I am so happy that in our current century,    we have strong, gentle and pacific nature women that are fighting the good fight.

Yesterday, Malala Yousafzai as receive an honorary Canadian citizenship in front of her father and her mother that were so proud of their strong daughter.


She was even happy to shake the prime minister hand but really happy.

Malala and Justin

Malala like Nadia didn’t ask to be bullied, or to be killed (they didn’t succeed in Malala’s case) or to be treated in the most horrific way that cannot be imagine in our society in the 21st century .

Both of them could have turn into very pessimist people and angry about mankind. Instead, they are showing us how to be courageous, to be strong and to be kind with each other.

Malala just wanted to go to school and get an education. They try to take that beautiful gift away from her.

Malala message

Those nasty humans being didn’t succeed . She is now a role model to everyone and she is the one teaching us with her powerful message and her peaceful demeanor.

Her message is pretty simple like Nadia Murad. For Nadia, she want justice and not revenge.


For Malala, she want education for everyone and not violence.

We can be like those two beautiful women in our everyday life. Even if to share their stories during a lunch break, to speak our mind in a very diplomatic and respectful way to someone that doesn’t the same opinion as us, continue to fight for what is  right.

I’ve never been a political person but I was raised to love and to be kind to everyone and violence and revenge was out of the question the answer.

Malala, thank you to show us that we can still fight the good fight with a really good attitude.

Beautiful Malala

It’s a long road but we will get there all together.


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