Miss Damas

Fashion Chronicle this morning everyone.

Coolness, easy-going, beautiful and Parisian.

Jeanne Damas have definitely a “je ne sais quoi” about her. Her 70’s easy going style, her signature red pout, her smile and her very Parisian “joie de vivre” make her one of my favorite people that happen to be a blogger.


I realize all my favorite bloggers are French  . Garance Dore is my ultimate favorite blogger guru. But I will concentrate my post on Jeanne today. Une autre fois ma belle Garance.

Love,Style and Style! You are one cool chick Garence

Jeanne Damas is one of the first blogger that took fully advantage of the social media platform as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that some people was afraid to us.


Rouje, remember that name fashion lovers everywhere. It’s her new e-shop and I wish I could buy everything. I will start with one blouse for the moment. I must restrain myself.

Rouje website

I love to share and if while reading you realize that you want to read more about Jeanne, here the link to the magnificent Garance Dore website and the girls did have a lot of encounter and it’s so beautiful Garance website and so much fun to read.

Garance and Jeanne at Garance Dore website

Bloggers for life with style!



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