Mr. Kleenex and some comic relief Thursday

After a week in the sun and frolicking on the beach, I just renew my affair with Mr. Kleenex.

Yes I'm sick and I want my bed

It’s funny how childish I can be when I have a cold. Imagine myself when it’s a flu. Drama Queen all the way. Brenda…

Since I need a little sunshine in my heart and probably some of you guys that could be renewing those special relationships with Mr. Kleenex, Tylenol, Honey, Rhum, Vicks and mother’s chicken soup, check out this Dave Chappelle sketch that I really found it hilarious.

When keep it real goes wrong video


Sometime, my friend those call me Brenda. I wonder why. I’m a nice and sweet woman. You know what we have all inside us our inner Brenda that show up once in a while.

Dave Chappelle will be back! Netflix will be his new home and we couldn’t be more happy about it.


This guy have no filters and I love the fact he really truly is the king of pushing some enveloppe that the black community don’t always push. It’s not everyone cup of tea but it is sure mine.

The king is back and I’m not talking about my Kleenex box.

I'm back

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