Where In The World Is Linda McMahon?

 Montreal – It’s been two days since the Capitol Attack and it’s been 24 days since the chairwoman of America First Action, Linda McMahon last tweeted. 

With the atrocities everyone saw at the Capitol last Wednesday, I was expecting some kind of tweet from Linda addressing how hard democracy got hit, or how disappointed she was in seeing civilians act like a bunch of insane criminals at a place where she would have liked to go everyday had she been elected as a senator when she ran for a seat in the United States Senate for Connecticut. 

Why is she still silent on the subject?

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Back in 1988 

Before I answer my previous question, we need to take a little trip back in time. The McMahon-Trump love story started when the McMahons decided to do business with the future President in the eighties. It wasn’t a glorious year for Trump, but for the McMahons and the WWE (previously WWF), business was doing great. Wrestlemania 4 (in 1988) and Wrestlemania 5 (in 1989), sponsored by the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino were successful events and it was the start of the long collaboration between the McMahons and Donald Trump. 

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In a way, Donald Trump needed the WWE at the time. He was making bad deal after bad deal. He had borrowed hundreds of millions dollars to cover costs for the Plaza Hotel and unfortunately, “he wasn’t making enough profit to service the debt to which Trump committed.” (  Kruse, Michael. 1988: The Year Donald Lost His Mind, 2016. March 2016. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/03/1988-the-year-donald-lost-his-mind-213721)

I will be the first to say that Vince McMahon couldn’t make it without Linda. As the WWE grew and became one of the most successful wrestling companies in the world, Linda’s role in its’ success became obvious. Her knowledge on intellectual property law and her business skills had been indispensable for the company since their launch in 1980 as Titans Sports. Inc. 

In 1993, she became the president of the WWE followed by CEO in 1997. Linda McMahon was a woman I admired as businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a smart lady with a compassionate heart. The fact that she was involved in a partnership between the Special Olympics and the WWE, showed me that she had a beautiful heart and soul. 

In the 2000s, she left her position at the WWE to go into politics.

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While Linda was shaping her political identity in 2009, there was another McMahon-Trump collaboration, but this time it was on screen at Wrestlemania 25.

Donald Trump was popular because of his role as a business mogul on the reality TV show The Apprentice. I don’t know who came up with the idea of booking a match between Vince McMahon and Donald Trump (but for the sake of the storyline, they were enemies). The name of this match was the Battle of the Billionaires (neither of which was a billionaire by the way). The loser of that match would get a buzz cut from the winner. Let’s not forget that the match was scripted (aka not real, but the buzz cut was real) and Donald Trump didn’t wrestle.

Donald Trump, left, and Bobby Lashley, right shave the head of Vince McMahon after Lashley defeated Umaga at Wrestlemania 23 at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, April 1, 2007. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Trump was the winner (what a surprise and I saying this in a very sarcastic way). As a wrestling fan, I was already seeing how the McMahons was flattering Trump’s ego. It was sad to witnessed.

During that period, Linda McMahon wasn’t part of the WWE and Trump was a television star and a democrat from 2001 until 2009. Their paths weren’t directly intersecting, but they were still on each other’s radar. 

While Donald Trump hasn’t done anything of note in the wrestling world, he was inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame (WTF?!). 

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Sympathy for the Devil 

Linda McMahon was part of the Trump administration in 2017 as the Administrator of The Small Business Administration. In 2019, she was named Chairwoman of America First Action. By the way, that is a pro-Trump super Political Action Committee (PAC). 

What is a super PAC? 

A PAC is a committee that raises and spends unlimited amounts of money from corporations, unions, and/or individual donations. With these large sums of money, the PAC may try to influence an election, but they cannot make direct donations to a campaign. 

On April 15th 2019, when Linda was named Chairwoman of America First Action, was when my admiration for her started to fade away. 

Why was a smart lady like Linda part of this clown’s charade? 

Ok, the McMahons were major donors to Donald Trump Foundation. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote that the McMahons donated $20 million to the Republican Party over five years. That’s a lot of money let me tell you! I was shocked when I read that, but I wasn’t that surprised. We are living in an I scratch your back, you will scratch mine kind of society. 

Donald Trump is not a smart man in general and an even less smart businessman. Why did McMahons kiss Donald Trump’s behind (I’m being polite here) for so long? 

Is it because it was the only way Linda could fulfill her political aspirations and have an important position at the White House? 

Is it because they made a pact with the devil? 

Or both? 

I don’t know, but I still cannot comprehend why Linda is so loyal to this man. This man who has zero respect for women. This man who has zero respect for democracy. This man has zero active brain cells in his brain. This man has zero business skills (just count all his bankruptcies) This man who has zero loyalty. Look at what he said about Mike Pence! Trump hoped the Proud Boys (a terrorist group) would find Pence because as Vice-President, Pence rejected Trump’s call to overturn Biden’s win of election. 

Why Linda you are still silent this week? 

U.S. Capitol Police with guns drawn stand near a barricaded door as protesters try to break into the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

You are loyal to this man who is disloyal to his Vice-President and has no respect for democracy. You support this coward who has been the worst president that the United States of America ever elected. Come on Linda, you are better than this. Do you really need to be linked to this man to reach your goal of being a senator, or a governor? 

Do you? 

You don’t need Trump in your life. 

It’s been two days since this tragic event. Two days in which your husband has not removed Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame (I still wonder why he was in it in the first place). Two days since the event that you have not acknowledged. Your last tweet on December 16th 2020 was about joining the Policy Circle for a discussion about the Georgia Senate Runoffs. She may still be on holidays and wanted to deconnect from social media. I don’t blame her, but on November 24th, 2020 she thanked Donald Trump for his Thanksgiving prayer (seriously) and retweeted a few of his tweets. Thankgivings is an holiday right…

By the time this post goes online, her retweet from Trump probably won’t be online anymore. 

I do believe Linda should wake up, leave Trump’s flock of sheep and focus on helping others by doing public service. As a woman who once admired Linda McMahon (by the way, I’m not a Republican), I was disappointed in the last year for supporting this buffoon to get reelected.

Vince McMahon should wake up too.

During the shutdown in 2020, the State of Florida named the WWE has an essential business during the pandemic. That’s doesn’t make any sense. Wrestling is not an essential service while million of people are dying and doesn’t have decent healthcare.

This was a business transaction between Trump and the McMahons. So that’s another proof of their business relationship, and that money talks.

Where is the trailblazer who stood as a role model for women in the male-dominated world of the eighties and nineties? 

I still have questions that will probably go unanswered, but right now, I have those lyrics from the Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil haunting my thoughts: 

Please allow me to introduce myself I’m a man of wealth (for Trump, not so much) and taste (again, for Trump, not true) I’ve been around for a long, long years Stole million man’s (it’s pretty accurate) soul and faith” – The Rolling Stones

Linda McMahon, who are you?

Please the real Linda McMahon wake up.

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