King Vergne

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

A new champion conquers our need for speed this weekend.

Vergne The Champion

Jean-Eric Vergne won the Formula E Championship this weekend in Brooklyn with a fiercely attitude and determination. He was declared king of the Formula E Saturday and he won the Sunday’s race.

This is a true king. But he didn’t do all of this by himself.

The Teechetah’s team is one of the best builder and team. Talking about the Teechetah’s family, Léo Thomas has been crowned Modis Formula E Engineer of the Year. Congratulations to Mr. Thomas and there is another proof of the team spirit at Teechetah.

I had the honor to talk to Jean-Eric in Montreal last year at the Formula E Championship in our beautiful town. He was a gentleman and so focus. I remember him saying how much he loves Montreal ( And Montreal love you). While I was listening to Jean-Eric, I had this feeling he will be the following year king of the Formula E.

For the few times, I was right (I had the same prediction for France winning the FIFA World Cup).

Jean-Eric Vergne, TECHEETAH, said: “Firstly I want to congratulate Audi for winning the teams’ championship. I want to congratulate my team for the job they’ve done this year because honestly, it’s really amazing. This weekend started out with a mistake in qualifying that got me disqualified. I came back through the field – attacking very hard and overtaking many cars. Today qualifying went pretty well in the wet. Then I had a strong, aggressive, start and then I was able to manage the race, which was very tough as we all know Audi is really, really quick in the race. No mistakes were allowed on my side and I think I’ve achieved that.”

The competition was fierce between Vergne and Bird. Contrary to the Di Grassi and Buemi rivalry, you could feel that Vergne and Bird respect each other.

Look, guys, the Formula E is way more fun to watch and more competitive than the F1. This year show us what is coming and let me tell you, the sky will be the limit for the Formula E.

Can the 2018-2019 season start right now?

Formula E New York City Race


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