Statuette with Emily Haines

She is back!

My rock chick attitude is in full bloom and Emily Haines is a source of inspiration for this kick ass attitude that I usually got after drinking my hot chocolate in the morning.

Talking about the talented Miss Haines, the Santa Teresa Festival will present us on December 4th 2017 The Choir of The Mind Tour 2017 of Ms. Haines at the Sainte-Thérèse d’Avila church at Sainte-Thérèse in the north shore of Montreal.

Can I get a amen to that? AMEN!

And of course, I will cover this show and many more surprise for you guys.

Earlier this year, I wrote a nice Chronicle about this legendary indie band that Emily is the lead singer.

Poster of a girl

Now, she will giving us this amazing show and her brand new album Statuette will out really soon. Please visit her website to have a small sneak peak of probably one of the best album of 2017. On the Chronicle list, it will be one of them for sure.


Listening to Statuette bring me into this cool Sunday vibe you always get while relaxing at home. I sense a little bit of Morcheeba, of Washed Out and a lot of Emily’s own signature sound.

The nice featured image of Emily was taken by the talented Justin Broadbent. It’s a nice cool hip picture!

Emily Haines

What I really admire with Emily is her philanthropy nature. Of course, her rock and roll attitude is something really closer from home but her kind heart and the fact that she want to fight the good fight. She is gladly supporting the Global Citizen that are supporting issues such as girls and women health, education, sanitation and clean water. I really enjoy reading this nice interview by Karen Bliss from Billboard Magazine and Emily Haines. You can feel the chemistry between the two of them and the authenticity of this nice interview. You can read it by clicking on the link below:

Karen Bliss interview with Emily Haines from Billboard Magazine

I will leave you with some words of wisdom:

With a feather in your cap
Another jewel in your crown
Another notch in your belt
You’re the captain at the helm
The statuette on your shelf
Says you’re better than me
Better than me

Statuette lyrics from Emily Haines!


Everything NOW

Everything now, I need it! Everything now!

Arcade Fire are back in a big way. The single Everything Now is playing everywhere and we are so happy to hear them. This is what the doctor order for us in 2017.

Arcade Fire 2017

Everything now for me especially this time is a sentence that have so much meaning. Afraid to miss something out, seeing your soulmate fighting one of his biggest fight, saying goodbye to a loved ones and just seeing the state of our society but we won’t let it drown. Instead, we will fight for a peaceful and equal rights for everyone.

Everything Now represent all that for me.

EN 2017

The song actually have this disco chill out vibe and subtility of the flute is just mesmerizing. You cannot help yourself but you want to dance in this very cool way. It’s been two days that I take the train to go at work and my head is moving to the beat of this song.


Ready to Start, Wake Up, Suburban War, Sprawl II “Mountains Beyond Mountains”, Haïti (my song), No Cars Go, the legendary Rebellion, Joan of Arc, Neon Bible, Reflektor and many more  are some of the epic anthems of our generation and our time.

They are from Montreal, my hometown and they are very damn proud to represent the Haitian community. It is shown on the majority of their songs but you can see it to with the dedication they have for the Kanpé Foundation.


This September, I will dance like I was at a carnaval at their concert and of course guys I will do a little review about it. Here a nice video from the Kanpe Karnaval that I took.

But in the meantime, I will close my eyes and focusing on our time, our goal and realizing that … Everything is NOW.

Everything Now Official Music Video


This is our healing

On this week in Montreal regarding the fact that it is cold in the morning, the Habs are probably in a week of depression  so are the fans and it’s the last week to complete our  taxes.


There is a lot going on in the Santa Teresa hm I mean Ste-Thérèse in the north shore of Montreal.

So let’s start the healing with music.

For the first time ever, on the north shore of the city, we will witness the next big spring music festival. The Santa Teresa Festival will be off the hook!

So many great artists like City and Colour, Patrick Wilson, Ralph, We are Wolves, Beyries,  Louis-Jean  Cormier, Husser, Wilsen and many more incredible artists. The North Shore big happening will be from April 27th until April 29th.


I can’t wait to witness this really fun moment for the city of Ste-Thérèse and for the artists. You guess it. The Chronicle will be there.


It will be an epic night! I can’t wait to meet some music lovers and some musicians and capturing a lot of magical moments.

Santa Teresa, here we come!


We love you Said The Whale

On a very rainy Thursday night, the Vancouver band Said The Whale gave to the Montreal crowd a hell of a show.

With the help of the energetic Toronto band, remember this name people, Fast Romantics, they gave their heart and soul on stage. It was a really nice discovery and the band members are sweethearts.

Here some shots of the show I took of the Fast Romantics:

Really soon, a new album will come from the T-Dot band (it is on my list) and you can hear their first single Why We Fight that I really love. An amazing opening act from a very promising band.

Here the main event. What I really love with the Montrealers crowd is that they are as much part of the show as the band. Since Thursday, I keep playing their new album As Long as your Eyes are Wide like non-stop. It’s a brand new album that came out a few weeks ago. I will put the link to my post I did last week about them. Micky (my sweet and fun friend) and I witnessed the magic and the charm of this Vancouver band. And with all the people that was there on that rainy Thursday night, we were having the time of our lives.

I will let my pictures telling the story of this beautiful night.


Here the pictures one by one:




While my Guitar gently Weeps


One of my favorite picture I took:



Thank you STW for this beautiful night.

Said The Whale



Said The Whale

Tuesday musical discovery people. I really enjoy discovering new band and since I’m a generous person, I want to share it with you Chronicle army.

If you can't fight them, join them

Chronicle army

I present you Said The Whale. This Vancouver band is a mix of Paul Simon and a little bit Garfunkel, The Stills, a little touch of Death Cab for Cutie with the edginess in my eyes and my mind. There new album As long as your eyes are wide just came out like a few days ago. They will be playing this Thursday at the Petit Campus in Montreal.

SaidTheWhale_015(credit_Taby Cheng)

Guess who will cover this psychedelic and fun show.

My favorite song of their brand new baby is Confidence. I love the 80’s New Wave sound since I’m a proud product of the early 80’s.


Here a little bio from this beautiful band and a big thank you to the amazing JB for this beautiful and insightful text:

Long before Vancouver’s Said The Whale became a JUNO Award-winning, radio chart-topping indie rock band, it was an exploratory songwriting experiment led by high school friends Tyler Bancroft and Ben Worcester. Now, a decade since their 2007 formation, they have taken the project back to its freeform roots while simultaneously venturing forward into uncharted art-pop territory.

SaidTheWhale_039(credit_Taby Cheng)

As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide, the band’s fifth studio album, marks a return to the group’s formative philosophies. Set for release on March 31, 2017 via Hidden Pony Records, Said The Whale recorded their latest batch of songs in various Vancouver studios, with We Are The City’s Cayne McKenzie serving as producer; helping to reconfigure song textures, soaking scratch vocals in effects and stitching back together song fragments into completed tracks. The sessions were briefly interrupted by the birth of Tyler’s son, and Jaycelyn, newly married, had to record some of her parts while on her extended honeymoon in Southeast Asia.


“(As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide) is a return to how Tyler and I used to make music,” notes Ben, “which is just experimenting with anything and everything. We started out using Casio keyboards and drumbeats on our computers, and then we turned into a rock band. This is a return to being free to make anything.”

SaidTheWhale_035(credit_Taby Cheng)

Through all the years, the racked up international tour miles, and internal change the band has weathered, this new record remains true to the spirit of Said The Whale’s classic work. At its core, As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide is a singer-songwriter record, guided by introspective lyrics and arresting, alchemical group harmonies. “This is our most personal, earnest record for sure,” Tyler says. “Even the upbeat songs are lamenting and sad.”

The first single from the album will be released in early January 2017. The band previously announced a select number of shows in Alberta and Saskatchewan with additional dates to follow in the spring. Tickets for the newly announced March/April 2017 dates will go on sale Friday, December 16.

Said The Whale website

March 31 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON *sold out*
April 1 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON
April 4 – Rum Runners at London Music Hall – London, ON
April 5 – Bronson Centre Theatre – Ottawa, ON
April 6 – Petit Campus – Montreal, QC
April 7 – Centre In The Square – Kitchener, ON
April 8 – The Red Dog – Peterborough, ON
April 11 – Iron Works – Buffalo, NY
April 12 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
April 13 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
April 27 – Hope Bay Studio – Pender Island, BC
April 28 – Sugar Nightclub – Victoria, BC
April 29 – Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC
May 3 – The Habitat – Kelowna, BC
May 4 – Commonwealth Bar – Calgary, AB
May 5 – Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB
May 6 – Cosmopolitan – Saskatoon, SK
May 7 – Park Theatre – Winnipeg, MB