Blue Monday

My post today will be a really short one. I’m still trying to recover from yesterday roller coaster at the SuperBowl 51. I am not (I repeat), I am not a Pats fan since probably I was in my mom belly. Yesterday, I must admit, King Brady did it again and as painful it is to see the Pats nation going crazy, I was very happy for that gentleman.

Now my Sunday will be empty. No more football. No more me yelling at the screen of my tv and my little dog watching me like I was going to become the incredible Hulk or Brenda in the Dave Chappelle sketch about when doing right go wrong. Ahh Brenda!  From February to September, I will be a very Zen woman. Oh wait, not really. The Premiership and the Champion league is still on. Ahahaha, poor Bily.

As for yesterday historical event,  I will heard for the rest of my life that Tom Brady is the best and the Pats are again this big dynasty.  And you know what, yesterday, he prove that right. He prove that he is the best of the best. And just showing us one hand with all the rings on it, he won’t have to say much.

I always had a lot of respect for Tom Brady. This guy mean business. He is so serious regarding his position. He is not a perfect human being but yesterday, he prove to everyone to never give up.

Thank you Mr. Brady for that valuable lesson.


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