King Vergne

Written by Sabine Demosthenes

A new champion conquers our need for speed this weekend.

Vergne The Champion

Jean-Eric Vergne won the Formula E Championship this weekend in Brooklyn with a fiercely attitude and determination. He was declared king of the Formula E Saturday and he won the Sunday’s race.

This is a true king. But he didn’t do all of this by himself.

The Teechetah’s team is one of the best builder and team. Talking about the Teechetah’s family, Léo Thomas has been crowned Modis Formula E Engineer of the Year. Congratulations to Mr. Thomas and there is another proof of the team spirit at Teechetah.

I had the honor to talk to Jean-Eric in Montreal last year at the Formula E Championship in our beautiful town. He was a gentleman and so focus. I remember him saying how much he loves Montreal ( And Montreal love you). While I was listening to Jean-Eric, I had this feeling he will be the following year king of the Formula E.

For the few times, I was right (I had the same prediction for France winning the FIFA World Cup).

Jean-Eric Vergne, TECHEETAH, said: “Firstly I want to congratulate Audi for winning the teams’ championship. I want to congratulate my team for the job they’ve done this year because honestly, it’s really amazing. This weekend started out with a mistake in qualifying that got me disqualified. I came back through the field – attacking very hard and overtaking many cars. Today qualifying went pretty well in the wet. Then I had a strong, aggressive, start and then I was able to manage the race, which was very tough as we all know Audi is really, really quick in the race. No mistakes were allowed on my side and I think I’ve achieved that.”

The competition was fierce between Vergne and Bird. Contrary to the Di Grassi and Buemi rivalry, you could feel that Vergne and Bird respect each other.

Look, guys, the Formula E is way more fun to watch and more competitive than the F1. This year show us what is coming and let me tell you, the sky will be the limit for the Formula E.

Can the 2018-2019 season start right now?

Formula E New York City Race



Formula E for Life!

I was disappointed that the city of Montreal won’t be the host of the 2018 Formula E Championship.

Yes, I’m a very proud Montrealer and yes, I do understand why the Montrealers are mad for the lack of transparency from the previous mayor of the city.

But this race is the future of the racing world. The scenery was perfect (I do understand the fact it wasn’t really a perfect situation for the people leaving near by), the competition on the track was so intense and let’s face it, it’s time to encourage a more ecological attitude in every aspect of life including in sports.

I still hope there could be a solution. Maybe moving the race in the suburbs like in Tremblant. I think it’s pity that we are letting go this beautiful race.

I will still cover the Formula E with the same passion and enthusiasm attitude as last year.

2018 will be more dramatic on the track field than before. The rivalry between Di Grassi and Buemi will be on full mode in 2018. Sam Bird, Nico Prost, Jean-Eric Vergne are making waves too. This season will be epic.

Another year of having fun with the boys.

Formula E Website

Formule E (Le calme avant la tempête électrique)

Première journée remplie t’excitation dans la salle des médias sur le site du championnat de la Formule E. La température est au rendez-vous et le meilleur reste à venir.


Sam Bird de l’écurie DS Virgin Racing et Felix Rosenqvist de l’écurie Mahindra Racing participait à un ”panel” à midi. Les questions posées par certains journalistes étaient très pertinentes. Suite à la grosse nouvelle ce matin que Porsche va s’intégrer à la Formule E, un journaliste montréalais a posé à Sam est-ce que les japonaises vont joindre la partie?

D’après Sam, ça ne serait qu’une question de temps…

Dossier à suivre.


Sam Bird et Felix Rosenqvist

En discutant avec Nicolas Prost (vous allez voir le petit vidéo bon un peu qualité d’un vidéo digne d’une fille qui doit engager un caméraman) et un extrait de mon entrevue avec Jean-Eric Vergne, on pouvait sentir que l’enthousiasme pour ce championnat était bien présent et qu’ils voient tous les deux un avenir positif pour la Formule E.

Voici ma rencontre fort sympathique avec Nico Prost. Pour moi, le scientifique de la Formule E pourrait bien nous surprendre cette fin de semaine. Je suis sur un petit nuage d’avoir eu la chance de parler à Nico. Wow!

Jean-Éric a un je ne sais quoi…

Vraiment! En lui parlant, je pouvais voir un pilote qui a un amour profond pour notre Sainte Flanelle (Montréal). Comment ne pas tomber en amour avec Montréal (à part durant une tempête de neige avec une voiture stationnée sur le Plateau).

Il a su tout de suite me mettre à l’aise et malgré ce petit Chronicle très détendu, il détenait l’oeil du tigre.



On peut sentir une certaine maturité chez lui car il ne faut pas oublier qu’il a couru pour l’écurie Toro Rosso à la F1. Il connait très bien le circuit Gilles Villeneuve dont le nom de famille Villeneuve fut le nom de son chien quand il était tout petit.

Malgré l’incident qui s’est passé à New York il y a quelques semaines, Jean-Éric ne perd pas du tout le focus.

Au contraire, il est encore plus déterminé que jamais.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Courtesy of SpaceSuit Media

Tout comme Nico et les 8 autres pilotes, tout le monde veut avoir place au fameux trône du champion du monde de la Formule E 2017.

Let’s get ready to rumble.


Day 1 FORMULA E Style

To witness the being the scene of a championship is truly a dream being a reality. I’m singing in my head ”Heaven, I’m in Heaven” loud and clear. Again in my head.

The Chronicle

The nerves are in control but I won’t lie, it can be taunting but I feel like I was at home. It’s a big first for our city to be the host of the Formula E and the playground will be our streets. During this weekend, those famous streets won’t have no names but they will be remember for an historic race.

Being surrounded of a lot of journalists from all around the world is amazing. My first time in a big press room will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life. Home Sweet Home.

Ok, let’s talk about business. Today, I will have the privilege to talk to Jean-Eric Vergne from Techeetah. We will do the interview in Molière’s mother tongue (in French). Before, I will meet with Sam Bird and José Maria Lopez ” Pechito” from D.S. Virgin Racing.

History is actually in the making right now.

It will be an electrifying one!


The legendary music band The Cure couldn’t have sang it better.

The Cure

I’m daydreaming about this weekend coming up at the speed of sound with this song playing and playing in my head. Ok actually, on my IPhone.

This next driver is definitely captivating to watch. I present you Sir Jean-Eric Vergne. Oh stay tuned for this weekend, I will have the honor to have a little Chronicle Interview with a few drivers and Jean-Eric will be one of them. Yeah!


Courtesy of SpaceSuit Media

Jean-Eric have accomplish a lot in his 27 years. He was recently appointed FIA’s first sustainability Ambassador. That’s a huge honor for a young pilot and he has already run for the Toro Rosso F1 team.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Courtesy of SpaceSuit Media

And let’s not forget that with this F1 achievement, he went 5 times in the podium. That’s impressive!

I will give myself the title of a racing connaisseur because i am not.

The C

But I do love the intensity and the drama of a race.

I got pretty late in the Formula E bandwagon but I enjoy every minute of it. Drivers like Jean-Eric are making this race very interesting to watch.

Jean-Eric Vergne

Courtesy of SpaceSuit Media

I do wonder what tricks this weekend Jean-Eric have under his pilot sleeves…

I guess we have to wait and see.

La force V

Courtesy of SpaceSuit Media



Entering Nico Prost Universe


You know this legendary family name. A dynasty is actually born and Nicolas Prost is caring the legacy with pride but he is doing it his way.

Nico is putting his own footprint in the fascinating world of the Formula E. He started racing for Renault e. dams since the birth of the Formula E in 2014.

Nico P

He is driving with all his heart and with a big dose of fire in his eyes. Like all the super drivers, this weekend, Montreal streets will be a big urban playground. And the boys won’t be here to play nice with each others. The competition will be a very fierce one like we like it. Everyone of them have the desire to be standing on that podium and even want to be on the champion of that iconic race.

The boys and The Chronicle

He had the privilege to learn from one of the best there is in the history of car racing. Nico had the same scientist demeanour as his father. Like father, like son.

Père et Fils

I always said Alain Prost was The Scientist and Ayrton Senna was The Artist. Wow, that is a good comparaison.


Sebastien Buemi couldn’t ask for a better partner on the road. It’s really cool to see two athletes that does have a big level of respect for one and other. It’s almost romantic but please, let’s not getting carried away.

I’m really excited for this weekend. You will probably read it on every Chronicle this week. It’s such a big privilege for the city to have this race and to watch those racing devils reaching for the need for speed 100% E Style.

The Montreal streets will be Nico’s laboratory.

Let’s see The Scientist in action this weekend.

Le champion est là

Sebastien Buemi  arrive à grands pas avec son arsenal pour conserver son titre du champion de la FE. Il forme une équipe du tonnerre avec Nico Prost et l’équipe  e. dams Renault. J’appelle cette équipe les mathématiciens de la Formule E.

Renault dream team

Mais il y a une ombre menaçante qui rôde autour de lui. Celui de son rival Lucas di Grassi. Les couteaux ont volé très bas depuis quelques jours. Nous adorons tous le côté dramatique des courses automobiles mais cette rivalité, je la sens très intense et beaucoup plus personnelle que je le croyais.

Si nous faisons un mini bilan sur la carrière jusqu’à présent de Sebastien, c’est assez impressionnant pour cet enfant de la Suisse. En 274 courses parcourues, il a accumulé 36 victoires. Il a capté l’attention de Red Bull, de Toro Rosso, de Toyota Racing et de la méga machine E. Dams Renault.

Team Renault e.dams

Il conduit avec passion, précision comme un mathématicien et il a toute une équipe derrière lui. Je sais que je devrais attendre à demain pour parler de Nico mais attention à Nico, il pourrait très bien nous surprendre durant la fin de semaine.

Renault team

La compétition à la Formule E est très féroce. Toutes les gammes d’émotions seront au rendez-vous.

Le champion nous donnera des sensations fortes cette fin de semaine avec sa bande.

The champ is here!

Sebastien Buemi

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