Hard Sail baby

I discover Chantal Kreviazuk as a young teenage girl trying to find her way and knowing herself and dealing with the traditional teenage wasteland state of mind.

1997 was exactly that year that as you may already wonder, I fell in love with her music. The fact that she play piano like no others with a mix of classical and pop intrigue my musical vibes.

I still remember exactly the first time I heard Wayne on at the time Q92 radio station. Her voice, her soul, her vulnerability was making colliding together and it was a awakening moment.

20 years later, this Canadian Icon (oh yes she is) is touring and still kicking ass! She did a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on the  Pay for it track. Her new album Hard Sail is probably one of her best masterpiece.

She is coming in Mtl for the Montreal en Lumières Festival February 23th 2017 at the Gèsu. I will certainly do a review of her show. Going to Chantal’s show is like going to a friend house and just chill for hours talking, laughing, giggling. And did I mention she is one of the coolest chick!

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Here a clip of her at the Strombo Show:

Chantal at Strombo’s show

She truly make you feel like home!


Chantal K




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