The Festival Season Opener: The Santa Teresa Festival and the Power of Love

Written by Sabine Demosthenes
This past weekend was such a nice weekend.
It was something we actually needed with all of the bad news we have been getting and the state of this world lately.
For some of us, we witness this weekend the power of love (I just love Reverand Curry).
For others, they meditate on how we can make this world a better place.
And for the young at heart, they dance the night away at the best music festival on the North Shore of Montreal, the second edition of the Santa Teresa Festival.
Santa  Teresa 2018
I pretended I was still a young twenty-something ingenue this past Sunday; trying to act cool like in my twenties with the young folks but, my age betrays me. I still manage to party like it was still 1999 (my favorite sentence).
The atmosphere was electrical.
Santa Teresa Crowd
Everyone was happy. For a split second, I didn’t think about how the world was falling apart. I must have still been under my “Power of Love Spell”. Festivals like this are good opportunities to discover new talent.
I was impressed with the Mount Kimbie band from the UK, just by seeing the crowd sing along, you could tell Montrealers were enchanted.
In my mid-twenties, I was a die-hard fan of electronic music and synth-pop. Listening to Mount Kimbie made me fall in love with this style of music all over again. 
Mount KimbieMount Kimbie and King KruleMount Kimbie King KruleMount Kimbie King Krule
Many others artists were there too: Feist, Charly Bliss, Rose Bush, Milk & Bone, and many more. 
For a small suburban community like The North Shore, they sure know how to get us to groove like there was no tomorrow!
I can’t wait to see round 3 next year!


We are ready for Emily Haines and The Soft Skeletons!

We’ve waited a long time for this show.

The wait is over!

Emily Haines

Emily Haines will entertain us December 4th, 2017 at The Sainte-Thérèse Avila Church in Sainte-Therese.

I am like a little kid right now. I’m all excited and I can’t wait to hear songs like Fatal Gift, Legend of the Wild Horses, Statuettes, and many more.

Emily Haines and The Soft SkeletonEmily H.

I wrote a nice chronicle about Emily’s new solo album, Choir of the Mind.

Statuette with Emily Haines

This is how you start the holiday season, with an ethereal and kick-ass concert, in a beautiful venue. What a beautiful gift from Miss Haines!

You can be sure I will be there like the huge fan that I am. Afterwards, yours truly, the Chronicle girl will post some beautiful pictures, and maybe, some surprises on The Chronicle.

It will be an honor to share with you this visceral experience, but I think it will be even more special if “you are in Montreal” you can all join us and be taken away by Emily and her Soft Skeleton, just for one night.


I can’t wait to discover this world next Monday!


Join us!

Emily Haines Website

Santa Teresa Facebook Page


What a week!

May 1st week

Wu-Tang, The Santa Teresa Festival, Jaanika Peerna Montreal exposition and Ayrton Senna w

I can’t thank you enough my faithful readers for your consistency and your positif vibes.

As the world may seem a little crazier, some people have not so good intention with healthcare and decency  (we all know who there are), let try to keep our smile upon our faces and concentrate on happy thoughts, peaceful resolution and laughing moments.


On that note, here my little buddy starting his day The Casamigos way.

Next week or maybe this weekend, I will do a little Chronicle about Casamigos! I am a big tequila fan and why not writing about this award winning tequila.


Bily the tequila connaisseur

Le succès du Festival Santa Teresa

La première édition du Festival Santa Teresa fut parfaite.


Le fait que c’était dans la charmante ville de Sainte-Thérèse a donné un petit charme tout unique à ce festival.

J’ai beaucoup apprécié le concert donné par Rymz.


Son énergie et son charisme a su nous réchauffer durant un samedi ensoleillée autant physiquement que psychologiquement. Ses paroles endiablées était à la fois romantique. Ses textes ne tournent pas autour de la richesse, des filles et du ”thug life” mais de la vraie réalité de la vie comme vivre une peine d’amour.


À voir ce que j’ai nommé le Rymz Army samedi dernier, mon instinct me dit que cette armée ne fera que grossir. Le petit prince était un roi accompli  devant sa foule.


C’est un Festival qui a accueilli plusieurs artistes hors-pair tel que Rymz, Patrick Watson, City and Colour, A Tribe Called Red, We are Wolves, Ralph, The Franklin Electric, Louis-Jean Cormier et la liste continue.

Je voudrais remercier toute l’équipe de ce festival pour nous avoir fait vivre des émotions incroyables durant ces trois belles journées et je tiens à dire un gros merci à Audree L. Bravo!

Festival Santa Teresa

Le Festival Santa Teresa est là pour y rester.


This is our healing

On this week in Montreal regarding the fact that it is cold in the morning, the Habs are probably in a week of depression  so are the fans and it’s the last week to complete our  taxes.


There is a lot going on in the Santa Teresa hm I mean Ste-Thérèse in the north shore of Montreal.

So let’s start the healing with music.

For the first time ever, on the north shore of the city, we will witness the next big spring music festival. The Santa Teresa Festival will be off the hook!

So many great artists like City and Colour, Patrick Wilson, Ralph, We are Wolves, Beyries,  Louis-Jean  Cormier, Husser, Wilsen and many more incredible artists. The North Shore big happening will be from April 27th until April 29th.


I can’t wait to witness this really fun moment for the city of Ste-Thérèse and for the artists. You guess it. The Chronicle will be there.


It will be an epic night! I can’t wait to meet some music lovers and some musicians and capturing a lot of magical moments.

Santa Teresa, here we come!