Advice for the young at heart

Dear Beyoncé fans,

Yes, you guys, even other celebrities.

I would like to address my concerns about your sanity.

Fan mania

Back in the day, we were amazed when Michael Jackson moonwalked his way across the stage at every concert. We were the generation that wanted to be the epitome of cool. We were a Wu-Tang Nation, a Tribe Called Quest Squad. The Brandy and Monica drama was our lunchtime discussion, no hashtags required. Whitney and Mariah were the Diva Queens, but we were reminded that they too were human and flawed. Not the goddesses of planet Earth.

Today, it seems Beyoncé is the only being a walking supreme Mother Earth mother and everything she does is worshipped like she was the Messiah.


There are some problems guys…

Did she find a cure for any disease? Did she create a new technology with the purpose to give people a better life? Did she fight the good fight, to relentlessly bring justice to the less fortunate?


She is an entertainer, a good one. I do respect her dedication to entertaining us mortals, but that’s it. I respected her more when she was keeping her life more private. Now, all I see is a brand, not a human being.

Madonna, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Cindy Lauper, Joan Jett, Reba McEntire, Bonnie Raitt, Salt’n’Pepa, MC Lite and Lauryn Hill were the ultimate warrior women in the music industry. Yes, they were admired for the passion they brought to their art and that was pretty much it.

I’m tired of reading about or listening to people that put Beyoncé on a pedestal like she was the next best thing after the creation of Nutella (I love Nutella – my life depends on it). I feel even worse when I read about other celebrities acting like total stupid groupies.

Come on, have some self-respect.

Fans crying

To the Beyhive crazy crowd, please chill out. I mean it.

She is not a God. She is an entertainer, one that may take herself a little too seriously (remember the pregnancy pictures of her twins, last year’s Grammy performance with the Mother Mary theme, her Lemonade video clip, and many other examples, unfortunately).

Beyoncé Mother Mary

I still believe she could be a really cool person to hang out with, but you guys are not obligated to be fanatics and idolize her. Admiring her accomplishments as an entertainer, ok, but being a crazy-ass fanatic, hell no!

Beyoncé is a human being, like the rest of us. She is not perfect. I want to see a bit more authenticity from her through sharing less of her private life. By not making a grand spectacle of her every outing with the crazy outfits and the entourage.

Damn, could she be more like Tina Turner?

Tina Turner

Be the big diva on stage and give everything you got, but after, please just be human.

Beyonce 2

So Beyhave’s army, you may want to send me some hateful emails and I guess you will put my name on your blacklist, but please, consider my advice to you, the young at heart.

Just breathe.

Fan Mania

Written by Sabine Demosthenes


We call her the SKIN GURU

She is truly one of the coolest women that I had the honor to interview. She is our first Chronicle’s interview of the year and let me tell you, it will be a fun one with The Skin Guru of Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. She is all about empowering women and taking a better care of our skin and our soul too.

Let’s get this party started.

SD: I’m curious, Jennifer. I need to ask you this question; when you were a young girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A) Teacher
B) Rocket Scientist
C) Doctor
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
F) Sabine, you forgot being a ballerina, the next Martha Stewart, or the Prime Minister of Canada…

JB: I have to say none of the above… However I love F!!! I wanted to be a criminal lawyer.

SD: Growing up in the 80’s, the era of air guitar, big perms, and the super glam makeup that we saw Joan Collins, Madonna and the 80’s Supermodels rocking, were you the kind of girl that went through her mom’s and sisters’ makeup bags, trying every lipstick and eyeliner, or were you the type that could spend hours analyzing the family medicine cabinet, touching every bottle of face cream in awe?

JB: You won’t believe this, but I wasn’t. Which is why I dont wear makeup today. I never practiced the foundation, eyeliner etc. That said in grade 5 and 6, I got a perm.

It was horrible!


SD:When did you realize the importance of taking a good care of your skin?

JB: As a teenager. I was fortunate to have easy skin. I noticed all the skincare creams and potions Gillian had (my best friend’s mom).

As a teen, we were pretty addicted to Kool-Aid and Tang…

Kool Aid

SD: I sure was addicted to Tang and Kool-Aid as a kid and early teenager.

JB: Gillian always emphasized how sugar would be harmful for our skin.

It got me thinking, maybe the Apricot scrub and the Noxzema wasn’t such a good thing.

SD: You made a 180 degree turn in your career when you launched your company around 2010. What was the turning point for you, leading you to make this courageous and bold decision?

JB: We acutally launched our first business in 2003, called Flip4.

This is where everything began with Max our LED device. In 2009, the world recession hurt us terribly. We made some very difficult decisions. We failed. Then, I decided to get up and open Bella. My first skincare clinic.

I thought, I have a trade skills, lets put them to use.

SD: What did you learn about empowering other women and beng confident from the strong women in your life, like your mother, maybe sisters, friends, daughters, teachers, and high profile personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama?

JB: Working together, being there for each other is what counts without judgement. Everyone wants to be heard, acknowledged and loved. Even if we disagree. lifting each other up is what will change the world.


SD: Your mission in 2018 is to empower women. Can we have a sneek peak of what we may expect from the JB Skin Guru team this year?

JB: So much to come… but its all HUSH HUSH… The moment I can divulge I will let you know.

Jennifer Brodeur Skin Guru

SD: This is my off-topic question. If you could throw the ultimate girlfriend party (please, can I be invited??), which songs would be your top 5 party songs to set the roof on fire?

JB: I am so bad at music and songs because I love everything…

  • Dancing Queen ABBA
  • Superwoman ALICIA KEYS
  • Run the world BEYONCE
  • Formation BEYONCE
  • Sisters are doing it for themselves EURYTHMICS


SD: I feel like the Skin Guru is a Queen B’s fan! That would be one heck of party.

SD: This generation of bloggers, web influencers and pop cultures junkies, like myself, want to bring this world a little more happiness, laughter, awareness, and altruism into every day, If you could choose one word of encouragement (or more if you want) to keep us going, what would it be?

JB: Authenticity

SD: Since I’m talking to the Skin Guru, I will ask some skincare advice. Here my list of questions. The first one is most important for skincare for a woman in her 30’s like myself in a living in a Montreal type of climate?

JB: Always wash you face every night, even if you are not wearing makeup.

SD: How do you balance acne treatment and aging treatment? Because they are opposite treatments?

JB: Well to be honest they are not opposite.

We have to look at the skin condition and then the skin type, make a list of priorities. Each section of the skin will be examined. From there we can tailor a bespoke approach.

It’s vital to look at the intrinsic and extrinsic causes.

SD: I am taking my next appointment to be pamper from the Skin Guru’s team for sure.

It’s so good to have a Skin Guru! We all need a guru in our life…

A Skin Guru in our life.

Skin Guru

Written by Sab Demosthenes

The number 4

The self-proclaim king of hip-hop has dropped a brand new album this week. 4:44 is here but actually only on Tidal.

Some may think I have a love-hate relationship regarding Sir Shawn Corey Carter aka Jay Z.  And maybe you are right. For me, he has always been rapping about his so-called gangster envies and his bling-bling lifestyle. I have never been attracted to that. I did enjoy a few of his songs like every teens that saw the great Tupac and Biggie leaving this world in the late 90’s. I was hoping that maybe some knowledge and words of wisdom will come eventually…

I’m still waiting.

I’m a girl that grew up analyzing and loving the lyrics and musicology of the songs of Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, Guru, A Tribe Called Quest, the French legendary group IAM and Nas. Those guys never proclaim they were the best there is but we all know they were. Some of them did talk about the gangster life but they never quite glorified it as some artists did. But they manage to write some poetic lyrics with some mystical beats.

At first, Jay Z was the promising one. But I think he got lost in this corporate world and his self proclaimed throne with his queen.

The Beatles, The Stones, James Brown, Tina Turner didn’t have to sing that they were the best there is. We all know before they knew.

An artist doing an album that will be only streaming on his platform but you better be register before his baby album was drop, I find it a little bit snobbish.

And if you want to apologize to your wife about “Becky woman” or whatever, please don’t put it in a song that seems to be a marketing strategy like everything regarding this relationship.


Authenticy is a word that I wrote a lot about on The Chronicle. I’m inspired by authentic artists. Rappers “like the ones I mention earlier” are one of the most authentic ones because they are not afraid to talk about the struggle and the little victories.

Now, everything is about branding and profiling.

Talking about your beefs has been in the hip-hop community since ever. But I was thinking in 2017 maybe we had passed this stupid way of dealing with it. Guess what, Jay did dissed Kanye. I taught he was a little bit more mature for that. It was his chance to be the bigger man of the situation. Oh well, here we go again.

There is some hope.

I really do appreciate the song “Smile”. It’s a hymn about a son that he is proud that his mother is finally and in love regarding what society may think. I find it to be sweet and beautiful.

I enjoy the first 3 albums of Mr. West. For some of us, he was relatable. This guy that went to college, rap about his everyday life with an originality with perfectly well written lyrics.

Kanye West College Dropout

Like you know the guy is a smart ass by his writing. Jay Z and him were the perfect combinaison. And the world of fame and hashtag destroyed it.

A guy like Jay Z could have help more the up and comers artists in a bigger way. He is a smart business man but I won’t say one of the best artists of all time but clearly an artist that put his footprint on the 20th and 21th century.

To be a good business man, you don’t have to be authentic but instead you have to be smart, sharp as a knife and opportunist. You got to grab every opportunity to make money.

And this album seem to be the goal but we did had some glimpse of real germs. Maybe the next one album will shine in his fullness like a diamond.

Jay Z