Sunday brunch

On this nice warm Sunday early afternoon, while I was savouring a big waffle with a mountain of fruits (heaven), I was witnessing a nice Sunday girlfriend brunch. Weekend brunch seem to always fit with a girlfriend date. The moment you catch up with your bestie about nothing and everything and to finally eat the breakfast you dreamt all week long.

I was so happy to see two friends hanging out. I told my better half those girls have the kind of street style I love and I wonder if they won’t mind that I take a few pictures and talk about them for my Chronicle.


I did a little praying wishing please I wish they will accept and don’t be total nasty human being. Actually, it was the total opposite. They were so nice and welcoming that I wish to be the third member of this sisterhood. And guess what guys, they are both bloggers in the lifestyle and beauty category. Cool!

We were both happy to exchange our youtube and website page and as true sisterhood, we encourage each others in our new adventure. That what I call true feminist. Be there for each others even if five minutes earlier, we were total strangers.

Please check out Liza and Amelie Youtube Channel. I wish both of them success in this adventure that is vlog world.

And girls and women everywhere around the world, let be there for each other no matter what! It’s our time.


Amelie Martin Youtube channel

Liza Depekteau


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