Sharpshooter is in the house… Chronicle Style!

Lionel Ritchie’s song “Dancing on the Ceiling” was on my mind all weekend long. You must be wondering why…..

Chronicle black and white

Sharpshooter Funding and The Chronicle are teaming up!!

You see, The Chronicle has been posting some interesting articles about Canadian businesses lately and with the help of the Sharpshooter team, I think we can continue to rock it. I think it is important to encourage each other in our ventures. Through talking about those amazing businesses, the sky could be the limit for them.

The Sharpshooter dream team is like putting Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Dr. Jay, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Serena Williams in the same place,working together. You have Paul Pitcher, Dallas Hart, Gregg Farineau, Jade Hart and the best there is, Bret the Hitman Hart. This is the best team! Oops, I forgot to add myself in. I am part of the team too! This collaboration will be epic.

Recently, Dallas and Gregg have had success with hundreds of Canadian merchants.I can’t wait to talk to you about them. They are so passionate about what they are doing and they are genuinely good business men. I couldn’t more honoured to have them as my sponsor. I’m very proud of what Dallas and Jade are turning out to be:two driven, passionate leaders. With a Dad clearly known as the best there is, it’s obvious that this quality was passed to the next generation.

The Dream Team, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will take this world by storm!



King of hearts

We will rock this world by storm and I would like to thank for the bottle of my heart The Dream Team.



So Far, So Good

I couldn’t wait the six months anniversary of The Chronicle to do this little video.

This spring has been very enlightening and new collaborations and friendship has been made.

The best is yet to come for The C. Let’s continue to have fun and to discover new bands, new artists, talking about the world of Pop Culture, living and breathing our passion for sports ( yesss Golden States are the champs).

Ok back to the main topic. Here a nice throwback spring moment.




What a week!

May 1st week

Wu-Tang, The Santa Teresa Festival, Jaanika Peerna Montreal exposition and Ayrton Senna w

I can’t thank you enough my faithful readers for your consistency and your positif vibes.

As the world may seem a little crazier, some people have not so good intention with healthcare and decency  (we all know who there are), let try to keep our smile upon our faces and concentrate on happy thoughts, peaceful resolution and laughing moments.


On that note, here my little buddy starting his day The Casamigos way.

Next week or maybe this weekend, I will do a little Chronicle about Casamigos! I am a big tequila fan and why not writing about this award winning tequila.


Bily the tequila connaisseur

What a week! Quelle semaine!

This is on The Chronicle was a crazy week like we like it.

We started the week with a beautiful post about The Excellence of Execution, the one and only Bret Hart.


What a good timing my post about this courageous young woman actually posted during the International Women Day. Nadia Murad is one of the many courageous, fearless women out there and very humble. More posts will come about our dear Nadia.


Comic relief. Dave Chappelle is back. I can’t wait to see his special comeback on Netflix. I must find a way to watch the season 2 of the Dave Chappelle show this weekend.

I'm back

Charlie Murphy and his ETrue Hollywood stories featuring two priceless icons.

A little hint: Please, the fellow comment may offend some viewers.


I’m Rick James b*** ” I put outside my feminist side just for a second”

Next week on the Chronicle will be epic. I repeat EPIC!


I will have the great honor to meet and talk to Paul Beaubrun. We will share our family stories connection, his music, his passion for philanthropy and his love for our Haïti Cheri La Perle des Antilles.


Denis Laramée will be here too. This very talented visual artist will talk about his exhibition that was happening at the fabulous Salon B in Montreal. It will be fun, fun and fun.


KANPE KARNAVAL will  in the house. Mesanmi ( Haitian word meaning holy macaroni). Paul Beaubrun, Coeur de Pirate, Arcade Fire will be in the house.


This party will be the place to be and it is for a very good cause.


You know what, if you are interested, please go to the link below:

Kanpe website/site web

I hope you will be at the same batchannel, hm ok Adam West chill out hahaha.


I mean you will be at the same Chronicle channel and will enjoy this next week and continuing to be curious, interested, amazed, sometime wondering what the hell I was talking about.

I love you guys and let’s have a good weekend Chronicle style.


Tequila, soleil et The C

J’aimerais remercier vous tous pour votre contribution au petit succès du Chronicle. Merci à tous du plus profond de mon cœur.

Avec The Chronicle, on se découvre et on se rapproche. J’adore  parler avec les gens  et découvrir leurs passions qui les animent et illuminent leurs vies.

Je prends quelques jours de vacances loin de la neige , de la routine habituelle et du froid canadien. Vous devez vous dire que je suis quelque part de chaud.


C’est exact my people. Je suis au Mexique dans la région de la Playa Del Carmen à Riviera Maya. Ça fait changement des bottes et des manteaux. The Chronicle continuera à être  au rendez-vous.

Vu la décadence des margaritas, de la tequila et du soleil, ça risque d’être un peu au ralenti mes posts. Mais définitivement rigolo. Vu que ma maman pourrait lire ce post, manmy, c’est une blague. Je vais rester sage comme une image.


Merci ❤️️!

I would like to thank you guys for your dedication to The Chronicle.

Without your support and encouragement, The Chronicle wouldn’t have the success that we are having in this moment.

Foremost, I did this blog because I’m a people person even with my little introvert personality. I enjoy to have all kind of discussion with everyone and trying to discover their passions and to just chill and relax and talk about all kind of subject.

You may notice that I talk about everything from fashion to sports with a feminity touch and no barriers. This is me and I’m pretty sure it is a lot of you. Let’s continue to share our conversation.


I’m actually drinking a margarita in Mexico for my vacation break. I won’t talk about President Orange but let me tell you that I enjoy this country, the richness of their culture, the people and the tequila.


The Chronicle will still be kicking it MEXICO STYLE but since I will be a little bit slower (damn tequila and sun, damn you), some posts may take a while.

I will try to do my best to give you the best vacation Chronicle.


Thank you everyone and salute.

Merci à tous et je vous adore.


In a few days, hot chocolate and a beanie will replace the margarita and the bikini snif snif