Patrick Roy: Blessing or Curse

It all began on May 3, 1986. A 9-year-old boy looked intently at the third in the Eastern Conference final of the National Hockey League. The fight is fierce between the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers.

Madison Square Garden was the arena of this fight. This young man had his first baptism of the New York crowd.

Madison Square Garden

This same crowd shouted with all their strength towards a young Quebecor goalkeeper praying that his concentration and play would be affected.  The crowd shouted in ridicule with: ROOOOAHHHHH  Alas, this young goalkeeper named Patrick Roy gave the best performance of his career. He made 13 goals saves in 2 minutes.

Patrick Roy by Mimke Oulton

This match put Patrick Roy on the map. I allow myself to write that he flew (in a good way) in overtime this legendary match. We saw how special he was. The eyes of this young boy from Montreal North had changed forever. Not only that the New York crowd has left a legacy in his memory, but he has never seen in real time despite being a child of the year 1976, a performance of this kind. The Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup. Montreal was on fire. He also saw his first riot as if it was England that had won the Soccer World Cup and the Hooligans were demolishing the streets of London.  Well, I’m exaggerating, but there is a hint of truth. The boy understood the notion of riots at that time.

Émeute 1986

Patrick Roy became at that moment a myth, a legend and a messiah. He became Patrick Roy. It was the beginning of the Montreal empire. I can already hear the screams, read the emails of insults saying to me: You are crazy or what. We won a second Stanley Cup in 1993. You do not know what you’re talking about.

Habs 1986Coupe Habs 1993

This match put Patrick Roy on the map. I allow myself to write that he flew (in a good way) in overtime this legendary match. We saw how special he was. The eyes of this young boy from Montreal North had changed forever.  The boy is my big brother and he always asked this question. Would the Canadiens have beaten the Edmonton Oilers during this series? Very hard to answer especially since the Oilers had a team of shock with Gretzky, Coffey, Messier, Anderson, Fuhr, Murphy, Huddy, Kurri and the rest of the Dream Team in hockey. I think you guessed my answer.

In this series, Oilers’ Steve Smith scored a goal in his own goal by accident and the Calgary Flames, who were also a great team, eliminated the Oilers. Tears poured out for the Oilers fans. It was an incredible shock. My brother said at that time, maybe Canadians would have a chance to win the cup.  His only Big Brother’s desire was for Canadians to beat the Nordics if they met. Speaking of the Nordics during this series, the name that could still give nightmares to Michel Bergeron, the goalkeeper Mark Liut made a Patrick Roy of himself against the Nordiques and we had to say bye bye to the Nordiques of Quebec during the 1986 eliminations.

Mike Liut

The Canadians make this elimination of the Nordiques did not have to face them. Also, they dodged the mighty Philadelphia Flyers, as the Rangers surprised the Flyers by eliminating them in 5 games. The sad note during this clash was that the Flyers had lost goalkeeper Pete Linberg in a serious car accident. Despite this sad loss, it was a very dangerous team during the playoffs.

Patrick Roy 1986

The league’s third-best league at the time, the Washington Capitals, was also surprised by the Rangers and was eliminated in Game 6. Maybe you can see where I’m going in my next remarks.  The media and the whole world gave all the Montreal Canadiens victory credits in the 1986 playoffs and Patrick Roy’s rise to the Stanley Cup but do not you think that maybe circumstances have major roles without underestimating the undeniable talent of number 33 but luck was a very big factor.

Roy Roy Roy

I would say yes.  The facts prove this statement and it is correct. There is no shame in that. It was not the first time, but the mentality following this victory in 1986 changed the culture of the Montreal team forever and not necessarily for the better.

In 1971, an ingenuous youngster to play only a few games in the CH uniform (6 games to be more precise). Ken Dryden confronts with his teammates such as Jean Béliveau the Boston Browns.

Dryden, Beliveau and Mahovlich

The Bruns were the best team in the league with, in my opinion, the greatest hockey player of all time, Bobby Orr.

Bobby Orr

Ken Dryden inverted the series against Boston in the first round. I should say that Patrick Roy made a Ken Dryden of it in 1986. Mr. Dryden was the original.

Lapointe, Savard, DrydenKen Dryden one of the greatest of all timeKen Dryden

The difference is in a name that is Sam Pollock. The former director general does not know said at the time: Well, we found our guardian so our game system must turn around him. On the contrary, after this playoff series, he said he will build the biggest team in the league.

He was searched for the white demon Guy Lafleur during the draft. Later, Larry Robinson, Bob Guiney, Serge Savard and Guy Lapointe trained the new generation of the Canadiens 70’s style team.

The mentality of the team was not to focus on the goalkeeper, but to become a great team. Sam Pollock was taking chances and with the team that had, the sky had no limit for the Habs.

Sam Pollock

You see what I mean.

This is the team I want to see again.

The worst thing that happened to the Montreal Canadiens was that they won the Stanley Cup in 1986 and 1993. Given the miracles of number 33, the organization instead wanted to find a second Patrick Roy instead of building a dynasty surrounded by kings. In 1987, the Canadiens had a better team in 1986 and when they faced the Flyers in a row they lost.

Nowadays, big teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings have star strikers, incredible defencemen and very good goalies. For Chicago for example, the key to their team is their defensive unit because they must defend and fuel the attack.

For Canadians, the team’s structure is far too dependent on the goalie’s performance. Carey Price is not in his best form and Canadians are not playing as badly as they say, but the structure is killing the team. We want to live too much in the past instead of moving forward. During the exchange of Patrick Roy, instead of looking for key players, Réjean Houle was sought Jocelyn Thibault. A goalkeeper he hoped to be a second Patrick Roy.

When we had José Théodore, once again, we imposed too much responsibility on him as a goalkeeper. P.K Subban’s exchange for Webber is a blatant example of the curse that is plaguing Canadians. The real reason for this exchange is because Subban didn’t fit with the culture of the organization ” protecting the goalkeeper” and not an exchange we were made to believe for the well-being of the team.

P.K. Collection at

We know what happened during the 2017 playoffs, Nashville, which had the goal to have the best team to win the cup and this same team was in the final of the Stanley Cup.

Instead of wanting to win the Stanley Cup with an army filled with talented soldiers, the Montreal Canadiens want to win it by stealing the cup with a goalkeeper in the net.

We must get out of this fate, because for 30 years, we have been bewitched by this mentality that prevents this team with such a rich history of evolving.

It’s time to evolve!


Signed Sab in collaboration with the 9-year-old boy in 1986 aka The Educated Fool ‘’my big brother.’’  We are ready for attacks.



Big Ben… Why?


The game last Sunday was a complete disaster! It’s hard to swallow the way they lost this game. It seems like ‘déjà vu’.

Tomlin and R

I will focus on the fact that Ben Roethlisberger seemed to be lost. He is definitely not the same kind of player he used to be.  Not like when he started in 2003, with the Steel Curtain. He was amazed by his physical abilities, to run, and to be this big QB. Those where the days!

But something changed…

He was not the messiah that we were waiting for. The Steelers may have won their first Super Bowl in 2006, but Ben played like a really clumsy QB. And, that was the start of my brother love-hate relationship and I quickly follow.

But Ben can be The Greatest!

He wanted to have the respect that the Tom Bradys and the Payton Mannings of this world have, but he is not part of this very elite VIP club. Those guys have this special gift to be legends on the field. They are breathing Football with a capital F!

I never sensed that Ben had the same discipline as them . They make the play with such precision.  They are the showstoppers! Ben is a great addition to a showstopper unit, but he is not like the director directing a movie or a playwright directing his play. He is the Difference Breaker and he is a great QB.


Mike Tomlin gave him the opportunity to actually be a Manning or a Brady but as Sunday’s game showed us, it just doesn’t work. It could be he had to much responsibilities on him.  Let Ben be the Ben. If they want to go far this season, this would be the remedy for this bad situation.

Could this be his last season?

Or, could it be the rebirth of the Big Ben?

Ben R.

Thursday interview with Gregg Farineau from The Sharpshooter Funding!

The Chronicle

I’m happy to share an interview with one of the members of the Sharpshooter Funding (SSF) family with you. He is truly one of sweetest people I talk to, and we both love the language of Molière! It’s fun to share this interest in the beautiful French language with someone.

His name is Gregg Farineau and he is the Director of Sales at Sharpshooter Funding.

It’s showtime!

SSF transparent logWhat do you like most about Montreal?

Well, I have been to Montreal only once, about 10 years ago. I am from France and old Montreal reminded me of back home quite a bit. I also thought the night life was unreal! We went out to Club Opera as well as the W Hotel, and a few other spots I really enjoyed. The city definitely has a lot to offer.

Montreal at night Now you have joined the dream team, I’m talking about The Sharpshooter Funding…

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m a woman.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are gathered here to witness….

…another act of misogyny in the universe of professional sports.

Cam Newton was so damn stupid with his response to Jourdan Rodrigue’s question. For one day, he beat out Donald Trump for stupidest comment.

Her question was really smart. It was about route running, which is the path a receiver takes before he catches the ball, and the fact that he had made some good adjustments with it. His reaction was just plain stupid. My blood pressure suddenly rose and I started swearing like my Haitian grandmother (RIP Grandma Sue!). Like, what the f….

Cam Newton Jourdan Rodrigue

If it were a man asking, he would have acknowledged him, but since in his language, it was a woman that he referred to as “female” (another thing that made me so mad), he was misogynist and disrespectful.

Cam Newton press conference

For some that didn’t saw the segment, here it is:

I love talking about sports and I love to learn more about them. In order to learn, you must do research and educate yourself. I think this is a good thing for everyone. Jourdan Rodrigue did her research, and you can see that she loves to learn to. If you just listen to some of the questions that journalists ask during a press conference with NFL coaches or players, you feel like it could be as dumb as when a presenter ask to an actress on the red carpet, who are you wearing.

Bill Belichick actually wanted to be asked really smart questions. I’m not a Pats fan at all, but if someone is willing to listen and notice the thought put into the questions we ask, I’m all for it!

Bill Belichick

I’m really surprised at Cam Newton. Especially after only a week earlier, he took a stand for Colin Kaerpernick. Now, he does a 180, and just puts his foot in his mouth.

I applaud Jourdan Rodrigue having done her homework. She is obviously a smart and passionate journalist.

I was never a big fan of Newton because I always felt that he was lacking certain sportsmanship qualities, but now, I just don’t respect him. Superman, yeah right…

Cam Newton

There are many journalists, lawyers, doctors, scientists, mechanics, you name it, that are women and they are facing these situations on a daily basis. Hopefully someday the conversation will change.

We are strong women

It’s 2017 damn it!

Sharpshooter is in the house… Chronicle Style!

Lionel Ritchie’s song “Dancing on the Ceiling” was on my mind all weekend long. You must be wondering why…..

Chronicle black and white

Sharpshooter Funding and The Chronicle are teaming up!!

You see, The Chronicle has been posting some interesting articles about Canadian businesses lately and with the help of the Sharpshooter team, I think we can continue to rock it. I think it is important to encourage each other in our ventures. Through talking about those amazing businesses, the sky could be the limit for them.

The Sharpshooter dream team is like putting Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. Jay, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Serena Williams in the same place,working together. You have Paul Pitcher, Dallas Hart, Gregg Farineau, Jade Hart and the best there is, Bret the Hitman Hart. This is the best team! Oops, I forgot to add myself in. I am part of the team too! This collaboration will be epic.

Recently, Dallas and Gregg have had success with hundreds of Canadian merchants.I can’t wait to talk to you about them. They are so passionate about what they are doing and they are genuinely good business men. I couldn’t more honoured to have them as my sponsor. I’m very proud of what Dallas and Jade are turning out to be:two driven, passionate leaders. With a Dad clearly known as the best there is, it’s obvious that this quality was passed to the next generation.

The Dream Team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will take this world by storm!



King of hearts

We will rock this world by storm and I would like to thank for the bottle of my heart The Dream Team.


Petite Marie

The Chronicle

Elle était ma grande sœur si on pourrait dire. De ma tendre enfance jusqu’au début de mon adolescence, elle était toujours présente.

Elle n’était pas ma grande sœur biologique mais j’avais l’impression qu’elle était toujours omniprésente dans ma vie grâce à la télévision.


Quand elle jouait Zoé dans Peau de Banane, sa spontanéité m’était très familière. Elle avait du plaisir à jouer au petit écran et son amour était contagieux.

Peau de Banane

J’enviais toujours son petit frère Sébastien de l’avoir comme sœur et également, de jouer ensemble dans Peau de Banane. Leur complicité était magique à voir.

Marie-Soleil et Sébastien

Mais c’est son empathie et sa douceur pour les enfants malades qui ont conquis mon cœur à tout jamais. Étant une enfant qui a été hospitalisé dès la naissance durant plusieurs mois, j’ai toujours une profonde reconnaissance pour la recherche médicale et la générosité des gens qui contribuent à l’avancement des soins pour nos petits.

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La force de Véro

Pour tous adolescents en pleine croissance durant les années 90, création des années 80, Musique Plus était un échappatoire culturelle viscérale. Du moins, pour moi.

J’étais une jeune fille avec une bonne dose de timidité malgré que plus jeune, j’étais une vraie boule d’énergie.

Quand j’ai aperçu pour la première fois une jeune Véronique Cloutier à ses débuts à Musique Plus, pour vous dire honnêtement, je ne m’identifiais pas du tout avec elle.
WHAT!!! Je peux entendre certaines personnes s’exclamer disant comment elle peut écrire ça.

Je me disais elle est tout le contraire de la personne que j’étais à cette époque.

Digne d’une adolescente en mode rébellion et désinvolte, je me posais la question si ça ne serait pas un produit manufacturé de son père qui fut un grand producteur très respecté au Québec et qui n’aura pas à prouver quoi que ce soit et tout lui sera offert sur un plateau d’argent.

Comme on dit si bien, il faut laisser la chance au coureur.

Après quelques mois, je commençais à découvrir cette force plus grand que nature et à avoir une opinion totalement différente de ce que j’avais au tout début.

Son style d’interviewer commençait à devenir un appât que je mordais de plus en plus.

Le Véro Show était une “date” entre ma télévision hmm correction la télévision familiale et moi. Mes vendredis soirs avec le combat des clips étaient un pure délice.

Au fin fond, pendant que Oprah était à son ascension au trône des animatrices de télévision les plus désirées et inspirantes, Véronique était pour moi Ma Oprah!

Pour une jeune fille qui au tout début n’était pas impressionnée, c’est la confirmation qu’il ne faut jamais juger un livre avant l’avoir lu.

Quand Véro a quitté Musique Plus, j’étais en deuil. Je me disais ça sera quoi la suite mais je savais qu’elle nous surprendrait encore.

Et la force de Véro a fait toute une entrée remarquée dans la cour des grands. Avec les années, elle est devenue une géante dans le monde de la télévision.

Je vais vous confier quelque chose entre vous et moi.

Il y a environ je crois presque 3 ans, j’avais écrit un petit commentaire sur la page Facebook de Véronique (une des rares fois) disant j’apprécie son travail et que je commençais à partir un blog qui se nommerait The Chronicle.

N’ayant aucune attente, je vois qu’elle m’avait répondu en me disant de ne pas lâcher et qu’elle me souhaitait la meilleure des chances.

Elle fut la première personnalité publique au monde à croire à The Chronicle.

Aujourd’hui, je voudrais lui remercier d’avoir cru en The Chronicle, d’avoir été une de mes inspirations médiatiques lorsque j’avais plein de boutons d’acné et ne croyait pas du tout en moi.

Également, je voudrais m’excuser que justement j’ai fait preuve de jugement quand j’étais enfant et je pensais même avant que les Kardashian, Trump, Jenner et d’autres enfants de célébrités de ce monde fassent leur marque sans nécessairement avoir de talents particuliers (je suis gentille), que Véronique aurait été un fruit de népotisme.

Oh que non!

Elle a prouvé tout le contraire. Et parfois, les médias n’étaient si fins avec elle. Au lieu de réagir de manière très vif, elle a su prendre le temps de se retirer et par la suite, d’affronter les médias à sa façon.


Elle est unique, forte, très drôle et authentique.

Tous les réalisations qu’elle a accompli durant deux décennies sont inspirants. Elle a affronté des méchantes tempêtes et elle n’a jamais baissé les bras. Elle ne sait jamais pris pour quelqu’un d’autre et c’est une fille du peuple. Pour moi, ce sont des valeurs à adopter à chaque moment de notre vie.

Que nous réservera la force de Véro en 2017-2018?

Sky will be the limit.

Une chose que je me demande est que je crois qu’elle va apprécier ce petit Chronicle d’une ancienne jeune adolescente pessimiste (mais ça n’a pas durée longtemps) de Montréal-Nord qui est devenue une femme dans la mi-trentaine qui remercie sa “Oprah” d’être la battante qu’elle est aujourd’hui.

Hmm, peut-être qu’un jour, une collaboration entre The C et Véro pourrait être in the making.

Keep dreaming girl.