Back to reality Tuesday style

After a long weekend nesting, sleeping and watching Jesus of Nazareth, The Ten Commandments and of course all the shows at the HGTV channel.

Let’s go back to the work reality of going back at work.


This last Sunday, Tropicana gave a fabulous show and the rain didn’t stopped the Montrealers to have fun during that evening.


Congratulations to this one of the kind band and to my father team for all the hard work and the success this show was.

For some serious comic relief and we all know we need it as much as we can right now, the very funny Richardson Zéphir will be presenting his stand up comedy show this Saturday April 22nd at The Medley Simple Malt at 8pm.

Sometime you may wonder how if we (Haitians ) are truly that flamboyant in every aspects of our lives. I can only answer this question by showing  you some videos.

Here the sexy cop (it’s in French and Haitian).

By the way, we have a thing with coconut oil. You can ask my hubby, he will confirm it with you guys.

It is the playoff season (basketball and hockey). And Montreal is a habs land. The best way to watch it is with the Haitian Commentor.


I could see my father, my godfather and my godfather jr being the one doing the comments Haitian style. It is really hmmmm Haitian. Kevin Raphaël is my new Richard Garneau!

So this week, you will have your artistic aspect cover and your comic relief aspect cover. I don’t need to mention your playoff aspect too.

Montreal people, please check your blood pressure before watching the 4th game. Oupps, I guess with the final score, people will be in a stormy weather mood tomorrow…

Me, I will be very calm.



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