Haiti is not a shit holes

It’s not that often that I talk about politics but with what that person, the one representing the United States of America, said about (sorry about my language) shit holes such as Haiti is a total disgrace.

Why should we all be surprised by his remarks? It’s been one year of unintelligent comments, first class stupidity and embarrassment from this human being.

Haiti is such a beautiful country, which unfortunately has been unlucky lately.

Sometimes, the media only puts the spotlight on the misery and the poverty, but that’s not all Haiti is.

Like every country, we have some neighbourhoods that are struggling and others that are prospering.

The Haitians are a very resilient population.

My parents came to Canada in the 70s to have better opportunities during the Duvalier didacticism. Similar to many others that instead went to the United States, they had hoped for a better future for their future children in terms of the freedom to be educated and in some way, living the Canadian and American dream.

I was raised to love everyone and that we are all citizens of the same world. Yes, our world is not perfect but, come on, saying this type of comment and afterwards, denying it like an entitled child is unthinkable.

The saddest part is that he may not be the only one thinking like this. With that in mind, the future seems a little less optimistic.

Today marks the anniversary of the earthquake. It was such a devastating event. My thoughts go to the victims and their families.

I remember when George Clooney, in a very short time, organized the Hope for Haiti telethon. I was so moved by this initiative and I saw through my parents eyes the gratitude and a feeling of we (the Haitian population all around the world) were not forgotten.

I want to take this moment to reflect on this positivity even through this very dark cloud.

Let’s be grateful that the majority of people all around the world thought the comment of that person, the one representing the United States of America, was mean, cold-hearted, stupid, dumb and full of shit holes.

We are all better than that!


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Written by Sab Demosthenes



It’s not what you think.
There could be children reading The Chronicle!

Yesterday was a day for reflection.

Reflection about the unforgettable date, Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.

We all remember what we did before, during, and after those horrific atrocities.

I can’t even remember what I ate for lunch last Tuesday, but I sure do remember every move I made that day, sixteen years before.

Life was seemingly sweet in the summer of 2001. But in August, the first earthquake in my life was the death of Aaliyah. I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it! A plane crash, what?! No, it couldn’t have been!

A few weeks later, as a freshman, I was excited to be an adult (in my mind) and I was ready to face the world. I was so not ready for September 11th. For the first time, I was really scared. My mom was my safety blanket, but I could feel she was shivering and wasn’t so sure that she would be able to protect my brother and myself like she always had. My father was catatonic with panic. I was even more scared.

Kendrick Lamar‘s XXX song was on my mind all day long yesterday. You are probably thinking to yourselves “hmmm… I don’t see the link between 9/11 and XXX”.

“America, God bless you if it’s good to you
America, please take my hand
Can you help me under…”

For me, I came to realize especially right now in 2017, America is so divided. Even yesterday, the President elect made this monumental date all about himself…

Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album is a wake up call about what is going on in this world.
Kendrick Lamar
The Bob Dylan of our time, or perhaps the Kendrick Lamar of our time is, by all means, the wake up call America needs. It is one of the best albums. Listening to it yesterday made me reflect of my life…. Before 9/11. During 9/11. After 9/11.

That day will never be forgotten, but neither can we forget what is going on right now. 

Peace from Sab and Caitlin Murphy