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This man is a pop culture connaisseur and he was the big maestro being the creative aspect of one of the most groundbreaking magazine of the 20th century.

The Chronicle

Matt Berman has this artistic eyes and you can witness it on his Instagram account and by rediscovering George’s magazine.

When George came out (still talking about the magazine), I was a curious teenager wishing that she will be a writer while being older and wiser. I’m still in the process of it at 34.

I always had an interest of what is going on around the world but I would find to much of a work reading The Economist at thirteen. And I must admit, I was reading those teen magazine such as Tiger Beat and grab the weekly my mother-in-law Paris Match when I was spending the weekend with my father.

Then came George and I was really intrigued because at the time, I never saw a cover of one of the most gorgeous supermodel being dress as George Washington with such coolness, sassiness and getting a interest on a another way of thinking about politics. Mixing politics and pop culture was a perfect marriage. George was ahead of his time.

Look at today…


When Matt’s book came out in 2014 JFK Jr., George and Me, I was happy to finally read about the man that gave us those amazing covers and brought that little je ne sais quoi in an artistic way to this phenomenon (with the help of his boss of course).

The two masters

I read his book 2 times (in this spring, I read again like it was the first time) and for a young girl that felt like an outsider when I was younger, I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend that I dealt with a really traumatic incident and that didn’t stop him to conquer the publishing world by a storm. His wicked sense of humour and his dedication for the magazine which I could have work at George and witness it everyday or at least have a summer job there as a young teenager.


I laughed so much while reading and I cried as much. Truly, one of the best books I read because it was so honest, so real and you can feel he did love his job and like RoseMarie, he is truly a fiercely friend that will defend you no matter what.

RoseMarie and Matt

The chapter about the shooting of Barbra Streisand cover was like you would expect of the diva. Grandiose and so funny. But every anecdotes are well written and you have this feeling that you were actually there.

John was Matt brother. They were brothers in crime ”BIC”. RoseMarie and Carolyn were the sisters in crime too. It would have been a riot to share a happy hour with them.


This is a true hymn to friendship. They will always be family for life.

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JFK Jr., George and Me

I’m rooting for another book from Matt. On his Instagram, he post some amazing never been seing pictures of some famous people like Catherine, Sofia, Marilyn, Marlon, Grace and the list goes on. A beautiful photography book with his picks will be amazing! We can witness is maestro skills while browsing the Lucky Brand  website, some really cool advertising campaigns and on his website.

Matt Berman is in my eyes one of the most talented Advertising Creative force Maestro of our time.

Matt Berman

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