Can we still be friends MJ, Kobe, ​and LeBron? Can we?​

Written by Sabine Démosthènes

MONTREAL –  While I’m taking a sip of my really hot green tea, I’m asking the question that every basketball fanatic has asked of themselves (maybe not while drinking tea)…..

I put a little twist on the question to spice it up.

If I had to choose between LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and MJ (aka Michael Jordan), who would I love to hang out with and hear basketball stories from the most?

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James, right, drives toward the basket as Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game, Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015, in Los Angeles. The Cavaliers won 109-102. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)


I would say none of them! I would gladly say, out of nowhere, that I would love to listen to Larry Bird stories all day long.


Someone would say, Larry Bird wasn’t on the list! You have to pick between those 3 players. The so-called GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). It might surprise a lot of you, but I would say Kobe without any hesitation.

Now, I can imagine my brother, The Educated Fool aka Donnie Disco, screaming “what is happening to my sister?!”

But, let me explain something. Kobe is a very bright guy. You can have a decent, philosophical conversation with him. You may not agree with his opinions, but you know you will learn something.

Like the title of this post is pointing out, those gentlemen are not perfect at all. They all have flaws. Some were maybe not the best teammates to their colleagues while they were playing. They didn’t really want to pass the ball to the others. Instead, they were pretty much Me-Myself-and-I-type players. I’m talking about Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Of course, they both are pretty similar. They were breathing the game 24/7. Both were being coached by the great Phil Jackson. How I see Bryant and Jordan is like Rocky Balboa (Jordan) and Adonis Creed (Bryant). The Original and The Ingenue. The Ingenue became quite spectacular before he retired.

But LeBron is the Apollo Creed of the trio.


I can hear some “Ohhh!” while you are reading that statement.

Why do I put LeBron as Apollo?

When Apollo lost his championship in Rocky II and returned in Rocky III as Rocky’s mentor, you could see that Apollo saw the bigger picture. Being an ally instead of an opponent was more beneficial for him, and for Rocky. At the end of Rocky III, when Apollo reminded Rocky about his small favor – the last boxing match between the two of them. No one would ever see this match because it was just the two them. They were the only ones at the gym. Apollo wanted to prove to himself, between the two of them, who was the greatest but in a friendly kind of way. We didn’t find out who won until the beginning of Rocky IV. I’m sorry to talk about the Rocky movies, but the characters parody this basketball trio so well. LeBron is more humble, maybe the less selfish one in this trio. That is an admirable quality, especially for someone who gets so much attention.

Like Apollo, he is a good businessman. He sees the bigger picture. Oh, now, someone will tell me MJ is the father of athlete branding. I will say, you are so right, but with LeBron, you can feel his interest will go somewhere else – will it be in the business world or elsewhere?  When we say that this person is the Michael Jordan of law or this person is the Michael Jordan of science, that is a fact that Michael Jordan is his own brand.

But LeBron seems to bring a little bit more versatility. He is way more than the man we see on camera. I guess we just need to wait and see.

To say who is the ultimate GOAT? There are a bunch of GOATs out there. Why do we need one when we can have 10? Bird, Johnson, Jordan, Bryant, James, Julius Erving aka Dr. J, Barkley, Abdul-Jabbar, Chamberlain, Iverson, Durant… The list could go on, but I will stop there.

My point is that we don’t have to crown one king. We could crown many kings because they were all great. Yes, some of them, were spectacular to watch and made us believe we could fly (oh crap, am I singing R. Kelly’s SpaceJam song?!… Oh crap).

Being the GOAT is more than championship rings and the tongue while dunking. It’s about being a team player. It’s not about being the most polished, perfect guy in front of the camera. It’s about being a decent human being when there is no one filming you (ok, maybe not today in 2019) even if you made some big mistakes. That’s part of being human. To fake a squeaky clean image, but really be a nasty piece of work is not part of the GOAT application form. I don’t mean to send some jabs, but Jordan with his gambling and letting the NBA pretty much cover it, plus his attitude toward some of the other players – this is not really a GOAT attitude. Ok, the gambling is maybe over or we are just not aware of what is happening anymore, but being not so nice with LeBron, come on MJ! You can be better than that. All these GOAT shenanigans are so childish boys.

Can’t we all live in perfect harmony?


I’m changing my mind.


Finally, I’d rather have a nice conversation with Barkley, Abdul-Jabbar, Bird and Dr. J, then off to hit some golf balls (especially with Barkley).




Am I going to write the same post-Super Bowl every year?

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL- It’s Monday morning and the first sentence that came to my mind was: Do the Pats have more rings in their jewelry boxes than I do in mine?

tom brady and his rings

I guess they are coming closer and closer to having more rings than I do.

Foremost, I would like to congratulate the 2019 Super Bowl champion, yet again… Usually, I’m not a happy camper after another championship won by the Pats, but as I predicted, they won. So, I’m not that surprised. I was really surprised about the lack of action and the thought crossed my mind that this was the most boring match I’ve seen in the past twenty years! Omg, even Bily Whisky, my little furry son, was sleeping through it.

Bily Whisky asleep

What happened to the Rams?

They were supposed to have Bill Belichik’splaybook in their hands. They could have won but again, The Pats showed us that they were better prepared; even if it was to play a more defensive game. Actually, both teams were in a more defensive state of mind than an offensive one.

I guess The Pats will say again in front of a camera with their biggest smile on their faces and their kids chanting: We are going to Disneyland.


Am I going to write about the half-time game?

Hm, I will only say this:

Dear NFL executive team, do you have Metallica, Smoky Robinson, Chaka Khan, Earth, Wind and Fire, Wu-Tang and Arcade Fire’s phone numbers?

I’m dropping my mic right there.

Obama drop the mic

On a positive note, The Pats have a Haitian on the team and he did the Haitian people proud. Sony Michel is a name to remember! I will gladly say, on this occasion where one sentence can contain these words, Haiti won the Super Bowl! Ok, ok, a really small part of Haiti won the Super Bowl.

I guess we are not a product of a “shit hole country”. Right, number 45?!

Now that the football season is over, I will get back to my usual: Omg, what I will do with the rest of my life (from February until September)?

I will watch the soap opera of the NBA. I will admire my curling army (like my in-laws used to do). I will get my blood pressure high by screaming at the screen while watching The Champions League and I will stress myself to the point of destroying (not really) my electric guitar while I watch Naomi Osaka win Wimbledon, the Rogers Cup, and The US Open and saying out loud Haiti!

Naomi Osaka

I guess I will survive another seven months without the boys.


Tom vs Time or Time vs Tom?

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

I know, I know… 
Another article about the magnificent Tom Brady, written by another admirer. You may be right in a way, I have admired Tom Brady since he started, but I do not like/love/admire or any other adjective describing a lovey-dovey attitude toward his employer, The New England Patriots. I will, however, be respectful because my mother and father raised me to be a respectful human being.
That being said, I watched the “Tom vs Time” episode about spirituality and had in a surprising “Wow” moment. Me! Mrs. I don’t give a (sorry kid – very bad word that I won’t write in this very serious article *sigh*).
Why Am I so serious?
My point is that I knew he was great, but now I get why he is the greatest, even as a Patriot (ouch, that hurts).
Tom is a very grounded, in an Earthly kind of way. I think his eco-system, aka his family and the people surrounding him, made him a grounded human being. He is not impressed by the superficiality of being seen as a superstar quarterback. 
I have realized that to be this kind of athlete, you need to constantly have an adversary. Sometimes, your adversary is the opposing team or a rival quarterback. My question/remark is: Could Tom have been his own adversary all along, ever since he started playing football as a child? Time is his drug, his goal, and his final destination?
With everything that has happened in the past two years, a different Tom has emerged for some people. For me, it’s the same ol’ Tom. The man, who as a youngster was a fan of Joe Montana, is glowing and is finally free from trying to please to his boss. 
I won’t go too deep into my thoughts on the matter because our correspondent – The Educated Fool, Donnie Demos – will do a segment in our new web series (spoiler alert!), The NorthSide, about this fascinating man and the complex nature of human behavior in sports.
But from my point of view, I realized that I have more in common with Tom Brady than I thought. I totally get his mentality. 
The title of his documentary is Tom vs Time, but time for Tom seems to be the Ying to his Yang, the Jerry to his Tom (the cartoon Tom and Jerry), the RoadRunner to his Wile E. Coyote or the Apollo to his Rocky. 
Even if retirement may come sooner rather than later, Tom vs Time will always be there. 
Wile E. Coyote Business card
Tom always has a plan. What will the next step in his plan be?
Can Tom Brady leave the most dangerous game? ESPN