The Chain-Snatching Phenomenon

Tonight, we will talk about an act that may cause depression or a violent reaction from some human being. The phenomenon of the chain-snatching will be tonight subject. Brought you our friendly collaborator The Educated Fool and myself, yours truly.

We will start with that question. As a kid, did you ever get your lunch morning stolen by this unpleasant little kid at school?

During the Broncos and the Raiders game, we did witness something similar like the example I just wrote. Two words. Chain-Snatching.

You may wonder what the heck is this chain-snatching thing? What is the deal?

Here a little resume of this phenomenon that has been here in our society for quite a while.

bling bling

Back in the days, in the Afro-American culture (that I was born into), all the young men were really proud to show their chain. Even the Educated Fool aka my big brother was one of them. Sometimes, it was your mother’s chain you stole or borrow and never returned it. In the Hip-Hop culture, you must show some bling. And the majority of the time, the ‘’Bling’’ was shown on your chain .

So when someone is chain-snatching your precious piece of jewelry, it is a big sign of disrespect. The chain in our community back in the days  is a sign of a so-called accomplishment of your wealth even if you are damn broke.

When the really unique football player, Aqib Talib did this act for a second time to Crabtree, hell break loose. The NFL suspended both players. And in the media, this phenomenon is like a thesis dissertation.

Crabtree and AqibCrabtree

Clearly, it’s fascinating.

It wasn’t the first time we saw something like this. No, no and no.

We did witness this hmm let me put it in a nice politically correct manners way a Boondocks moment (an animated TV show that talk the everyday life in a very realistic way an Afro-American family).

The Educated Fool and myself spent many hours putting together the Top 5 Chain-Snatching moment. It’s been made in the most serious matters. Let’s not waste too much of our time and let’s cut to the chase.

Here the Top 5 of the most shocking chain snatching of all time:

Number 5

Michael Crabtee and Aqib Talib . The story started last year when Talib first did it and he wanted to do an encore presentation that he did it again last week.

Crabtree and Aqib fight

Number 4

On the movie ‘’Friday’ Debo is jacking Red in this scene. Oh lord, I love that movie.

Classic scene from Friday movie

Number 3

On the TV show The Boondocks, Riley Freeman is getting his chain  back after being robbed.

Riley’s Chain rap tribute video

Hilarious. Riley is one of the funniest character on television history.

Riley Freeman

Back to our countdown. I must say the two last ones of the list will be surprising and unexpected.

In our opinion, it was so hard to choose which one will be placed into number Uno. There were both the most traumatizing chain-snatching moments of all time.

On both occasions, the main character was a victim of this act. The must shocking thing is that it was all bunch of Caucasians middle-age dudes. Oh yes, you read it.

Number 2

The wrestler Undertaker snatched Hulk Hogan chain during Paul Bearer segment in the year 1991.

Epic promo! P.S. The king of Bling Ric Flair was there.

Ric Flair Bling

Like, it’s so ironic. The ultimate Rolex Rollin man was there.

Hogan, Taker and Flair segment in 1991 video

And the number 1 goes to Hulk Hogan (again just like Crabtee) and Andre the Giant  at the Piper Pit (I miss the Piper Pit).

Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant

During that segment, you can see how cool Andre the Giant is with Bobby ‘’The Brain’’ Heenan. Jesse Ventura cannot stay still. This was the ultimate chain snatching moment.

Piper Pit with Hogan, Andre the Giant, Jesse Ventura, Roddy Piper and The Brain video

With that educational post, you just realize that the chain snarking phenomenon is a multicultural phenomenon (and not just an Afro-American one).

So that why those men put so much proud into their chains and just don’t rob a chain. Even if it’s a fake one. Do not do it! I repeat, do not do it. Look because of it, two NFL players are in suspension this week and it’s just damn stupid. Oh well…

I hope you have enjoyed this little dissertation.



Ready to Start

If I was pure, you know I would… Win Butler sang on the Ready to Start epic song from The Suburbs album of my hometown band Arcade Fire. P.S. The song Signs of Life is the TRACK!!!! Ok back to my Sunday topic.

Arcade Fire 2017

Now, I’m ready.


Driven to perfection Chronicle Style

For what actually you must ask yourself.

I’m ready to talk to you about a brand new radio show I’m listening on CBC radio from two gorgeous, smart, funny and articulate ladies.

I will tell like it is but Montreal commercial radio station are such a boredom. The song are on rotation and the people on the mic are basically not very fun to listen. With the exception of some university radio station and some really good show on the CBC radio.

Again, one of my prayer has been answered. I always admired Isabelle Racicot for her easy-going interviewing style when I was a younger girl watching her on Flash. I wanted so bad to have the same coolness when she was talking to some celebrities. She have the really authentic vibe surrounding her when she is engaging a conversation with her interlocutor.

Isabelle Raicot

As for Martine St-Victor, I discover this unstoppable woman while reading an article on the La Presse journal of few years back and I was amazed as a young woman that founded her P.R empire and seem like the big sister I could have hang out as a kid.

Martine St-Victor Love Haiti

Isabelle and Martine inspire me to keep rocking and kicking Chronicle Style. The fact that they are doing a radio show in English is another proof of their audacity since they are know as francophone public personality in Quebec. Like me, they are Haitian-Canadian and really proud to show it. You can see the beautiful friendship between the two of them. You cannot ask for better host actually.

Isabelle et Martine

We had the honour to listen at their radio show some really laid-back but insightful interview with Malcolm Gladwell (his book Blink is one of my most precious book). You can even feel that Mr. Gladwell was enjoying this talk. And they had a very fun talk with Laura Wasser. She is the lawyer of Hollywood heavyweight when the fairytale of a Hollywood marriage is going south.

Let’s not forget that they did talk with Oprah skin guru Jennifer Brodeur. A beautiful interview actually and Ms. Brodeur is a fighter. Those are the kind of interview I really like and find like a breeze of fresh air.

I can’t even wait the next episode like I do listen again the old one over and over again type of situation.

The girls with Malcom Gladwell episode

I will let you discover the new version of Batman and Robin duo. Maybe one day, I will have the chance to chill out with them at CBC studio talking about The C. Hmm, okay girl, keep dreaming!

Seat at the Table CBC