Talking Diabetes and Taking Care of Ourselves with Charlotte Summers

MONTREAL –  During the Web Summit, I met Charlotte Summers who is someone that will change our world for the better.

Charlotte Summers

How come?

Charlotte Summers is a published clinical author and expert in digital health interventions and behavioral change/psychology. She is also Chief Operating Officer and the driving force behind Diabetes Digital Media Ltd based in the heart of England at the University of Warwick Science Park.

Cool! I know!

Charlotte’s focus lies in creating and delivering digital education programs with proven health outcomes and cost savings. Her passion lies in creating offline accountability and behavioral change in a digital age.

In 2015, she was responsible for the launch of the Low Carb Program. So far over 375,000 people have downloaded the program which shows people how to lose weight, reduce their HbA1c, become active and in some cases put type 2 diabetes in remission. Charlotte continuously drives this project forward, saving the NHS millions of pounds by reduced requirements for medication and the prevention of diabetes-related complications which can lead to hospital admissions, amputation etc.

So here my interview with Charlotte Summers during the Web Summit 2018. We had so much fun talking about diabetes, healthy lifestyle, music and her hope for the future.

She is truly someone I enjoy having a nice chat. I would like to apologize for my very early morning French Canadian accent.

Here we go:


Free as a bird

Did you ever feel, for a moment, so free?

Free; like the weight of the world is off your shoulders because you finally decided to accept who you are, your flaws and your strengths?

I got that feeling yesterday.

This incredible gentleman realized it.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ralph Jusma for the very first Facebook Live “Raw” interview.

Ralph is a well-known event promoter in Montreal within the Haitian community.

His contagious smile and spirit is palpable.

He is a true showman. He is always up to bringing a festive attitude where ever he goes.

I sat down with him to have a real conversation. He shared a lot. A thousand viewers were standing still last night, listening to his every word.

We started with his formal name, then navigated to his struggles as a teenager.

We talked about his mistakes and the pain to have lost both his parents and then to finding love again.

I woke this morning feeling such honour to have had this moment with Ralph.

You can check it out on Ralph Jusma’s Facebook account.

He is a real force of nature and a little something tells me, he will continue to fly higher and higher.

Like a bird.

Ralph Jusma Facebook

Ralph Jusma Twitter

Written by Sab Demosthenes

A nice chat with Jade Lambros

The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

This is how I see Jade Lambros.

She is fun, intelligent, compassionate, proud mamma, proud daughter, proud sister and a proud member of the Sharpshooter Funding team.

Gregg and Jade

Here is my nice interview with Mrs. Lambros!


We are both kids of 1983 (air guitar, neon pants and watching Punky Brewster, Jem and the Holograms, and Alf on TV in the 80s), I have to ask you, who was your fashion idol of this epic decade?

Fashion idols ….

In all honesty, I gotta say my mom! Haha My mom was my biggest influence! She rocked every era so cooly. I have always admired her fashion sense. But, if you were to really twist my arm for, like, a celebrity choice, I would have to say Cindy Crawford. I was so young in the 80s, but I idolized her. For the better part of my life, I wanted to be a supermodel. I think because I have a mole on my face like Cindy’s, I thought I could rock it like she did! 


I truly believe that the Sharpshooter Funding (SSF) team is the ultimate dream team of the funding world. How do you feel about being part of this team?

I am new to the Sharpshooter Funding Team and I am so thankful to be a part of it! I have been either pregnant or on maternity leave since SSF began. I have seen all the wonderful things that SSF and Paul Pitcher have done these past few years from afar and I have been very eager to join in on the fun!

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Do you believe that more women are launching their own businesses in Canada?

I honestly can’t say I know any statistical information on whether or not women are actually launching more business. But, I can say I know, personally, women who have started up their own businesses and have been very successful. My sister is even in the process of starting up a fresh meal prep company and I could not be more proud of her!


I have a good feeling your sister’s company will be a success and maybe one day, there will be a franchise in Montreal. On that same subject, here is my next question:

What is one of the best professional (or if you want to share personal) advice your mother and/or your father gave you that you will cherish for the rest of your life?
Trust my gut!

I think both of my parents have always tried to encourage my confidence and to believe in myself.

Amen for this advice!

Jade and Bo

Jade, Bo and Kyra

I’ve never been to Calgary and I’m looking forward for my first trip. Do you have any suggestions for (here we go with my long list) a nice, easy-going restaurant to hang out with live music, (that would be a bonus) and a place where I could get the best cupcakes in Calgary (please tell me there is a cupcakes shop)?

Calgary is a fantastic city!

We have a lot of new restaurants opening every month it seems! 

(I wonder if they will beat us in Montreal, hmm….) Let’s see her suggestions.

My absolute favorite restaurant in the city is Mercato. It’s an Italian, family-style restaurant! You must try the Caprese Salad!


And, for live music and good eats, try the Crab Shack! 


My husband has a sweet tooth and he will tell you that the best cupcakes come from Crave. The Crave-O-Licious is a must try! 


(It’s on my list! Calgary, here I come, I am so coming for those cupcakes!!)


What legacy would you like Sharpshooter Funding to leave as a Canadian Funding company?

I think Sharpshooter Funding will be known for helping small businesses and persons fulfill their dreams. But, it won’t stop there. They will also be known within the community for helping aid charities and supporting a lot of great causes!

We have already been a part of so many great events and I know we have many more to come! Our whole team is so excited to be a part of the community and spread the word about the company, but as well just be out and about helping and being involved.

Which 80s album (music) defines this one of the kind decade in your eyes?

Hard to argue that Michael Jackson and Madonna didn’t totally dominate the 80s! But, for me personally, it is U2 The Joshua Tree. It was and still is a favorite album of mine! 


It’s been so much fun to interview you Jade and to see that there is such a passionate woman involved in this super cool company!

Jade and Kyra

Thank you so much Jade!

SSF transparent log

Sharpshooter Funding Website

Mercato Restaurant Website

Crab Shack BBQ Restaurant

Crave-O-Licious Cupcakes Website

Thursday interview with Gregg Farineau from The Sharpshooter Funding!

I’m happy to share an interview with one of the members of the Sharpshooter Funding (SSF) family with you. He is truly one of sweetest people I talk to, and we both love the language of Molière! It’s fun to share this interest in the beautiful French language with someone.

His name is Gregg Farineau and he is the Director of Sales at Sharpshooter Funding.

It’s showtime!

SSF transparent log

What do you like most about Montreal?

Well, I have been to Montreal only once, about 10 years ago. I am from France and old Montreal reminded me of back home quite a bit. I also thought the night life was unreal! We went out to Club Opera as well as the W Hotel, and a few other spots I really enjoyed. The city definitely has a lot to offer.

Montreal at night

 Now you have joined the dream team, I’m talking about The Sharpshooter Funding team. How did it happen?

Well, I have known Dallas for over 20 years and I knew about Sharpshooter right away when it started so I asked him if there was ever an opportunity for me to jump on board to let me know. The opportunity came around January of 2017 when Paul asked Dallas if he knew anyone who speaks French, as there was a lot of potential business coming out of Quebec so I joined the team without hesitation.

Do you have plans to expand your services to small companies in Quebec?

We are offering our services to all businesses in Quebec, we just require that you have been in business for at least six (6) months, so that we can show you what we can offer you in terms of working capital options.

Curtesy of Evo Montreal

Since I love talking about sports and music, can you tell us which NFL team you are rooting for to win the Super Bowl (The Steelers, I hope)?

I would have to say the Baltimore Ravens, I was always a Ray Lewis fan and since we have a few players (past and present) from the team helping represent us they are my pick for the Super Bowl.

The Ravens have beaten The Steelers this weekend, I’m a little sad… Oh well, I wonder if they may face each other during the Playoffs. It’s really cool to see that some players (past and present) from the Ravens are supporting the Dream Team. My next question is about music. Let’s see what he says….


You seem to be a big music fan, what is the best memory you have from a concert?

There have been so many great moments at music festivals and concerts that I have been fortunate enough to attend; it would be hard to narrow it down to one. I would have to say Empire of the Sun at Ultra Music Festival in Miami (2014) or the M83 in concert in Calgary last year were the two that come to mind right away.

My last question is what makes the SSF team The Dream Team?

Well, I think we work well together as we have all the pieces to make this a successful company. We have Bret as our spokesman as the majority of Canadians know who he is, myself and Dallas are motivated, hard workers and Paul is the whole brains of this operation who has an unrelenting work ethic. All these things combined make this a success and hopefully we can keep growing and keep helping as many businesses across Canada for years to come.

Thank you Gregg for this nice and cool interview!


Last night, Dallas Hart and Gregg were at a fundraiser for The Sait Chinook Lodge Foundation. This foundation  is promoting education for the Indigenous community.

You can actually exclusively some pictures of this special event. I would like to thank the SSF ”Sharpshooter Funding” team to share with us those pictures.

I’m very proud that the Sharpshooter team is getting involve with some amazing Canadian charities.

It’s a pleasure interviewing the members of The Dream Team. More interviews will come on The Chronicle about their ventures and we will add in it some Pop Culture references, sharing some music knowledge and others interesting subjects to talk about.

Let’s the beat goes on!

Sharpshooter Funding Dallas Hart and Gregg Farineau

By the way, pink is a really cool colour.