Total eclipse of the heart

This epic song of the 80’s will tomorrow hymn. And you know why?

We will witness (but not really in Montreal) the eclipse of the sun. It’s a beautiful event but we tent to forget to protect our eyes.

I remember in 1994 when I saw the first eclipse in my lifetime. We couldn’t play outside so i was sad but at the same time, I was amazed to see that the sky was a little bit darker and that the sun and the moon would dance together for a few moments.

Dr. Etty Bitton from the School of Optometry of the University of Montreal and I add a cool lunch date last week. And she did warned me to be really careful about protecting my eyes everyday from the sun and especially tomorrow. She strongly recommend that parents should encourage their children wearing sunglasses and glasses. She was so right and he did make so much sense that we should since a young age taken care of the health of one of the most important organs of our body. It’s the first door for learning is by seeing.

Tomorrow will be a interesting day. It will be Monday and I hate Mondays but it will be a sun shining day.

Eclipse Canada

I have two songs that I will be playing all day long. Corey Hart Sunglasses at Night (I love you Corey) and Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse from the Heart. I’m a 80’s kid so of course I will always make some music reference from the best decade of all time.

Bonnie TylerCorey Hart


It’s showtime!


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