This is our healing

On this week in Montreal regarding the fact that it is cold in the morning, the Habs are probably in a week of depression  so are the fans and it’s the last week to complete our  taxes.


There is a lot going on in the Santa Teresa hm I mean Ste-Thérèse in the north shore of Montreal.

So let’s start the healing with music.

For the first time ever, on the north shore of the city, we will witness the next big spring music festival. The Santa Teresa Festival will be off the hook!

So many great artists like City and Colour, Patrick Wilson, Ralph, We are Wolves, Beyries,  Louis-Jean  Cormier, Husser, Wilsen and many more incredible artists. The North Shore big happening will be from April 27th until April 29th.


I can’t wait to witness this really fun moment for the city of Ste-Thérèse and for the artists. You guess it. The Chronicle will be there.


It will be an epic night! I can’t wait to meet some music lovers and some musicians and capturing a lot of magical moments.

Santa Teresa, here we come!


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