Dear Alyssa, Gigi, and Payton

Dear Alyssa, Gigi, and Payton,

I remember when I saw the cover of the March 2019 issue of Slam Magazine. You all looked so fierce and determined to take the Mamba mentality to a new level. I was amazed by the confidence you displayed.

Slam magazine Mamba 101
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2020 hasn’t been easy for your families or all of your friends; they miss you so much.

2020 hasn’t been easy for many people, all around the world. We have been faced with two of the biggest pandemics of our lifetimes. One of them, a deadly virus, COVID-19, that has scientists and researchers working around the clock to developa vaccine. There is hope for a vaccine that will protect our grandparents, our parents, and ourselves in the near future.

The second pandemic is one that has been spread from generation to generation. It’s not as obvious as COVID-19, more subtle by far. Despite being around for generations, there is still no cure to be found. This is the pandemic of Systemic Racism.

I didn’t think that by your generation we would still be facing this deadly pandemic. People are still afraid of losing their lives because of the colour of their skin.

Something beautiful has happened during this very dark time. Your generation is saying, very loudly, that enough is enough with this bullshit. There are protests on the streets with such conviction that the whole world is paying attention. Even big companies, like Nike are listening.

youth protesting

Your generation means business! They don’t wait for things to happen; they are make them happen. For example, Generation Z is aware of the current situation in the States regarding the leadership of the country. Not all of Gen Z can vote yet, but that didn’t stop them from disrupting Donald Trump’s rally in Tusla last Saturday by using social media applications such as Tik Tok. They made themselves heard loud and clear, with a little help from some of the biggest K-Pop bands in the world.

We are so proud of your generation.

I got to share with you this last news and I think you will be all happy.

Gianna’s mother, Vanessa, is urging Congress to pass a new helicopter safety bill named after Kobe and their daughter Gianna.


In a statement she said:

I believe that these safety measures will save many lives.

You must be smiling; beaming with pride for this beautiful fight Vanessa is embarking on. I’m sure you are supporting her every step of the way to make sure this bill passes.

Alyssa, Gianna, and Payton, you can be proud of your fellow Generation Zers. They are socially aware of what plagues our society and are speaking out, loudly, that enough is enough.

Alyssa, Gianna, and Payton, you can be so proud of your family and friends for being the guardians of your legacy.

With love,


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