This band, this town and this psychedelic song and album!

Hearing this song, wherever you are, you are dancing. I thought I found a way to enter, it’s just a Reflektor. Those lyrics are always on my mind and if you are listening closely, you will recognize a special artist close to my heart that I did a post about him this week. Ok a little clue. He was once a starman realizing after all he has always been a black star.

I will do a longer post about Arcade Fire really soon. Reflektor is a song that will pass the test of time. I heard a little bit of disco, a good those of this iconic Haitian band Coupé Cloué guitar riffs and of course this ethereal feeling that make Arcade Fire so unique.

When we think of The Beatles, we think of Liverpool.

When we think of U2, we think of Dublin.

When we hear and thinking of Maria Callas, we are dreaming about Greece.

And I’m  listening, dancing, singing (hm, I’m really not a good singer but let’s pretend I do) and thinking of Arcade Fire, I see my birthplace and hometown of Montreal. I feel the presence of my Haitian heritage.

I thought I saw a connector. It’s just a Reflektor.


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