Quoi penser des VMA…

Suite au Gala des MTV Videos Music Award 2018, disons que nos analystes ne fuent pas très impréssionnés par l’hommage que la Reine du Pop a rendu à la Reine du Soul.

Laissons nos analystes s’expliquer.

De la part de l’équipe du Chronicle et du Northside, on tient à donner nos condoléances à la famille et aux amis de la grande Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin



Je vois combien je t’aime…

Les textes de Patrick Bourgeois m’ont fait tomber en amour avec l’écriture francophone soit dans les chansons ou dans les livres de poésie. J’étais toute petite que je chantais en plus les chansons de Mitsou, les chansons des B.B. suivaient tout de suite après. Je commençais à lire durant cette période et j’étais une amoureuse des mots et des sons.


Les BB

Dimanche soir, en regardant mon compte Instagram, mon cœur a arrêté de battre pendant un moment. Je me disais que je dois rêver et que ce rêve est un cauchemar. J’apprends que notre cher Patrick nous a quittés. Un artiste que j’ai tant aimé et que je me disais ça serait super de le rencontrer autour d’un café.


Je me permets d’écrire F** Le Cancer. F*** you!

Patrick était si rayonnant, si fier de son fils, si fier de croquer dans la vie. L’éternelle optimiste.

Il m’a fait croire à mon chevalier imaginaire.

Au primaire, on me disait toujours que j’étais dans la lune. Tellement, qu’un de mes professeurs l’a écrit dans mon bulletin. Sab est une bonne élève, mais elle est toujours dans la lune. La chanson des B.B. qui porte le même nom était mon hymne à moi. Et je disais à cette enseignante, ils ont écrit cette chanson pour moi. Ah, les enfants, mais c’est ça la magie des mots. Patrick était mon magicien des mots et il me faisait rêver.

Michael Hutchence me rendait “bad ass”. Patrick Bourgeois me rendait ”féerique’ et il m’a donné des ailes pour que je continue à m’envoler dans le monde de l’écriture francophone.

Il nous manque à tous et mais nous l’aimerons à jamais.

Ludovick et Patrick

Bon repos Patrick.


They Will Never Tear Us Apart Michael

”We could live

For a thousand years

But if I hurt you

I’d make wine from your tears

I told you

That we could fly

Because we all have wings

But some of us don’t know why’

Never Tear Us Apart lyrics from the Kick Album 1987

Never Tear Us Apart music video

Michael Hutchence gave me wings. When I saw an INXS videoclip on TV, I wanted so much to be just like him (I know, I was a young girl and he was a man). I wanted to captivate everyone attention like Michael did with mine. I was mystified by him.

M. Hutchence

Michael Hutchence was my ultimate man. I was a big U2, Depeche Mode and New Order but I was a die-hard INXS girl and this is until now.

INXS New Sensation live at Wembley

INXS was part of my youth, my rollercoaster teenage years. But 1997 wasn’t an easy year for me. I was being bullying at school, I still find comfort when I came home or listening to my walkman listening to music and by INXS album on a cassette.

But the music and the dancing seem to have stopped for me on November 22, 1997. My world stop turning one more time when I heard my magical man wasn’t around anymore to make me dance.


There is no other frontman like Michael and with his brothers, they were unstoppable.

INXS 1988

His magnetism, his sex appeal (oh yeah), his voice and his charisma make him a unique and exceptional singer.

If you are asking what my favourite INXS songs are, it will be hard to answer. They all have a special meaning for me. I may not have been the only person having this dilemma.


When I watched Michael’s interview, I realize even when I was a child that it is okay to be different and to be wild and free.

Michael Hutchence

He was a free spirit, a wild horse with a sensitive soul. I saw myself in him. I felt less like an outsider.

Michael H

When he is singing those lyrics, Mystify, Mystify me! Eternally wild with the power, to make every moment come alive, that is what I’m talking about. You can feel his soul.

20 years without his gentle soul seem like yesterday everything was less magical without him. He did leave a big hole and we still feel it.


I wish I could thank him to make me want to dance again wishing he was next to me. He did play a big part of my youth and he is even more present in my adulthood.

I will tell you finally my favourite INXS song that I still play in a piano. Here we go!

INXS Beautiful Girl live

Beautiful girl,

Stay with me…


INXS official Facebook Page

INXS40 website

INXS Twitter


Wildflowers Forever

Yesterday was one of the saddest days for probably everyone. But, I wasn’t expecting such a sudden goodbye from one of the men that helped shape my life with his music, his wisdom, and his southern kindness.

Tom Petty

Tom Petty passed away, surrounded by his family and love ones, last night.

Music was and still is my savior. Growing up, his songs, along with my ultimate song goddess, Stevie Nicks, helped give me the feeling of being a free spirited little girl, when really I was more of an introvert, an outsider to my peers.


Tom was part of my musical therapy, especially in the magical band The Traveling Wilburys.

the Traveling Wilburys

The world seems a little more helpless without Tom in it. He was always “gently sweeping his guitar” in a beautiful way.

Tom and his guitar

He made it okay to be wild and free.


This is my favorite quote from him:

Tom Petty and his words of wisdom


Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne, Dhani Harrison and Prince


I clearly remember the first time I heard about Terry Fox.

Terry legacy

I was 6 years old and my brother left his English book on his bed (since we were going to a francophone system school). Since I love reading and looking into a book but I couldn’t read English then, I stopped at a page where a picture of Terry Fox running.

I was worried and asked my brother why one of his leg seem to be missing and replaced with something that I couldn’t understand.

As a big patient brother, he calmly explain to his worried little sister that Terry is running for finding a cure to a cruel disease. I asked him what kind of disease and it was the first time I heard the word Cancer. I was so sad that he was sick but my brother told me :

Look, he is smiling in the picture and he didn’t give up. He is a hero little sister.


I asked if he is okay and my brother told me that he didn’t but his legacy will be forever engraved and in everyone of us, we will carry Terry’s spirit. I don’t know if he remembered that discussion but I sure did.

From this moment, especially when I face small or big challenges, the first person that came in my mind is Terry Fox.

Cancer, this awful and cruel disease still hunt us ” and I’m being very polite”.  There is no ones that cannot say that this disease didn’t knock on their doors one way or the other.

He did knock on mine a few times.

But on September 17th 2017, we will walk, dance, run or doing all of the above with pride, joy, maybe a few tears of joy for the ones that did, are and will fight one of the biggest fight of their life..

Yellow Brick Road

I will walk (hmm I’m not a good runner like I run like Phoebe on Friends … It’s not pretty at all) on September 17th and I will think do it for my father, father-in-law, hubby and friends that did encounter this awful disease.

And I will talk on The Chronicle about inspiring people that will participate in this race around Canada.

This is a beautiful quote from Terry:

”Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue. It’s got to keep going without me


We sure will Terry.


L’amour d’un père

Dans notre vie, nous avons parfois tendance à mettre le focus sur des personnes qui nous traînent de l’énergie et qui sont négatifs et pessimistes. Mais nous oublions ces petits anges terrestres qui sont nos rayons de soleil, notre Prozac car ils ont cette abilité de nous mettre de bonne humeur et de nous faire rire et de nous faire oublier pour un moment nos préoccupations.

Ce Chronicle est un hommage à un de mes rayons de soleil qui continuera à nous éblouir par les merveilleux souvenirs passés ensemble.

C’est un homme  exceptionnel avec les plus beaux yeux perles que je n’ai jamais vu. Ses gros câlins et sa voix remplie de bonne humeur percent mes souvenirs.

Amateur de curling, il a mis en moi une admiration pour ce sport. Son amour pour sa douce moitié était digne d’un film de Grace Kelly et de Gary Crant qui nous a redonné de l’espoir de croire que l’amour authentique existe encore.

86 belles années dans ce beau voyage qui est la vie.

Je t’aime de tout mon cœur Raymond et tu as une famille des plus extraordinaire! Dans chacun de tes enfants, tes petits-enfants et tes belles-filles, une partie de toi rayonnera.

On se reverra dans un monde meilleur où nous pourrons jouer au curling et je te promets de te laisserais gagner toutes les parties. J’ai déjà très hâte d’entendre ton rire légendaire et que tu me ressers dans tes bras.