Everything NOW

Everything now, I need it! Everything now!

Arcade Fire are back in a big way. The single Everything Now is playing everywhere and we are so happy to hear them. This is what the doctor order for us in 2017.

Arcade Fire 2017

Everything now for me especially this time is a sentence that have so much meaning. Afraid to miss something out, seeing your soulmate fighting one of his biggest fight, saying goodbye to a loved ones and just seeing the state of our society but we won’t let it drown. Instead, we will fight for a peaceful and equal rights for everyone.

Everything Now represent all that for me.

EN 2017

The song actually have this disco chill out vibe and subtility of the flute is just mesmerizing. You cannot help yourself but you want to dance in this very cool way. It’s been two days that I take the train to go at work and my head is moving to the beat of this song.


Ready to Start, Wake Up, Suburban War, Sprawl II “Mountains Beyond Mountains”, Haïti (my song), No Cars Go, the legendary Rebellion, Joan of Arc, Neon Bible, Reflektor and many more  are some of the epic anthems of our generation and our time.

They are from Montreal, my hometown and they are very damn proud to represent the Haitian community. It is shown on the majority of their songs but you can see it to with the dedication they have for the Kanpé Foundation.


This September, I will dance like I was at a carnaval at their concert and of course guys I will do a little review about it. Here a nice video from the Kanpe Karnaval that I took.

But in the meantime, I will close my eyes and focusing on our time, our goal and realizing that … Everything is NOW.

Everything Now Official Music Video




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