Entering Nico Prost Universe


You know this legendary family name. A dynasty is actually born and Nicolas Prost is caring the legacy with pride but he is doing it his way.

Nico is putting his own footprint in the fascinating world of the Formula E. He started racing for Renault e. dams since the birth of the Formula E in 2014.

Nico P

He is driving with all his heart and with a big dose of fire in his eyes. Like all the super drivers, this weekend, Montreal streets will be a big urban playground. And the boys won’t be here to play nice with each others. The competition will be a very fierce one like we like it. Everyone of them have the desire to be standing on that podium and even want to be on the champion of that iconic race.

The boys and The Chronicle

He had the privilege to learn from one of the best there is in the history of car racing. Nico had the same scientist demeanour as his father. Like father, like son.

Père et Fils

I always said Alain Prost was The Scientist and Ayrton Senna was The Artist. Wow, that is a good comparaison.


Sebastien Buemi couldn’t ask for a better partner on the road. It’s really cool to see two athletes that does have a big level of respect for one and other. It’s almost romantic but please, let’s not getting carried away.

I’m really excited for this weekend. You will probably read it on every Chronicle this week. It’s such a big privilege for the city to have this race and to watch those racing devils reaching for the need for speed 100% E Style.

The Montreal streets will be Nico’s laboratory.

Let’s see The Scientist in action this weekend.


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