A nice chat with Fabrice Tardieu

I’ve always been very proud of my Haitian heritage. I’m even prouder of when I discover some of the most inspiring Haitians having success in their endeavors and are proud to showcase our beautiful culture.

Speaking of inspiring Haitian entrepreneur, I have the chance to have a fun and really cool chat with one of the most famous designers in America Fabrice Tardieu. He is passionate, insightful and clearly very smart.

Let’s discover this classy and fabulous human being.

Sab: You were born in Haiti, The Pearl of the Antilles and you went to Paris to continue your college education. Could you tell us about your experience of leaving Haiti to go to France to discover the city of light?

FT: Moving to Paris on my own at such a young age was very challenging and scary.

But at the end, it is certainly the best thing that could have happened to me professionally. It opened my eyes on so many different levels. But the most important was the different cultures it exposed me to. I believe one of the reasons my brand is successful today is because I am able to understand what each market is looking for and feels comfortable buying. Therefore, I design collections that are understood by the North American, European and Middle Eastern markets due to my understanding of their cultures. 

Sab: After college, you were an intern for Giorgio Armani and you did work for the fashion house after your internship. What is the biggest lesson from this once in a lifetime experience?

FT: My biggest lesson from Giorgio Armani has been:

  1. To always Design a collection that has a very strong identity that is recognizable from a mile away.
  2. Distribute to a minimal number of places while maximizing sales
  3. Always be on top of everyone from the assistant designers to the warehouse guys.

These were the main guidelines from My first brand shirt Bogosse back in 2004 and today 14 years later I am still applying the same rules.

Sab: Did it come naturally to mix your artistically side with your analytic side together?

FT: My business side is actually what put me in touch with my artistic side. God gifted me with the talent of understanding what people would like to wear. I, therefore, became a designer without ever learning how to even draw. It has always been something I visualized. My talent has been to be able to communicate these visions into others and bringing them into life.

Sab: I find it inspiring that we see more and more Haitian designer like Stella Jean and yourself making some waves in the fashion world.

In our culture, our parents want us to be the greatest doctors, lawyers, engineers you name it out there. Even if we may have some artistic aspirations, they will strongly recommend you to put that aside.

Do you feel that slowly but surely, this mentality is changing since more and more artistic Haitians artists are having success in their field?


FT: I think that we do see more and more young kids of Haitian descent take an artistic direction. I believe it is a bit more accepted now due to social media. What I mean by that, more and more people have access to information and can clearly visualize success stories. Whereas in the past if you didn’t read an article or was told about a brand or an artist etc… you would have never known about them.

Sab: A quick Haitian food questions for you:

a) Griot ou Lambi?
b) Riz djon-djon ou du riz à pois?
c) Accras ou pâté?

FT: Accras for appetizers, griot with duri ak pwa to finish with lambi and duri djondjon.

Sab: I could eat Lambi with duri djondjon all day, every day.

FT: That’s right I EAT LIKE AN ANIMAL!

Sab: I love asking this question. What would you tell to the young 19 years old aspiring fashion designer if you could go back in time?


FT: Never take the word NO personally. Keep trying until no becomes maybe and maybe becomes YES!

 In fashion, you get turned down constantly by buyers, manufacturers, banks, etc… It is one of the most challenging business in my opinion. You can only succeed at this if you are truly passionate about it and NEVER GIVE UP!

Thank you, Fabrice, for this opportunity to have a quick chat with you.

 Most welcome….


Fabrice Tardieu


So hard to say goodbye to Anthony Bourdain

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

I’m in total shock.

I’m in this weird, very bad dream where Anthony Bourdain committed suicide.

Can I wake up out of this terrible dream and this horrendous week?

Wake up!

It’s not a nightmare. This is real.

I’m on my train ride into city and I’m just crying. The young lady next to me probably thinks I got dumped by a boyfriend, but it way worse than that.

Anthony was one of the people I looked to in order to set an example as a good communicator, a good citizen of the world and to be the “enfant terrible” of my generation.

He made me feel like it was okay to be an outsider, to be different and to be real without being obnoxious.

His TV show, “Parts Unknown”, is a ritual of mine and my hubby. Anthony was such a good guy. Not the most perfect one, but you could see that he had this gentle soul, even when he was looking like a real rock star with all his tattoos and his attitude.

I am speechless.

My thoughts are going to his family, to his love, to Éric Ripert and to all of his friends, including the fans.

I wish I could write his biography, but you know what, if you want to know who Tony was, please watch all of “Parts Unknown” and read his masterpiece book, “Don’t Eat Before Reading This”.

I will write it until I’m dying, but for anyone that is struggling, please, reach out.

One of my favorite quotes from Anthony is:

“You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal with him”

Thank you Chef!

VOLVER by Biolay

Cet album me fait rêver à  nouveau après des jours un peu ténébreux. Encore une fois, Benjamin Biolay nous charme mais cette fois-ci avec son nouvel album Volver.

Benjamin Biolay Volver


Volver nous offre une ambiance feutrée sans aucune prétention. Chiara Mastroianni y participe également et leur complicité est au rendez-vous. La chanson Encore Encore! en ait la preuve sonore.

Benjamin et Chiara

La chanson Roma a un bon groove qui fait que j’ai le goût de me danser dans ma cour ou de mettre le volume à fond en conduisant. Le violon est omniprésent dans cette chanson rythmique. J’adore!

Hypertranquille a un vibe très R&B. Quand il chante Alors ouais je prends mon temps, je fonds et je suis conquise et amoureuse. Bon, je dois me calmer un peu le pompom.

Benjamin Biolay

Benjamin Biolay est un artiste à découvrir et cet album serait un excellent baptême pour certains d’entre vous. Quand on écoute sa voix sensuelle, mystérieuse et romantique, il pourrait vous faire penser à un mix au grand Daho (Étienne Daho) et Gainsbourg. Il produit les albums de:

Julien Clerc

Julien Clerc

Juliette Gréco

Juliette Gréco

Françoise Hardy

Françoise Hardy

Vanessa Paradis


La chanson La mémoire me touche particulièrement. L’honnêteté et ses textes poétiques sont authentiques. Vous l’avez deviné, ça sera un album que je vais écouter plusieurs fois durant cette belle fin de semaine ensoleillée à Montréal.

Dans ma Chronicle Bucket List, peut-être un jour, je pourrais parler de musique avec Biolay.

Biolay songeur


En attendant, sa musique continuera à me charmer!



La Poudre

À quoi pensez-vous quand vous entendez le mot la poudre?


Moi, j’entendais la poudre à joue, la poudre  à pâte et à de la coke. Et oui, I know. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Mais depuis que j’ai découvert le postcast La Poudre de Lauren Bastide, ce mot a pris toute une autre signification.



J’adore son style sans aucune prétention et comment elle  entame ses conversations avec son interlocuteur. Quand tu écoutes ses entrevues, tu as l’impression d’être autour d’une table dans un petit café sympa avec nos copines.

Il y a cette familiarité contagieuse qui est un style que j’aime bien et que moi-même je vais continuer à utiliser pour mes entrevues.

Quand est-ce que tu es devenue femme?


Elle pose toujours cette question qui porte à réflexion. Et les différentes réponses des femmes de différents parcours rendent cette question tellement intéressante. J’avoue que je n’ai jamais eu de copines qui m’ont posé cette question. Les filles, attendez-vous que durant nos soupers de filles elle sera posée cette question. Merci Lauren!


Lauren est une journaliste remarquable et elle a tout un parcours. Elle était journaliste du Grand Journal et en France, c’est big le Grand Journal.


En plus, elle était l’ancienne rédactrice en chef du Elle France ” wow!”.  Et le 1er décembre 2016, elle fait un 180 et décide de lancer dans le monde du podcast. Ce podcast féministe est vrai, audacieux, réaliste et on entend les vraies affaires.


Je me rappelle de son entrevue avec Garance et Garance pose la question est-ce qu’on connaît notre vagin? Oh, question choc pour certains mais ça ne devrait pas. Ça vous donne une idée du style d’entrevue. C’est un souper de filles qu’on suit avec nous. Je remarque que je fais souvent référence à Garance (ma déesse des blogs).

Voici le lien de sa rencontre avec sa grande amie Lauren (vivre l’amitié):

In her words Lauren at Garance Dore.com

La Poudre, c’est nous les femmes d’aujourd’hui avec nos forces et nos faiblesses, nos rires, nos réussites, nos défis et surtout, le pouvoir de se soutenir les unes les autres.


Lauren est le capitaine de ce beau bateau qui nous fera voyager à travers de ses rencontres.


La Poudre Podcast