Talking Diabetes and Taking Care of Ourselves with Charlotte Summers

MONTREAL –  During the Web Summit, I met Charlotte Summers who is someone that will change our world for the better.

Charlotte Summers

How come?

Charlotte Summers is a published clinical author and expert in digital health interventions and behavioral change/psychology. She is also Chief Operating Officer and the driving force behind Diabetes Digital Media Ltd based in the heart of England at the University of Warwick Science Park.

Cool! I know!

Charlotte’s focus lies in creating and delivering digital education programs with proven health outcomes and cost savings. Her passion lies in creating offline accountability and behavioral change in a digital age.

In 2015, she was responsible for the launch of the Low Carb Program. So far over 375,000 people have downloaded the program which shows people how to lose weight, reduce their HbA1c, become active and in some cases put type 2 diabetes in remission. Charlotte continuously drives this project forward, saving the NHS millions of pounds by reduced requirements for medication and the prevention of diabetes-related complications which can lead to hospital admissions, amputation etc.

So here my interview with Charlotte Summers during the Web Summit 2018. We had so much fun talking about diabetes, healthy lifestyle, music and her hope for the future.

She is truly someone I enjoy having a nice chat. I would like to apologize for my very early morning French Canadian accent.

Here we go:


Two brothers, two men and 1 fight!

Yesterday, I was so proud and so sad when I watched the video of two men that had Prostate Cancer. One of them detected it early and will live. The other, unfortunately, didn’t and he passed away.

Those two brave men are Bret and Smith Hart.

Bret and Smith Hart

Smith Hart passed away July 2nd from prostate cancer. His final hope was that men will get themselves checked regularly (and women for their related cancers) and have a better outcome than himself.

Smith Hart WW

My father had prostate cancer 10 years ago. He was one of the lucky ones. It was found early, like Bret’s. I’m very happy to have shared the past 10 years with him and am looking forward to many more.

This feeling is probably similar to that ofJade, Dallas, Alex, and Blade Hart. But, I’m thinking about Smith’s children and it’s breaking my heart.

Cancer is a scary word. I heard it again, in September 2016, when my better half was diagnostic with throat cancer (he is not a smoker by the way). It was devastating, crushing, and so frightening!

Today, I can say that he has kicked cancer behind in him a big way and all because he caught it early. With the surgery and his treatments, he is in remission now. No more malignant tumour in his body. He has regained his strength and his health. Again, early detection was his saviour.

He was and still is my hero, like everyone including my father, Bret, and many more, that have bravely faced this disease.

In the video I will share with you, you will see the story of the two men I mentioned earlier on.

Bret and Smith Hart video

I’m proudly sharing this story with you and hope you will share it too. Let’s all save lives the best we can.

I’m so proud of Bret for being a spokesperson for the Movember Canada Foundation and keeping up the good fight.

Bret Hart

Let’s join him and let’s stop men dying too young!




SSF transparent log


Prostate Cancer Canada website