Inner City Blues

Make Me Wanna Holler! On this sun shining Monday morning, this Marvin Gaye song is on my mind and playing on my Iphone.

Last Saturday night was a so called epic night in the boxing world. Mr. Money going to beat the crap out of you Mayweather has bitten McGregor with a TKO.

All the hype and excitement about this match was there. Except at my place.



Ok guys, before you send me some are you crazy emails, let me explain why I wasn’t all excited to order the match on Pay per view and to see my cable invoice giving me an heart attack.

First of all, I had zero respect for Mayweather as a human being. Like the guy have zero class on how to treat a lady.

And someone that is so show off with his wealth is another turn off. If he reading this Chronicle and I doubt it, he probably will laugh and move on to count his 600 000 millions he will deposit on his account.

The next reason is that when I was younger while I was watching the great matches of Mohamed Ali, Joe Fraser, Rocky Marciano, boxing seem like more artistic in my eyes with a couple of punches than now. I was really young and innocent.

The boxers seem to exude class and I was to young to see the consequences of getting hit so many time in the face and being ok after.

Now, I’m very aware of the danger of numerous concussions and it’s scary. My view about boxing did a 180 degrees and I cannot unsee the danger while I watched two gladiators nearly killing themselves on the ring.

The same goes for the UFC.

Will I put my health at risk for 600 millions? Hell no! But if they have helmet like during the Olympic maybe I will think about it.

But regarding of what I think, Saturday night was a crazy fight and from what I heard and read, it was something to witness for the ones that are die hard boxing fan.

I’m must admit something. Read closely. I did secretly wish that both of McGregor and Mayweather are two imbeciles and maybe the match will be a withdrawal. When I woke up and realize my secret didn’t came through, I went back to bed with a sour face.

What else is new my friend. Can’t find no words … What’s happening brother like Marvin sang on his track What Happening Brother.

What is happening is that we will start a brand new week in style!

Happy Monday 😊


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