Dear Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,


You captivated my 11 years old mind when I saw this picture while waiting in lign at the grocery store with my sweet mom.

Just chilling

I said to myself she seem like a laid back girl and cool while the rest of the world was wondering who’s that girl. For me, I was just thinking I want to be as laid back and cool as her when I will all grown up.

As the time passed, the world saw you but you didn’t want to be the center of all this attention.


When I was a teenager, I was searching for a role model, a savior, someone to look up to. I was always constantly fighting the perception some people had of me. Maybe it was the case for you during that time too.

While reading What remains from your soul sister Carole, Fairytale interrupted from your alter ego, fiercely and loyal friend RoseMarie and the book JFK Jr, George and Me by your brother from another mother Matt, those books confirm the image I made of you. I had the feeling I gain a friend and your friends clearly love John and you.

You seem to had a wicked sense of humor and you didn’t seem to take yourself too seriously.

Funny faces

You were a lot described as a warm, passionate, kind, affectionate, badass, funny as hell, fierceless and unstoppable loyal friend. Long hours of girl talks, being there for Carole while Anthony was having a surgery, encouraging Matt and eating his bag of chips (a girl got to eat chips amen) and many more.

Years as passed by since you were gone with your love. Some people may wonder what if but I tell myself your family and friends had the chance to known a very special person in you. They will always  cherish the beautiful laughter, some tears and a lot of joy both of you brought to them.

Happy moments

Thank you Carolyn and thank you John.

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P.S. When we will meet, I will tell you all about The Chronicle and some funny stories that you wouldnt believe that happen in the twenty first century.

©1996 Denis Reggie
This picture is the property of Denis Reggie ©1996 Denis Reggie


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