Already Friday my friends.

We made it and we are anticipate the 5 o’clock bell ringing the start of the weekend.

You may wonder what to do after the bell ring in Montreal.

Here my little list:

1) Having a nice happy hour if you are a jazz music lover at Bily Kun. It’s actually one of the coolest place to go. They always have a jazz band playing and you feel like you are actually in a episode of Cheers. Everybody knows your name!

Bily Kun website

2) The famous Igloofest! You must go once in your lifetime! It’s a big techno music festival in the heart of the Old Montreal outside. People are putting their best 80’s snow suits and we are all dancing the night away with some hot coco in our dance while a international DJ is caressing our ears with his killer mix. It’s actually the last weekend! And this weekend, the weather will be on our side.

Igloofest website

3) Enjoy people! Watch a movie at home, abuse your Netflix, cuddle your dog, your cat and let’s chill!



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