Chantal and Montreal crowd is the perfect pair

What a night!

My mind is still in cloud 9 from this show. It was magical and since this week it’s all about magic, Chantal sure did deliver this magical feeling when you are watching an artist in his element and opening the door to her home basically and share with us her little world.

On stage, it was only Chantal and Mr. Kevin Fox. The chemistry between the two of them, two very passionate musician was au rendez-vous. You can see it and feel it. Hearing some classics songs from Under These Rocks and Stones and from her 1999 album Colour, Moving and Still, make me remember my good old teenage years. Listening the first piano notes of the song Eve, I was starting to have some good memory in my mom living room listening over and over again to this song.


What I like with Chantal is that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She is talking to the audience like we were actually all her friends. I admire her don’t give a shit attitude and her honest smile. That’s the connection artists need to make with their audience. And Chantal have it.


I didn’t know she was this big Radiohead fan. When she talk about A Moon Shaped Pool  album of this iconic band and the fact that she kept playing the album non-stop.  I was like hm hm sister, every Radiohead fan did the exact same thing as you and you have to be in a very zen mindset to listening to this album because it is so heavy. Since she’s a  die hard Radiohead fan and she did give us a little present. How generous of her. She played with Kevin the song Daydreaming and it was the perfect cover.

During the show, I realize or made the remark in my head that like Sting, Chantal’s voice is a musical instrumental. That girl can sing and I know everyone is like on Adele is the best singer but Chantal is hand down is way ahead of Adele in my list of the best female vocalist. And she got game as a pianist. She is the total package people. She share that her family and herself are big fan of David Bowie. And in that moment, tears were coming out of my eyes and I look at the ceiling and was singing in my head, something in the day he die… And she did say that David Bowie did help her in a way finishing her song Snowing in the Desert and I did hear the part when she sing I think down, down, down (totally Bowie) and I do feel the song have this nice Life on Mars vibe. That’s my humble opinion.


She did take our few requests for the Encore. It was so much fun. I was watching the people around me and everyone was happy, laughing and thinking for a few hours about the world outside and President Orange.

We are such a fun crowd in Montreal and Chantal did tell us we made her year. We rock guys.

How to close this perfect evening with two beautiful artists, a hymn to Leonard Cohen and to our hearts. Hallelujah was the last song they played and hearing it was bittersweet. Thank you Chantal and thank you Kevin for this luminous, beautiful and magical night. Merci Chantal!


Chantal Kreviazuk website


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