), all the young men were really proud to show their chain. Even the Educated Fool aka my big brother was one of them. Sometimes, it was your mother’s chain you stole or borrow and never returned it. In the Hip-Hop culture, you must show some bling. And the majority of the time, the ‘’Bling’’ was shown on your chain .

So when someone is chain-snatching your precious piece of jewelry, it is a big sign of disrespect. The chain in our community back in the days  is a sign of a so-called accomplishment of your wealth even if you are damn broke.

When the really unique football player, Aqib Talib did this act for a second time to Crabtree, hell break loose. The NFL suspended both players. And in the media, this phenomenon is like a thesis dissertation.

Crabtree and AqibCrabtree

Clearly, it’s fascinating.

It wasn’t the first time we saw something like this. No, no and no.

We did witness this hmm let me put it in a nice politically correct manners way a Boondocks moment (an animated TV show that talk the everyday life in a very realistic way an Afro-American family).

The Educated Fool and myself spent many hours putting together the Top 5 Chain-Snatching moment. It’s been made in the most serious matters. Let’s not waste too much of our time and let’s cut to the chase.

Here the Top 5 of the most shocking chain snatching of all time:

Number 5

Michael Crabtee and Aqib Talib . The story started last year when Talib first did it and he wanted to do an encore presentation that he did it again last week.

Crabtree and Aqib fight

Number 4

On the movie ‘’Friday’ Debo is jacking Red in this scene. Oh lord, I love that movie.

Classic scene from Friday movie

Number 3

On the TV show The Boondocks, Riley Freeman is getting his chain  back after being robbed.

Riley’s Chain rap tribute video

Hilarious. Riley is one of the funniest character on television history.

Riley Freeman

Back to our countdown. I must say the two last ones of the list will be surprising and unexpected.

In our opinion, it was so hard to choose which one will be placed into number Uno. There were both the most traumatizing chain-snatching moments of all time.

On both occasions, the main character was a victim of this act. The must shocking thing is that it was all bunch of Caucasians middle-age dudes. Oh yes, you read it.

Number 2

The wrestler Undertaker snatched Hulk Hogan chain during Paul Bearer segment in the year 1991.

Epic promo! P.S. The king of Bling Ric Flair was there.

Ric Flair Bling

Like, it’s so ironic. The ultimate Rolex Rollin man was there.

Hogan, Taker and Flair segment in 1991 video

And the number 1 goes to Hulk Hogan (again just like Crabtee) and Andre the Giant  at the Piper Pit (I miss the Piper Pit).

Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant

During that segment, you can see how cool Andre the Giant is with Bobby ‘’The Brain’’ Heenan. Jesse Ventura cannot stay still. This was the ultimate chain snatching moment.

Piper Pit with Hogan, Andre the Giant, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper and The Brain video

With that educational post, you just realize that the chain snarking phenomenon is a multicultural phenomenon (and not just an Afro-American one).

So that why those men put so much proud into their chains and just don’t rob a chain. Even if it’s a fake one. Do not do it! I repeat, do not do it. Look because of it, two NFL players are in suspension this week and it’s just damn stupid. Oh well…

I hope you have enjoyed this little dissertation.


When Harry met Meghan

You probably know by now that HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged (yeah). 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle engagement

I wasn’t very surprised about this news but I was so happy for the couple. Actually, any happy couple that is happy and in love, I am so happy for them. In that last sentence, I wrote the word happy 4 times!! It is refreshing to write this word.




Back to the happy couple.




They represent our generation. I really don’t understand the fascination with the fact they are an interracial couple. What’s the deal. We are in 21st century people. Why can’t “the media” concentrate on the fact that they are two caring, humanitarians that happened to have met on a “blind date”, clicked, connected and fell in love? 


In Canada, I haven’t read much about this fact, but in The States and in The UK, I witnessed that there is still some work to be done regarding discrimination and racism.

Their joint interview with the remarkable journalist Mishal Husain, “career goals”, was like having dinner with friends that are telling you oh my god we are engaged!!” They were happy, nervous in a good way, chatty, loving, and funny. 


Mishal Husain
Funny Prince Harry and Meghan

I really was so damn happy when they spoke as a team. They want to conquer the world as a team. They are not afraid of humanitarian work, or of being the people’s Prince and Princess with a twist.



For us, Meghan is our home girl because she spent so much time in Toronto (except I’m from Montreal, but close enough) and she has really shown that she can integrate herself easily with some help of her friends of course.


I always enjoyed her blog, The Tig, because she was a foodie, she enjoyed fashion, and she didn’t take herself too seriously. It was an inviting blog. Another aspect that I integrated into The Chronicle, it was so important to me. 

She is another woman that I thought hmm, she is easy-going,and chill like me and a few of my girlfriends, with this fire in her eyes to fight (like Angelina) the good fight, no matter what. 


Meghan Markle Vanity Fair

They are both lucky to have found each other and with HRH Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge, we may see a new era ladies and gentleman. I think they could bring out the best of one another all together. 


Prince Harry and Meghan are in love and they are ready to rock this world. We so need this right now. The sky seems less grey suddenly. I will follow their charities closely and maybe (I got nothing to loose), one day, I could interview them. 

Alright, alright…

You are all laughing and rolling your eyes. 

You never know!


Like the two of them, they probably didn’t know they would find each other and realize they found their perfect partner. 


In British Royal history, we do know of some couples that were deeply in love, but couldn’t be together because of Royal protocol and the timing wasn’t right. In 2017, we are witnessing a new mentality in the royal family. We all had previous relationships that didn’t work out and maybe we got married and unfortunately, a divorce was the solution. Again, kept reading about how Meghan was married and she is now a divorcee.

So what?


What matters most is the personality of the person, the fact that she has her heart in the right place. Let them enjoy this happiness and be supportive, like we are supportive to our friends that may follow the same path.The only difference is that your friends are not part of the biggest royal family of all time.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It’s our time, as a generation, tojoin them in bringing in a new chapter into this story called LIFE.



Love is all you need


Mishal Husain Twitter

Royal Family official website

Kensington Royal Twitter

Tomber en humour avec Isabelle Ménard Chronicle Style

Isabelle Ménard est incroyable, dynamique, drôle et authentique. L’auteure du livre Tomber en humour (qui est en passant dans tous les libraires) partage avec nous quelques petits secrets et je peux vous assurer que vous tomberez sous son charme.

Isabelle Ménard

Par où commencer dans mes questions. Ah oui, voici la première question:

À quel moment de ta vie es-tu tombée en amour avec le fait de devenir une humoriste ? Est-ce que c’est un sketch que tu as vu, un film en particulier ou de voir un comédien à l’œuvre de cet art ?

J’ai toujours aimé l’humour. Je suis une grande fan de Rock et Belles Oreilles, je connaissais pratiquement tous leurs sketchs par coeur!


Puis ensuite au secondaire, j’étais toujours la première à monter sur la scène pour animer les galas, parades de mode et autres activités parascolaires, mais j’ignorais que ma passion, pouvait être un métier. Après un cours passage dans le monde des agences en publicité après mes études en graphisme et en communications, j’ai décidé de tenter ma chance à l’École Nationale de l’humour. J’ai été admise dès ma première tentative.

Qu’est-ce qui t’a motivé à écrire ce livre en collaboration avec d’autres humoristes ?

Je n’ai jamais eu la prétention de croire que ma vision de l’humour était la seule valable, mais j’avais envie d’aborder le sujet en profondeur. Il était donc naturel pour moi, de demander à mes collègues de me partager leur propre vision de l’industrie, pour qu’on puisse ainsi, tenter le plus justement possible de dresser un portrait de ce qu’est l’humour en 2017.

Je me rappelle plus jeune d’admirer Dominique Michel lors des Bye Bye et par la suite, Lise Dion. Maintenant, il y a une nouvelle génération d’humoriste dont tu en fais partie qui continue à faire briller ce flambeau.

Quel héritage aimerais-tu laisser à la relève qui voudrait conquérir et percer dans le monde de l’humour ?

Être soi-même. Je sais que cela peut sembler cliché, mais l’humour d’aujourd’hui requiert de l’authenticité, particulièrement depuis l’avènement des réseaux sociaux, puisque personne ne peut être un personnage 24h sur 24!

Il y a déjà un Louis-José Houde ou un Yvon Deschamps, c’est donc plus qu’important de trouver sa propre identité comique.

Présentement, tu animes avec Anaïs Favron l’émission Avec ou Sans Cash sur la chaîne Évasion. Tu as une passion pour les voyages. À travers cette émission, est-ce qu’animer cette émission t’a fait découvrir un autre monde totalement différent de l’humour ?

Étonnamment, non!

L’humour, c’est voir notre monde a travers un filtre « comique ». Voyager, c’est découvrir le monde a travers notre propre filtre et tout cela peut être très drôle aussi! Parce que tout n’est qu’une question de point de vue et la moindre petite chose différente peut me faire sourire. Les toilettes chauffantes dans les centres d’achat à Taipei, la pieuvre vivante que la serveuse à mise dans ma soupe à Séoul, les nouilles au déjeuner à Macao…

Bref, il y a beaucoup de potentiel comique lorsque l’on sort de notre zone de confort!

Anaïs Favron et Isabelle Ménard

J’aime poser cette question à mes interlocuteurs. Qu’est-ce que tu adores de notre chère métropole ?

Montréal a une belle « vibe ». Je le répète souvent, elle fait partie de ces villes qui ont une âme et c’est quelque chose de très précieux. Si on fait l’analogie avec un humain, une personne peut être cool ou pas, peu importe son style ou les endroits qu’elle fréquente,. Montréal, elle, est définitivement « cool ».

Dernière petite question. Si tu pouvais citer ton Top 5 de tes plus grands comédiens et comédiennes de tous les temps, qui figureraient sur ta liste ?

Difficile pour moi de répondre… Je me rends compte que j’aime les oeuvres, bien joué et bien raconté, plus que les acteurs qui les interprètent! Bref, je vais d’abord aller voir un film ou écouter une série, parce que l’histoire m’intéresse pas parce que mon acteur préféré est dans le film.

On ne peut pas résister de tomber en humour avec notre chère Isabelle.

Tomber en humour

Merci Isabelle pour cette belle entrevue et vous pouvez suivre Isabelle sur Twitter ou sur Facebook.

Isabelle Menard Twitter

Isabelle Menard Facebook

Angelina is walking the walk!

I’m in front of my computer screen to write what’s going on right now in my head. I close my eyes and say to myself again in 2017, women, young children and even men are victims of sexual violence around the world and especially in developing countries.

I have finished watching Angelina Jolie’s speech at the UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial Conference and I feel a range of emotions such as grief, empathy for the victims and especially frustration when, in 2017, these atrocities still exist. .

Angelina UN

I believe very strongly in the day that we will have a world without wars and without violence. Until when will violence against women continue to go? During Angelina’s speech, she cites a fact that an 18-month-old child has been the victim of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But what the fuck 18 months… This is just so awful.

At that moment, I started to cry. She asked audience members to imagine that on their streets, trucks with armed men are invading their homes and they are attacking all women and girls in their homes in front of their family members and that As a result, the government of this country asks them to act as if nothing had happened.

It emphasizes that these acts destroy a life and a family. It was not a speech with words in the air. On the contrary, it was a speech of the most touching, most difficult to listen in the sense that it is not a fictional story but the reality. All of this, coming from a brave woman and determined to contribute to bring some peace in this world.

Angelina UN

There were no fanfares, no trumpets, but powerful words that drew her sheets of paper. A messenger ready to continue fighting the good fight. She is one of the voices of optimism in this world so gray. She does not waste her time talking about cosmetics, diets and the next party she will be attending. Rather, sometimes with her children, she puts on her backpack and goes to meet these victims to better understand, to cry with them and to bring them a small ray of sunshine while working very hard with different organizations to they find a better quality of life.


Actress Angelina Jolie, special envoy to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, speaks during the 2017 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017. Over 500 delegates from more than 70 countries and international organizations will gather at the upcoming Defence Ministerial to discuss improvements to UN peacekeeping operations and focus on securing new pledges from Member States. Photographer: Ben Nelms/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In recent weeks with all the scandals happening in the artistic and political world regarding sexual violence sexual harassment against women and even towards men, people are paying more attention.

But it should not take a scandal in the art world to talk about it. Women and girls, for example Nadia Murad, there are thousands. I hope we will pay more attention to those victims who do not have the social media to talk or make noise.

I hope we will support them and make noise for them. The abuse of power is a monster and even I would write that it’s a devil. But the power to do good to one’s neighbor with love and tolerance is angelic. Angelina is an angel on this earth and I’m sure she is not the only one.

UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie meets displaced Iraqis who are members of the minority Christian community, living in an abandoned school in Al Qosh

Let’s follow her!

Angie charityAngelina Jolie at the UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial Conference

Angelina Jolie nous fait réfléchir!

Je suis devant mon écran d’ordinateur pour écrire ce qui se passe actuellement dans ma tête. Je ferme les yeux et je me dis encore en 2017, des femmes, des jeunes enfants et même des hommes sont victimes de la violence sexuelle à travers le monde et spécialement dans les pays en voie de développement.

J’ai terminé de regarder le discours de Angelina Jolie lors du UN Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial Conference et je ressens une gamme d’émotions comme de la peine, de l’empathie pour les victimes et surtout de la frustration quand 2017, ces atrocités existent encore.


Je crois très fortement au jour que nous aurons un monde sans guerres et sans violence. Jusqu’à où la violence envers les femmes continuera à aller?

Durant le discours de Angelina, elle cite un fait qu’un enfant de 18 mois a été victime de violence sexuelle dans la République Démocratique du Congo. Mais quoi… 18 mois. À ce moment, je me suis mise à pleurer.

Elle a demandé aux membres de l’auditoire de s’imaginer que sur leur rue, des camions avec des hommes armés envahissent leur demeure et ceux-ci agressent toutes les femmes et les filles dans leur maison devant les membres de leur famille et que par la suite, le gouvernement de ce pays leur demande de faire comme si de rien n’était. Elle met l’accent sur le fait que ces actes détruisent une vie et une famille.

Ce n’était pas un discours avec des mots en l’air. Au contraire, ce fut un discours des plus touchants, des plus difficiles à écouter dans le sens que ce n’est pas une histoire fictive mais bien la réalité. Tout ça, venant d’une femme courageuse et déterminée à contribuer à apporter un peu de paix dans ce monde.

Il n’y avait pas de fanfares, pas de trompettes, mais des mots puissants qui dessinaient ses feuilles de papier. Une messagère prête à continuer de combattre le bon combat. Elle est une des voix qui porte un message d’optimisme dans ce monde si gris.

Elle ne perd pas son temps à nous parler des produits de beauté, des régimes et de la prochaine fête qu’elle va participer. Plutôt, avec parfois sa marmaille, elle enfile son sac à dos et part à la rencontre de ces victimes pour mieux comprendre, pour pleurer avec eux et avec elles et pour leur apporter un petit rayon de soleil tout en travaillant très fort avec différents organismes pour qu’ils retrouvent une meilleure qualité de vie.

Angelina Jolie Vancouver 2017

Depuis quelques semaines avec tous les scandales qui se passent dans le monde artistiques et politiques concernant la violence sexuelle l’harcèlement sexuel envers des femmes et même envers des hommes, les gens portent plus d’attention. Mais ça ne devrait pas prendre un scandal dans le monde artistique pour qu’on en parle. Les femmes et jeunes filles comme par exemple Nadia Murad, il y en a des milliers.

J’espère qu’on portera une plus grande attention à ces victimes qui n’ont pas les médias sociaux pour parler ou faire du bruit. J’espère qu’on les soutiendra et qu’on fera du bruit à leur place.

Justin and Angelina

L’abus du pouvoir est un monstre et même, j’irais à écrire que c’est un diable. Mais le pouvoir de faire du bien à son prochain avec amour et tolérance, c’est angélique.

Angelina est bien un ange sur cette terre et je suis sûre qu’elle n’est pas la seule.

Angie charity



Discours de Angelina Jolie U.N Peacekeeping Defense Ministerial Conference 2017


A nice chat with Jade Lambros

The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

This is how I see Jade Lambros.

She is fun, intelligent, compassionate, proud mamma, proud daughter, proud sister and a proud member of the Sharpshooter Funding team.

Gregg and Jade

Here is my nice interview with Mrs. Lambros!


We are both kids of 1983 (air guitar, neon pants and watching Punky Brewster, Jem and the Holograms, and Alf on TV in the 80s), I have to ask you, who was your fashion idol of this epic decade?

Fashion idols ….

In all honesty, I gotta say my mom! Haha My mom was my biggest influence! She rocked every era so cooly. I have always admired her fashion sense. But, if you were to really twist my arm for, like, a celebrity choice, I would have to say Cindy Crawford. I was so young in the 80s, but I idolized her. For the better part of my life, I wanted to be a supermodel. I think because I have a mole on my face like Cindy’s, I thought I could rock it like she did! 


I truly believe that the Sharpshooter Funding (SSF) team is the ultimate dream team of the funding world. How do you feel about being part of this team?

I am new to the Sharpshooter Funding Team and I am so thankful to be a part of it! I have been either pregnant or on maternity leave since SSF began. I have seen all the wonderful things that SSF and Paul Pitcher have done these past few years from afar and I have been very eager to join in on the fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you believe that more women are launching their own businesses in Canada?

I honestly can’t say I know any statistical information on whether or not women are actually launching more business. But, I can say I know, personally, women who have started up their own businesses and have been very successful. My sister is even in the process of starting up a fresh meal prep company and I could not be more proud of her!


I have a good feeling your sister’s company will be a success and maybe one day, there will be a franchise in Montreal. On that same subject, here is my next question:

What is one of the best professional (or if you want to share personal) advice your mother and/or your father gave you that you will cherish for the rest of your life?
Trust my gut!

I think both of my parents have always tried to encourage my confidence and to believe in myself.

Amen for this advice!

Jade and Bo

Jade, Bo and Kyra

I’ve never been to Calgary and I’m looking forward for my first trip. Do you have any suggestions for (here we go with my long list) a nice, easy-going restaurant to hang out with live music, (that would be a bonus) and a place where I could get the best cupcakes in Calgary (please tell me there is a cupcakes shop)?

Calgary is a fantastic city!

We have a lot of new restaurants opening every month it seems! 

(I wonder if they will beat us in Montreal, hmm….) Let’s see her suggestions.

My absolute favorite restaurant in the city is Mercato. It’s an Italian, family-style restaurant! You must try the Caprese Salad!


And, for live music and good eats, try the Crab Shack! 


My husband has a sweet tooth and he will tell you that the best cupcakes come from Crave. The Crave-O-Licious is a must try! 


(It’s on my list! Calgary, here I come, I am so coming for those cupcakes!!)


What legacy would you like Sharpshooter Funding to leave as a Canadian Funding company?

I think Sharpshooter Funding will be known for helping small businesses and persons fulfill their dreams. But, it won’t stop there. They will also be known within the community for helping aid charities and supporting a lot of great causes!

We have already been a part of so many great events and I know we have many more to come! Our whole team is so excited to be a part of the community and spread the word about the company, but as well just be out and about helping and being involved.

Which 80s album (music) defines this one of the kind decade in your eyes?

Hard to argue that Michael Jackson and Madonna didn’t totally dominate the 80s! But, for me personally, it is U2 The Joshua Tree. It was and still is a favorite album of mine! 


It’s been so much fun to interview you Jade and to see that there is such a passionate woman involved in this super cool company!

Jade and Kyra

Thank you so much Jade!

SSF transparent log

Sharpshooter Funding Website

Mercato Restaurant Website

Crab Shack BBQ Restaurant

Crave-O-Licious Cupcakes Website