3,2,1… Go

Another week, another battle.

I listen to Mobb Deep The Infamous album to get meet to a kick-ass mood for this week.


The International Montreal Jazz Festival will knock on our door in a few days, Lance Stroll has been in the third position of the Baku Circuit. Because of this his young man, another quebecers is making his mark on the F1 circuit again and I have a feeling that he will make some big waves this young gentleman.

Lance Stroll

Oh and I forgot to add that British Vogue is welcoming the new Editor-in-Chief Mr. Edward Enningul. From I-D magazine, Vogue Italia to British Vogue, I have a little feeling that British Vogue will get a makeover and I couldn’t be happier. He was a big part of the incredible Black Issue at Vogue Italia and he is not a afraid to break some barriers with class of course. The best is yet to come. Congratulations Sir Enningul.

Emmanuel Enninful

You must wonder she start by talking about the International Montreal Jazz fest and now she is talking about the first male EIC of one of the biggest fashion bible in our time, where is she going with all of this?

Elementary my dear Watson, it will be the few post I will do write about this week. And I have a surprise for you. Just the fact that the Jazz Fest will rock our world for two weeks with incredible artists in on of the most magical city in the world, I just feel like I’m in heaven.

Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

A Chronicle interview with a really incredible, smart, charismatic, funny and genuine artist that you will like and his music is the perfect soundtrack for every occasion in a day. I will give you as a hint that he is from Montreal. Hmm, I know, it’s not enough.

You won’t get disappointed my Chronicle followers.

Everything in slow motion



Everlasting Light

What a weekend in Montreal.

The weather was fantastic, The FrancoFolies Festival started and rocked the city. We are lucky that it will still be at the Quartier des Spectacles until June 18th.

The FrancoFolies Website

You know I will talk about the  F1.



Lewis Hamilton

We are the best crowd for every occasion. The best there is!

The Crowd

F1 for life 

On a sad note, this weekend, a legend left us. Mr. Adam West was my first and most memorable Batman.


Everyday on the TVAchannel  at 1 pm during the summer vacation, I was there in front of my tv to watch at the same batchannel and battime my favorite Cape Crusader. BING, BANG, POW!

How can we not remember Batman dance  moves. It is still on that day my got to go rocking this dance floor move.


And he was my favorite Mayor.


Ok, he was a little neurotic as a mayor but damn, Adam West has one wicked sense of humor.


We must be so grateful for all those wonderful memories that our loved ones left us.

This week on the C, I will talk about the FrancoFolies for sure, the NBA finals, this week Maestro and everything in between.

Hope to see you at the same Chronicle time and Chronicle channel.



Totti is Roma

Soccer is as much in my blood than music, wrestling and the art.   I always dream to be a big soccer player  or a really cool and sassy music journalist.

In my dreams, I was the feminine version of Totti. My ultimate Roman Gladiator ( I might shock another Roman Gladiator Sir Fogagnolo).

The cup

Yesterday with heavy heart and with wet eyes, he said goodbye to his favorite playground for the past 25 years.

His land

Totti is a pure class act of a player. His skills are like he was born to be this magician on the field.

He could have gone playing elsewhere on the Premiership but he decide he will stay home until the end.

Here a link to a nice article by Paolo Bandini of the Guardian.

A nice tribute to Totti by Paulo Bandini

Thank you Francesco for your sportsmanship, your dedication, your loyalty and your passion for this great sport!

Two greatest footballers


Grazie per aver portato tanta gioia Totti!

Totti family


Wrestlemania colourful ride

What a ride it’s was. My oh my.

One of the match I really enjoy was AJ Styles vs Shane O Mac.

Here come the money

We got to give credit to Shane to push his body like this. AJ is clearly the best right now.


Another match I really enjoy is the women championship match. All of the women delivered and they show that they can play in the big boys league. Amen girls, you made it.

Her moment


The architect vs The King of king was a match I was really looking forward.

Seth Rollins

There is two wrestlers in my mind that have the best entrance at WW. Hunter and Taker period.

Back to the attitude eraThe king of king with his queen

I am a big fan of Seth Rollins and I really respect Triple H with the years because it was like this in the 90’s and 00’s. Seeing the king with his queen is priceless.

The Authority

What he did with NXT, I got to give him credits big time for his baby. The hype was there but I felt it did took some time to take off. I did find the rhythm a little bit slow. I would have like to see a match without objects in it. The moment when it was the master trying to do the pedigree and the back and forth was great.

Now, I felt here we go we have a wrestling match. The chemistry was just there at that right moment. I’m looking forward what’s next for this rivalry.

The Miz and Maryse! One word. Action!

Miz and Maryse

Congrats to John Cena and Nikki Bella. It was our little Macho Man and Liz moment  2017 style.


Orton vs Wyatt was a awesome match. Those guys were born to be artists on the ring. Both have this Jake The Snake Roberts era. One of my favorite of the night.

Randy Orton

Congratulations to Naomi for her big win at home. I did wish it would have been Nattie, my Canadian queen of hearts the champion but I’m looking forward for a rivalry with Naomi in the future. Two of the  best technician wrestles out there.

Glowing Naomi

Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker was the main event. One last dance for the Deadman and a new era for the Roman Empire. I have big hope for RR but I wish maybe someone like Sting can be in his corner like a godfather. I wonder if the WWE will stole my idea.

Since I was 7 years old Taker was in my life. He was there in Montreal when I add my special moment with Owen. This guy is a class act and I wish him all the best and a big thank you for giving me a lot of joy in moment of happiness, sadness and struggle in my life.

Into the dark side of the moon

Thank you Mark Callaway.

Time to say goodbye



March madness


For the basketball lovers all around the world, March madness is the most wonderful time of the year.


It’s crazy! The final four is dominating our weekends (in my case if I don’t fight with the hubby yeahh I know … It should be the other way around) and the start of the NBA playoffs.

I’m a Raptors fan all the way (Canucks for life). But I do enjoy the drama regarding the GS, Miami Heat and The Cavs.


But what is happening with the Lakers. But I do believe next year, they will be a stronger team. I just hope they won’t bring Kobey back as an adviser ( I am not a Kobey fan). Enjoy your retirement man Mamba.



The Final Four as entertaining to watch as the NBA during the playoffs. I’m hook big time like it was cocaine (I do not use any drugs except my hot chocolate every morning) . Tell it Ric James!


Baylor vs USC was such an entertaining game.


Guess what I will watch on TV next weekend during the evening. It will be the battle of the control of the Tv. Will I win this one? Plan B, watching it on my computer.

Let’s continue our madness. Oh yeahhhhh.





Excellence of Execution. Period!

For me, he is clearly the Excellence of Execution.

This Canadian have face so many opponents and he has won so many belts but one of his biggest fight was his fight against prostate cancer. The same cancer that my dad had. And so far, so good for Bret. But my Chronicle on this very early Monday morning is to let me present to you this inspiring gentleman.


I present you mister Bret “The Hitman” Hart.


Actually, as you may know by now, my family and myself are big wrestling fans “even my sweet classy mom”. Back in the days (the eighties and the nineties), my father brought us to see wrestling show “especially my brother Donnie” at the Paul Sauvé center and the famous Forum. In the mid 80’s, I was still to young to follow them in 86 but my brother make sure to explain to me what he did witness with passion and joy in his eyes.

It was a tradition to watch wrestling all together saturday night on tv or we were renting the video cassette at our local video store. Actually, wrestling brought our family closer for this small moment. I quickly was mesmerized by two men that wore pink tight pants. By the way, blue is my favorite color.


They seem very confident and a little cocky but not in a obnoxious way. I watched my big brother jumping and being happy to see them. I was the ultimate little sister that wanted to love and mimic everything her big brother do.

The Hart Foundation were fighting Demolition Man and it was a two vs three tag team match. For me, I was wondering how the HF will beat those monsters. I was wishing in my little heart please god may they beat those big really red tongue guys. And my wish came true.

After, Bret went solo. I enjoyed his matches and his promo even if he didn’t consider himself the best on the mic. I always like his sincerity and authenticity. For me his matches were like watching a nice ballet. Especially when he was wrestling Curt Henning aka Mr. Perfect.


The drama, the move and the chemistry was there. His matches with Piper, Bulldog, Austin and of course Shawn Michaels were all magical and spectacular.


Bret made his matches a true cinematographic piece of art. He is the Picasso of wrestling. I will call him The Artist.Sorry Jean Dujardin.

He was the one of the guy champion in the locker room. A true leader. Not like some blond, steroid, pray and eat your crappy vitamins SOB. I can be pretty harsh in my words. Back to Bret.

Later on, Bret went solo and as I grew older, I admire more and more this man. Outside of wrestling, he was truly a very nice guy that is still always thankful for his fans and the nice career he got. And he is the ultimate badass.


A guy that stand up for himself and for his friends, his family legacy and for the underdogs is a total badass in my eyes.

He didn’t have it easy inside the wrestling and outside of it. But he always manage to get up and keep fighting.

He is not perfect and as everybody did some mistakes but if you have the chance to read his autobiography “even a non wrestling fan will fall in love with his writing style and pure honesty”, you will discover a beautiful human being that love and clearly understand wrestling, life, love, adore his children, admire his father and like every son, he wanted to please his father.


Stu Hart is a legend in Canada and I’m pretty sure his father was really proud of his son. So do I and a million of fans all around the world.


Still in his book, you will witness he’s have some complicated relationships with a few members of his family.


And you will read about some beautiful relationship he got with a few of his siblings and his brothers in the wrestling world. He was a true big brother. Always there to protect and defend his family by blood or by wrestling blood.




Life on the road wasn’t easy at all and Bret did talk about it in a pretty damn honest way.

Une petite paranthèse, while reading his book, you have the feeling you are having a beer with him while he is telling to one of the kind stories. Correction , I felt like I was drinking a nice glass a white wine and him a nice Kilkenny beer for him.

Again and again, I can talk or write for hours about Bret. I will leave it for other posts. But here a nice video about Bret. Watching it, I still get some goosebumps.

Bret Hart Tribute video

Here the link to the Prostate Cancer Canada. Please guys, go check yourself!

Prostate Cancer Canada Website

To Bret, keep fighting and you are truly The Best there is, The Best there was and The Best there ever will be.

Bret Hart official Website






In my eyes, he is one of the best goalkeeper of all time and he is an honorary member of my dream team.

Here some of the others members:

His athletisism, his concentration, his leadership and the list can go on and on make him a very special goalkeeper. You cannot not seeing him in the field. His aura and his very tall height are very visible. He surely have the eye of the tiger too.

At the serie A, I’m more a AC Roma fan and my friends are pretty much Juventus fan. Montreal is well known to be a Juventus town and a big Italian national team city. Here, it’s definitely Azzuri for life. But it’s starting to be a Dutchland town. Oh, I’m starting a little fight here. My Italian friends will start to write me some comment on my Facebook page hahaha. Still love you guys.

Back to my man Gigi. His show stopping saves and his acrobatics skills are groundbreaking especially when he started in 1995. From my point of view, those aptitudes and skills was part of the bigchange in the Serie A and the national Italian team.

This guy is unstoppable. Trust me. Go see some videos on YouTube and witness his greatness.

Captain Buffon have a heart of gold and I really admire his humanitarian side of his personality. He is a people person and not a primadonna at all.



On my bucket list, one day yes it will come, a nice Chronicle moment with him. I know what you are thinking. Keep dreaming girlfriend. But sometime, dreams does come true right.


Today, I dedicate this Chronicle to him.

Per uno dei più grandi sportman di questa generazione, grazie Gigi. I hope my Italian is not that bad. My roman “my best friend Marco” will let me know. It’s a work in progress.


Gianluigi Buffon official website