C’est beau


What a beautiful Saturday today in Montreal. With all the snow, the why why I’m living here and starting to swear in a good Quebecer manners (never heard of Calisse de Tabernark). Oh well, but I enjoy the sun and nice summer breeze. Oh wait, that’s to soon.

This pass week, I reconnect with a long lost love. My love to play with Leggo.  I can’t  already hear the uhhhh whatttt… She will talk about Leggo WTF.


The Chronicle will bring all kind of subject and you know what, we are all kids at heart. Even at 33!

This blog is the bomb. His creator is a passionate Lego fan and a fellow proud Canuck as I am. He built those amazing mini city. You know what, enough talking… Please go discover his beautiful world. You will enjoy every Lego setting! This guy is kicking it.

I need to built my Chronicle mansion hihi.

True north bricks website


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