Love, Gilda

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

MONTREAL – I was so young when I first saw Gilda Redner on the screen and it wasn’t as one of the comedians on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Nope. It was actually while I was watching the 1982 classic film Hanky Panky with Gene Wilder on tv. It was a winter day in December 1987, like the song California Dreaming from The Mammas and The Papas.

The first thing that hit me with Gilda was the fact that I could relate to her with her sense of humor I found her to have this mix of innocence and sarcasm. With her big and beautiful smile, she could get away with anything.

Gilda Radner

For me, at 4 years old, Gilda was my favorite actress because of the one movie I saw her. I didn’t know she was unfortunately sick. In my mind, she was eternal. Two years later, I was a little bit older and I religiously watched Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight (ET) every day. This was when I learned that Gilda had cancer. During one of the nights I watched ET with Mary Hart and John Tash, I learned that my favorite actress had passed away. She would no longer make fun-loving movies.

As the years passed and I grew up, Gilda reserved a really nice surprise for me. I knew that she was one of the first comedians on SNL. YouTube hadn’t been created yet, but thank God, they had reruns of old SNL episodes on NBC sometimes.

During those specials episodes, I met Roseanne Roseannadanna and I started to make of parodies of Roseanne at school (ok, there was a student, who I won’t name, that threw a really painful snowball at me when I did my imitation of Roseanne).

My favorite character was Emily Litella. Since I first saw Emily Litella, I was enamored. I named my Barbie dolls after her. This character was based on her real-life nanny when she was a young girl, Elizabeth Clementine Gillies. Gilda made my pre-teenage years and my teenage years a lot less painful.

Why am I writing about Gilda today?

It’s because I saw a fabulous documentary on CNN, on January 5th called Love, Gilda. It was so touching, funny and inspiring! There were things I didn’t know Gilda was struggling with early on such as her eating disorder. In her autobiography, It’s Always Something, she spoke frankly about her eating disorder struggles, the loss of her father who she loved so dearly and her illness. The documentary was directed by the talented Lisa Dapolito (a quick shoutout). It’s a real treasure, this documentary.

Love, Gilda

My favorite part was when I saw Gilda and Gene’s dog coming to wake her upon her hospital bed. Gene was right next to her and you could feel the love they all had for one another (including their nice dog whose name I forgot).

She finally met her prince charming.

Gene and Gilda

If you are searching for a bittersweet and well-done documentary, I strongly suggest grabbing a box of tissues and watching Love, Gilda.

Smily Gilda

I would like to end this post with what Lisa D’Apolito is hoping for us, the audience, to capture during this beautiful documentary:

The film is made up of Gilda’s voice narrating her story, her performances that give insight into her life, interviews with her friends, interviews with contemporary comedians about how she inspired them and her ‘inner’ voice as written her journals.

My hope with Love, Gilda is that the audience will go on their own journey with Gilda and that people who love her, discover more about her and people who have never heard of her, are inspired by her story and grow to love her too.

  • Lisa D’Apolito

Lisa D'Apolito

We do love you Gilda.






Richardson, le caméléon

Au lieu d’être devant ma télévision en train de voir les Canadiens se faire donner une leçon de hockey par les Rangers (je n’ai toujours pas accepté l’échange de P.K. et je ne veux pas en parler parce que ma pression artérielle va être élevée), j’ai été voir le meilleur spectacle d’humour que j’ai vu depuis les pièces de théâtre de Languichatte Débordus.

Ce comédien est une vraie bête de scène.

Richardson Zéphir est un vrai caméléon malgré qu’il a peur des insectes et de l’eau comme tout bon haïtien qui se respecte (incluant moi-même).

Richardson Zéphir

En première partie, son complice de toujours, l’honorable Kevin Raphaël nous a fait rigoler avec ses aventures en camping haitian style. Comme moi, ce sont des québécois d’origine haïtienne et  ils n’ont pas peur de l’auto-dérision comme votre chroniqueuse préférée. Il me semble que je me verrais être la troisième personne de ce duo, la Catwoman de Batman et Robin. Je vais laisser ma place à P.K.

Bon assez rêvé et revenons à nos moutons.

La première partie du spectacle était remplie d’anecdotes très cocasses de Richardson. Son amour pour le poulet (amen), son enfance à Laval et comment il fut riche en temps qu’enfant au dépend de sa maman haïtienne. La salle du Medley Malt était pleine à craquer et tout le monde pleurait de rires.

La deuxième partie était une rencontre entre le public et ses nombreux personnages. Il y avait un super-héros très haïtien dans le style de Sattelite Popette, le sorcier vaudou de Montréal, le jeune Magic Jordan qui est un jeune joueur de basketball, un rappeur, un rocker qui semble sortir de prison très intense et vous pouvez sentir la versatilité de Richardson dans ses personnages.

Et comment ne pas parler du policier sexy de l’académie McDonald. Il était accompagné du Sergent Raphaël. Voici le sketch qui a été reproduit hier avec les cris de la foule qui avait très hâte de voir le policier le plus sexy de Montréal.

Sketch du policier sexy

La police sexy

Ce fut une soirée parfaite à mes yeux. Définitivement, je sens que Sky is the Limit pour Richardson et Kevin.

Les sergents de l'académie McDonald

Si vous voulez rire à n’en plus finir, suivez ces deux comédiens. Moi, je vais faire une campagne pour être dans ce duo de choc. Chronicle style!

PK the Great

Back to reality Tuesday style

After a long weekend nesting, sleeping and watching Jesus of Nazareth, The Ten Commandments and of course all the shows at the HGTV channel.

Let’s go back to the work reality of going back at work.


This last Sunday, Tropicana gave a fabulous show and the rain didn’t stopped the Montrealers to have fun during that evening.


Congratulations to this one of the kind band and to my father team for all the hard work and the success this show was.

For some serious comic relief and we all know we need it as much as we can right now, the very funny Richardson Zéphir will be presenting his stand up comedy show this Saturday April 22nd at The Medley Simple Malt at 8pm.

Sometime you may wonder how if we (Haitians ) are truly that flamboyant in every aspects of our lives. I can only answer this question by showing  you some videos.

Here the sexy cop (it’s in French and Haitian).

By the way, we have a thing with coconut oil. You can ask my hubby, he will confirm it with you guys.

It is the playoff season (basketball and hockey). And Montreal is a habs land. The best way to watch it is with the Haitian Commentor.


I could see my father, my godfather and my godfather jr being the one doing the comments Haitian style. It is really hmmmm Haitian. Kevin Raphaël is my new Richard Garneau!

So this week, you will have your artistic aspect cover and your comic relief aspect cover. I don’t need to mention your playoff aspect too.

Montreal people, please check your blood pressure before watching the 4th game. Oupps, I guess with the final score, people will be in a stormy weather mood tomorrow…

Me, I will be very calm.



Mr. Kleenex and some comic relief Thursday

After a week in the sun and frolicking on the beach, I just renew my affair with Mr. Kleenex.

Yes I'm sick and I want my bed

It’s funny how childish I can be when I have a cold. Imagine myself when it’s a flu. Drama Queen all the way. Brenda…

Since I need a little sunshine in my heart and probably some of you guys that could be renewing those special relationships with Mr. Kleenex, Tylenol, Honey, Rhum, Vicks and mother’s chicken soup, check out this Dave Chappelle sketch that I really found it hilarious.

When keep it real goes wrong video


Sometime, my friend those call me Brenda. I wonder why. I’m a nice and sweet woman. You know what we have all inside us our inner Brenda that show up once in a while.

Dave Chappelle will be back! Netflix will be his new home and we couldn’t be more happy about it.


This guy have no filters and I love the fact he really truly is the king of pushing some enveloppe that the black community don’t always push. It’s not everyone cup of tea but it is sure mine.

The king is back and I’m not talking about my Kleenex box.

I'm back