Goodbye is the hardest word to say. Rest well Kristoff

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL- Yesterday around 11:45am, near lunchtime, my brain needed a little break so I went on The People Magazine website to read something light, for just a few minutes.

I couldn’t have expected the news I read. I read the very heartbreaking news that Kristoff St. John had passed away. I was speechless! I couldn’t even scream an “OMGwhat!?” I was thinking I must be having a very bad dream. This beautiful soul, that a big majority of us grew up watching on Different Word as Denise Huxtable’s boyfriend and of course, as the unforgettable Neil Winters on The Young and The Restless. He was clearly a big part of my life for the last thirty years.


His warm smile, his humility and his sense of humor were legendary! He wasn’t afraid to show his true character as an authentic soul. He was the kind of person you could have a real heart to heart conversation with. And he was such a good actor from he was a young kid.


I wished I could have had the honor to just laugh and cry with him.


A few weeks ago, I had an emotional conversation with my dear love about the loss of a child, a terrible thing some parents have to deal with. He told me about the time one of his son’s best friends committed suicide. While he recalled the funeral and how distraught he was, he started to cry. He said he could never forget the sadness afterward when he met the parents of this young man. Until this day, the parents were never the same. He said they never got their smiles or their joy for life back. And I saw his sadness while my hubby describes what awful feeling it must be for the parents since he is himself a loving father of two wonderful men.

A few years ago, Kristoff lost his son that he deeply love with all his heart.

His son committed suicide. For a parent, it’s the ultimate nightmare to be the one burying your child under any circumstance.  Kristoff wasn’t shy to talk about his grief and his struggle. Earlier in the post, I mentioned his capability to be a humble and sensible soul. This man was simply an angel on Earth for us.

Now, he is resting his wings, as we remember him, and as we cry and smile with all the joy he brought us as a brother figure, as a friend, and a hell of an actor. I hope I will witness we will all meet again a nice little chat between Kristoff and Jeanne Cooper.

Episode # 9906

Kristoff, one day, we will all see you again. You will prank your best friends.

The Fab 4

You will slow dance with your love, you will smile with your daughters and with your son.

And maybe, we will have the honor to catch the sunset and tell some jokes.

Rest well.

Father and Son


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