Grazie Franca

It’s been one month since our dear Franca passed away. I always love the fact that she wasn’t afraid to mix beautiful pictures with some very interesting messages. Each Vogue’s magazine have their identity and the Vogue Italia certainly has this special aura about her. The Black issue was one hell of a issue. I have faith that Emanuele Farneti, the new editor-in-chief, will continue to break barriers in his own way.

The January issue of Vogue Italia is as beautiful as the other ones and is a beautiful gift from Franca.

Franca, grazie per la vostra autenticità e la vostra determinazione a non aver paura di rompere alcune barriere. Non dimenticherò mai voi.

Here my favorite quote from Franca:

Fashion is a mirror of the era in which we live. Why should the magazine be disconnect from reality? It’s not in the past.


Vogue Italia


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