Romy mon amour

We all know Romy as the feisty and charming Sisi. She was the ultimate princess oh I’m sorry  empress goal of every girls dreaming to be coming a princess like her as young innocent little girl. Ahhh la naïveté de la jeunesse.

And then, we became a little bit older and wiser  and in my case, I realize Romy was more than this empress. She was one hell of an actress. Still as charming  as before but like every little girl, she became a woman with all her beauty and her imperfection. She was the real deal.

Two of my favorite films of notre chère Romy is La Piscine (The pool) with the incredible Alain Delon (this man is a legend in France like Paul Newman-De Niro) and you can still feel the chemistry between those two ex-lovers. My second one is Les choses de la vie ( The things of life). You cannot not falling in love with Helene.

Cette femme restera toujours une de mes idoles du cinéma à tout jamais.

je t’aime ma Romy.

P.S :Romy is singing la chanson de Hélène.

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