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I met today the talented, warm and down to earth Myriam Elie, the founder and creative soul behind MYEL boutique. For me, it’s my candies shop except the candies are beautiful jewelry for every taste. She welcomed me in her beautiful boutique and for one hour, we talked about our love for jewelry, where and why she started this journey for a woman that have a degree in administrative sciences and another one in arts.

Before meeting Myriam, while reading the July 2016 issue of Elle Quebec, I spotted some of her rings on a picture and I was intrigued. And during an evening after a nice dinner with my friend Meli, we decided to go to MYEL’s boutique on Laurier Street in Montreal. I bought two rings and we were laughing and having a good time with the saleswoman.

You can see the quality of her ‘bijoux’ when you wear them. You cannot not fell in love with those gems. I’m still talking about the jewelry but since I brought up the gems, oh my lord, you have diamonds, sapphires in different colour. Watching all those pieces of art was heaven for my eyes.

Myriam got her inspirations from being a globetrotter young woman. She travel a lot  and get inspired by every encounter she witness during her trips. Actually, it’s a funny story how she started her business. While she was traveling, her jewellery were stolen. Omg, I would have been in total drama queen mode. She is way more cooler than I am. She decided that she wanted to recreate her lost jewelry. When she arrived to her destination, she learned how to create her first jewelry. A self-taught independent woman, that’s why I like. You go girl. After that experience, the rest is history.

She has a blooming business and she still values the precious advices from her father who is an entrepreneur. Family plays a big part in her success and you can feel this sense of balance that probably it’s all related to the nice relationship she has with her family.

While we were talking and laughing, we realized we are both fan of wearing rings on our fingers. Ah my ring sister! What I really like about my meeting with Myriam was that she has a philanthropic heart. She wants to give back to several charities.

I’m all for promoting Canadian entrepreneur and foremost, Canadian fashion. You can find something for every budget and every collection is inspired by one of her trips like in Paris, Morocco, Germany and other beautiful countries.

Check out her website. I know what my next purchase will be. MYEL is definitely one of my favourite shop and I hope it will be yours. Oh, you can buy online too! Sweet!


MYEL Boutique
1090 Laurier West Street
Office 200
Outremont (Quebec)


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