3,2,1… Go

Another week, another battle.

I listen to Mobb Deep The Infamous album to get meet to a kick-ass mood for this week.


The International Montreal Jazz Festival will knock on our door in a few days, Lance Stroll has been in the third position of the Baku Circuit. Because of this his young man, another quebecers is making his mark on the F1 circuit again and I have a feeling that he will make some big waves this young gentleman.

Lance Stroll

Oh and I forgot to add that British Vogue is welcoming the new Editor-in-Chief Mr. Edward Enningul. From I-D magazine, Vogue Italia to British Vogue, I have a little feeling that British Vogue will get a makeover and I couldn’t be happier. He was a big part of the incredible Black Issue at Vogue Italia and he is not a afraid to break some barriers with class of course. The best is yet to come. Congratulations Sir Enningul.

Emmanuel Enninful

You must wonder she start by talking about the International Montreal Jazz fest and now she is talking about the first male EIC of one of the biggest fashion bible in our time, where is she going with all of this?

Elementary my dear Watson, it will be the few post I will do write about this week. And I have a surprise for you. Just the fact that the Jazz Fest will rock our world for two weeks with incredible artists in on of the most magical city in the world, I just feel like I’m in heaven.

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

A Chronicle interview with a really incredible, smart, charismatic, funny and genuine artist that you will like and his music is the perfect soundtrack for every occasion in a day. I will give you as a hint that he is from Montreal. Hmm, I know, it’s not enough.

You won’t get disappointed my Chronicle followers.

Everything in slow motion




So Far, So Good

I couldn’t wait the six months anniversary of The Chronicle to do this little video.

This spring has been very enlightening and new collaborations and friendship has been made.

The best is yet to come for The C. Let’s continue to have fun and to discover new bands, new artists, talking about the world of Pop Culture, living and breathing our passion for sports ( yesss Golden States are the champs).

Ok back to the main topic. Here a nice throwback spring moment.



Everlasting Light

What a weekend in Montreal.

The weather was fantastic, The FrancoFolies Festival started and rocked the city. We are lucky that it will still be at the Quartier des Spectacles until June 18th.

The FrancoFolies Website

You know I will talk about the  F1.



Lewis Hamilton

We are the best crowd for every occasion. The best there is!

The Crowd

F1 for life 

On a sad note, this weekend, a legend left us. Mr. Adam West was my first and most memorable Batman.


Everyday on the TVAchannel  at 1 pm during the summer vacation, I was there in front of my tv to watch at the same batchannel and battime my favorite Cape Crusader. BING, BANG, POW!

How can we not remember Batman dance  moves. It is still on that day my got to go rocking this dance floor move.


And he was my favorite Mayor.


Ok, he was a little neurotic as a mayor but damn, Adam West has one wicked sense of humor.


We must be so grateful for all those wonderful memories that our loved ones left us.

This week on the C, I will talk about the FrancoFolies for sure, the NBA finals, this week Maestro and everything in between.

Hope to see you at the same Chronicle time and Chronicle channel.



50 ans ça se fête avec le Grand Prix F1 du Canada

50 ans, ça se fête.

Mes parents et mon frère m’ont toujours parlé depuis un très jeune âge de Gilles Villeneuve comme en étant un grand des grands. Le nom de Villeneuve résonne à mes oreilles avec admiration comme le nom de Maurice Richard, Jean Béliveau, Pélé, Maradona et Senna (je suis une Senna girl pour la vie).

La fois que j’ai pris mes patins pour patiner la piste Gilles Villeneuve pendant une journée pédagogique en 1997, j’ai pris un moment pour penser à cet grand homme et à ce moment si spécial que j’ai passé toute seule et j’étais très sereine.

Je ne conduisais pas une voiture de course durant cette journée mais je patinais en pensant que tout était possible pour cette jeune fille de 14 ans.


En 1987,  j’étais la petite soeur qui suivait tous les faits et gestes de son grand frère, le dimanche matin, je pouvais m’asseoir à côté de lui avec mon bol de Kellogg Cornflakes et mes yeux fixés devant notre télévision en regardant notre idole Senna et Prost sans dire un mot.


Stewart, Hunt, Villeneuve, Senna, Prost, Shumacher, Hill, Hakkinen, Raikkonen, Alonso, Vettel, Ricciardo et Hamilton pour en citer que quelques-uns nous ont donné des palpitations durant 50 ans de sensations fortes à Montréal.


Hier, j’ai eu la chance d’assister aux essais libres et de prendre quelques clichés pour le Chronicle d’aujourd’hui. Je tiens du plus profond du coeur à remercier Éric Gagnon pour son geste et sa générosité.

Montréal est une ville de la F1 sans aucun doute.

La compétition sera féroce demain si on  se fie à la séance de qualification d’aujourd’hui.

Ça me fait un petit pincement au coeur que Nico Rosberg a pris sa retraite. Rosberg a une classe hors-pair. Il a une retraite bien mérité.


Damon Hill est une autre légende que j’admire énormément que je mets dans mon équipe de rêve avec Senna, Villeneuve, Stewart, Prost, Rosberg. Ces hommes avaient plus que le goût de gagner. Un livre à lire est l’autobiographie de Damon Hill! Un must!

Damon Hill

Il avait le coeur complètement dédié pour ce sport si dangereux. L’humilité est une très belle qualité et pour moi, chacun de ces hommes le cultivaient sur la piste et à l’extérieur de la piste.

La petite fille de 4 ans s’émerveille constamment en suivant ce beau sport 30 ans plus tard. Les Bottas, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Raikkonen et Vettel de ce monde font que ma tension artérielle s’élève durant ces courses endiablées.

50 ans de la F1 dans une des plus belles villes du monde.

Voici comment bien débuter un été qui sera chaud en couleur dans la métropole. Voici quelques-uns de mes plus beaux clichés de cette belle journée.



Demain sera un autre jour.


Eric Gagnon Instagram





His name, his driven personality, his spirituality, his need for speed and his aura.


As you may known, I was a huge Senna fan at first because, my brother was a Senna. Since I wanted to be as cool and suave like my brother, I will copy everything from him. But, I recognize why he loves him and then, I would too.

The guy was just brillant and amazing. The rivalry with the great Alain Prost that define the 80’s and early 90’s, no ones can’t say that we didn’t enjoy watching this soap opera on the track. This is what sports is all about. I always saw such a respect between those two even when the rivalry was palpable between them. My Sunday morning in front of my big 80’s television with my brother eating our Kellogg’s Cornflakes and not blinking our eyes in case we will miss something are pure memories to my soul.

Ayrton Senna

The month of May is a very month for me. Since May 1st 1994, my signification for this month change because it was no more the month that I will growth older but the month that I had to say goodbye to my two favorites athletes. The little girl from Montreal lost two of her heroes in the most tragic way.

The eye of the tiger, you could have seen in Senna eyes. His spirituality was beautiful to witness if you have watch the beautiful documentary Senna.


Tomorrow it will be a rainy day in Montreal. I will look at the sky and remember this crazy race that Senna did in 1989 Grand Prix of Canada in my hometown. The rain was actually Senna best friend on the road and God too.

I’m dancing in the rain Senna Style in Montreal

Now in 2017, the dynasty and the torch are in the hands of Bruno Senna. He is my age and he is putting his footprints on his own way. And yes, we are seeing again the sentence Senna and Prost version 2.0 in the media but like Nicolas Prost told The National (a french newspaper), it is their stories not them!

I’m very happy to watch those two mens that actually are from my generation and giving me the same chills like their mentors but with a new edge. The best is yet to come for Bruno. We are believing in you Bruno.

Bruno Senna Website

Bruno Senna

The month a May is a month of rediscovery with a bittersweet taste. Here a nice quote from Ayrton:

These things bring you to reality as to how fragile you are; at the same moment you are doing something that nobody else is able to do. The same moment that you are seen as the best, the fastest and somebody that cannot be touched, you are enormously fragile.

Serene AS